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✅ Pros

The songs are well-known and current, spanning many genres.
Review Pros
They offer step-by-step video tutorials by professional pianists.
The playground sessions dashboard shows you real time progress.
It offers affordable pricing (in comparison with private piano lessons).
Step-by-step courses combine video lessons with exercises.
Similar to video games like Guitar Hero, Playground Sessions measures how accurate your playing is and scores you accordingly.
It is highly efficient and good quality learning tool.
You also have the chance to repeat any of the practice lessons as often as you wish.
A wide genre includes everyone’s musical preferences.
It has a very interactive interface.
It is equipped with every teaching material you will ever need to learn the piano.
There is possibility to buy the software with a new keyboard for a better price (Keyboard bundles).
There is enough aterial to keep people of all abilities occupied.
You get hundreds of songs to practice.
I’m impressed by the great variety of music offered by Playground Sessions.
The playground sessions software is equipped with every learning material one could ever need to train on the piano.
The scores given at the end of play make the learning process seem like a game and this keeps you motivated to improve.
It offer flexibility in practicing.
The coolest thing is that the app comes with an Ipad version which makes it really convenient to use on any keyboard.
Main core of the course is good value.
You can pay a monthly or annual subscription.
It comes with very helpful exercises.
The course uses gamification features for a smooth transitioning to the online piano course.
The software that is used keeps playing in time to perfection.
You can learn through playing.
The entire course has been sorted by difficulty level so you can independently move between levels to gain proficiency in them.
David Sides, the main instructor, also arrange the songs as well as the integrated exercises in order to match the skill level of the students.
Playground Sessions include a series of video instruction.
A game-like user interface makes the piano learning easy and fun.
It is co-created by Quincy Jones, a big name in the music industry.
Game-like lesson structure is endlessly fun and exciting.
Customizable features help tailor lessons to your preferences.
It comes with teaching materials.
Playground Sessions offers bundles that allow you to not only get a subscription to the program, but to notable keyboards and pianos too.
You get to learn over 500 songs from different genres.
The instructor David Sides teaches some of the lessons with video instructions.
You get 5 new songs to practice for free every month.
The interface is highly interactive.
It allows you to choose the song you want to learn to play and practice.
You won’t be bored with a wide choice in genres and styles of the songs that Playing Sessions provide.
Playground Sessions come with a purpose design version on Ipad that permit you to easily play every keyboard.
Each song and lesson comes with a backing track of instruments like drum, strings, and guitar with which you can play along.
Backing tracks accompany the music that you are playing.
Playground Sessions get straight to the songs which manage to keep most learners motivated.
You are able to go to the song store and find a song at the correct level for you to play.
It comes with very helpful exercises to help you learn faster.
The “My Playground” section keeps track of your progress, including stars and badges earned, lessons completed, time spent on practicing, etc.
When you play the instrument, you can see the green notes if you are correct, or a red note if your timing was off, or hit the wrong note.
It comes with good quality of accompaniment sounds.
The fact that Quincy Jones is the co-founder certainly helped in making my decision to make the purchase.
It features a large variety of songs belonging to different genres, including Pop, Rock, Classical, Hits, etc.
It provides a forum where you can chat with other learners and exchange advice, thoughts, and practice.
Playground sessions comes with helpful piano exercises to quicken your progress.
The control bar shows you the preferred tempo of the piece you’re working on and allows you to adjust it.
You get to play over 500 songs.
The interface of playground sessions is very entertaining and interactive.
It immediately gets you started on making music.
Playground Sessions often offers significant discounts.
You will learn to name the keys on your keyboard, play by ear, and use different approaches to playing chords.
Playground Sessions’ online piano course features lessons and video tutorials from some of the well-known and accomplished musicians.
Unlike conventional teaching, this piano program is based on playing songs right from the beginning, which I liked the idea a lot.
The tool is compatible with most operating systems, including Mac, iOS, and Windows.
The “My Playground” section of the app keeps track of your progress, including time spent practicing, lessons completed, and points, stars, and badges earned.
There are modern and classical songs as you learn techniques.
It works with a number of devices and operating systems.
Lessons come with backing tracks so you can hear your accompaniment.
The music chosen by Playground is familiar.
Your dashboard will show you your real-time progress.
You choose the songs you want to learn, and the variety of ways to practice available in the interactive lessons means that you can find the practice method that works best for you.
They offer additional songs to purchase at various ability levels with good quality playback and feedback of your accuracy.

