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✅ Pros

There is a white-label option to brand for customer or employee giveaways with your logo.
Review Pros
You can also order various extensions to further customize your set-up.
It works as a teleprompter by placing it directly below the first line of the document you’re reading and scrolling through the text.
It increases eye-contact and reduces looking down at people’s faces when they talk.
It is made of crystal-clear medical-grade acrylic to let users see right through to what’s on their screen.
It is easy to assemble.
It comes in different configurations to fit the needs of whatever camera you use.
It is designed and made with love in the USA from two industrial-quality types of acrylic that will not cloud or warp over time.
It is easy to use.
It allows webcams, mirrorless or DSLR cameras to sit securely on its shelf.
Clear plexiglass is easy to see through, and easy to move.
Plexicam comes with a simple brochure to help you assemble your purchase for any set-up you have in mind.
There’s an assembly video, thereby giving you a point of reference to see if you’ve set up things correctly.
It can be used in place of a teleprompter.

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❌ Cons

I had to retrain myself to not look at the top of my monitor when speaking.
The price seems high if you are used to inexpensive products from China.
My webcam barely fit on the platform.
Some of the monitor screen is blocked by the webcam.

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Review Summaries
I’ve always been good at making eye contact by looking into the web cam, but now with my PlexiCam positioned on the screen I can better see other people’s faces when I speak. And, my eye contact is better when they speak because the camera is closer to their on-screen face.
The PlexiCam will up your game with minimal effort and make you look professional at your next business meeting or personal hook up the next time you have a virtual chinwag.
PlexiCam was built by a group of professionals in the event and broadcast industry dissatisfied with online events that lacked the essential human-to-human connection. PlexiCam is now on its third-generation device, with an even more versatile and durable design that’s compatible with all monitors and cameras.

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