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❌ Cons

Beginner students, especially visual learners, may find it difficult to understand the lessons just from listening to the teachers.
The software requires you to make extra purchase to get more songs which raise some eyebrows here and there.
Playing songs all the way is a bad idea.
Arrangement quality is varible.
There aren’t enough visual aids.
Playground may not be the perfect course for very young children.
There are few visual aids in video tutorials.
There is a limited number of songs in premium account.
Quality of video lessons are mediocre.
There are no lessons from Quincy Jones.
One thing that’s for sure is that Quincy is not really teaching the lessons.
There aren’t enough lectures or video lessons.
The instant feedback mode makes sure that your notes and rhythms are accurate, but it does not measure how musical your playing is.
It is not working with Android.
Cost to buy additional songs once your free songs have been used up may not appeal to some.
There are no in-person lessons with Quincy Jones which is a little disappointing.
There are not enough video lessons.
While the video instruction indeed proves handy on occasions, its quality is mediocre at best.
Either subscription-based or pretty expensive lifetime access price.
The lessons can be a bit challenging.
You don’t start on theory beyond basic note naming and rhythm until ¾ of the way through the Rookie Tour, and even then, it is surface-level.
The app allows for real-time feedback.
It is not optimized for children.
Playground is limited to working completely with a digital piano or keyboard or midi controllers and cannot work properly with an acoustic piano.
It’s not focused on technical piano knowledge and theories.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Playground Sessions below.

Review Summaries
Whether you teach music or you’re someone that wants to give the gift of ‎musical ability to a young child, this application can help. I highly encourage ‎you to take the plunge and see if Playground Sessions can broaden your ‎child’s horizon.‎
All things considered, it’s strongly recommended that you carefully consider your budget and the type of music you enjoy before making the final decision.
I will give Playground Sessions a rating of 3/5. Based on how enjoyable this course looks, you might think that I should give it a higher rating. But it all boils down to the lack of lectures and lessons about music theory as well as sheet music reading and techniques. At the end of the day, this online course is just a really fun, educational game.
It will still take a piano student effort, time, commitment and perseverance to master the piano, but Playground sessions is a high quality learning tool with excellent tuition covering most of the necessary skills and techniques. With a huge repertoire of lessons and songs, it makes a worthwhile investment.
As the name suggests Playground Sessions is meant to be fun. That said, you can learn a huge amount from subscribing to this application.
Both Playground Sessions and Piano Marvel provide basic piano lessons for all ages and entry levels. They offer video tutorials, PDF materials, and an interactive dashboard. However, Piano Marvel offers a rigorous, classic type of learning while Playground Sessions lessons are more fun, motivating, and less demanding to learn.
If you are serious about learning the piano, Playground Sessions is the software for you. With this platform, you don’t need to burn the bank and hire an expert piano player to teach you. This platform is all you need to learn. It will teach you everything, from the basics of piano to the most advanced songs.
They truly make learning piano a pleasurable experience for all through the brilliant interface and collection of lessons. For anyone who wants to start learning, it’s a definite yes, with the amazing price your access to unlimited lessons come at!
Among other piano learning software, Playground Session excels in functionality and exercise flexibility. Despite several imperfections, it creates a reasonable alternative to private piano lessons. The repertoire focuses mainly on popular music with an overlap of other genres. Beginners will appreciate the step-by-step courses that will teach them the basics of playing the piano and music theory in a fun way. Overall, I rate Playground Session at 87%.
Playground Sessions’ online piano course/app is a great choice for beginners just entering the world of music.
The popular music and gamification will appeal to many, and you will come out of Playground Sessions with exciting songs to play and the ability to learnmore.Itt will also give you a good foundation for continuing on to more advanced, in-depth courses.
Playground Sessions isn’t perfect, but no service is. But I think they’ve done a great job of providing you with a robust, affordable, and fun variety of lessons to help anyone (even a novice, regardless of age) learn how to play the piano and hone one’s skills as they continue to improve.
A great all-rounder, Playground Sessions aims to help you learn through actually playing the piano, and has a great range of activities and songs to keep you engaged.
Playground Sessions is a one in a million piano teaching software that will enable you to become one of the best piano players without making use of a physical tutor. The platform has been designed to ensure that you are taught everything there is to know about playing the piano. It will give you the motivation and lessons needed to enable you to grasp the concepts.
As I trust every online music program is created with dedicated effort, I’m sorry to say that I cannot recommend this course. I give Playground Sessions a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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