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✅ Pros

PocketSmith also allows you to set a budget based on spending categories.
Review Pros
Forecasting tools are unique.
PocketSmith has a unique import tool — Express Migration — that will transfer all of your information from Mint in just a few minutes.
PocketSmith gives an incredible level of insight into your finances.
It is a good budgeting app.
PocketSmith also uses two factor authentication.
You can also track one time events, making it easy to track quarterly taxes or other expenses that are not part of your regular monthly spending.
PocketSmith uses your spending trends to sample how your spending/saving will accumulate for up to 30 years in the future.
It comes with a good financial dashboard.
It has automatic and manual transaction importing feature.
With the paid plans, you can connect to any of 10,000-plus financial institutions and get automatic updates.
PocketSmith shows you how those decisions will affect your finances so you can make smart choices as to how you spend and save.
With the budget calendar, you can plan out your budgets and spending.
You can import data from popular apps including: Mint, Quicken, Microsoft Money, YNAB, Buxfer, Pocketbook and MoneyWiz.
There is lots of flexibility.
With PocketSmith you can link all of your accounts, including checking, savings, credit cards, loan accounts, and more.
It can import data from banks and other budgeting apps.
It is highly customizable to meet your needs.
It has customizable categories in addition to standard categories.
Another feature that PocketSmith users love is viewing detailed reports.
You can dd one-time expenses and income without skewing your normal budget.
The dashboard also includes a snapshot of your budget and financial forecast.
You can create budgets for any period.
It has data importing feature.
Free version is available.
PocketSmith doesnt crowd your screen with advertisements the way free budgeting apps do.
If you’re annoyed by the ads that free financial apps run to make money, you’ll enjoy Pocketsmith’s lack of ads.
It aggregates all your accounts in one place and works with financial institutions all over the world.
You can set up your calendar to see current balances and future forecasts.
The Basic plan is free to use, and you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.
If you’re living away from home, you’ll be pleased to know that Pocketsmith connects to financial institutions in 36 countries and supports multi-currencies.
The app enables you to automatically import transactions up to 90 days old from your various bank accounts.
Google-calendar style view lets you see upcoming bills and expenses at a glance.
From a full P&L statement of your expenses to calculating your net worth, PocketSmith offers all the tools necessary to show you how you’re spending your money.
It links with 12,000 accounts.
You can easily import from other budgeting tools.
Automatic feeds and categorization will save you a lot of time from having to enter this information manually.
It has excellent budgeting features.
If you’re looking for help building budgets, tracking your spending, and understanding how your current money decisions affect your financial future, Pocketsmith is a good solution.
You can use it up to 1 year for free.
Creating a PocketSmith account takes only a few seconds.
The Multi-currency capability is a real advantage in a world where, both, people and money regularly cross international borders.
You can enter transactions manually using the free version.
Even if you don’t pay for an upgrade, PocketSmith will forecast your net worth up to six months in advance.
PocketSmith shows you thedifference between your assets and your liabilities.
Pocketsmith’s budgeting tool is incredibly flexible.
PocketSmith is an expert at dealing with different accounts or assets in different currencies, so you don’t have to do the math.
It also forecast future finances.
It uses two-factor authentication.
You can view your expenses in a variety of ways including a calendar, an expense report, transaction lists and summaries, and more.
You can find and organize transactions.
The PocketSmith sign-up process is incredibly easy.
You can also create your own categories, so your budget is as easy to use and accurate as possible to your unique financial situation.
You’ll never be bugged by pesky ads.
It is reliable and easy to use.
You can track one-time events with ease.
PocketSmith aggregates all your various financial accounts (including bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment accounts) on one platform.
It can send expenses to Xero.
It features automatic bank feeds.
It offers easy connection to 12,000 financial institutions including
PocketSmith can be used from anywhere, and does not require the installation of special software.
You can see your whole financial life in one place.
They give insights into how your spending compares to your income.
Using a budgeting calendar, allocating funds for your categories and tracking your expenses/income are all PocketSmith features that help you truly know where your money is going.
The app is flexible, allowing users to customize their dashboard, currencies, budget dates, transactions categories and more.
It is compatible With
You can create weekly/monthly/yearly budgets.
PocketSmith requires users to only pay for one month at a time, so you don’t have to worry about being locked into a contract.

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❌ Cons

It has higher cost for top plan.
The Basic plan, while free, provides extremely limited utility.
There is no bill payment feature.
It does not track investment accounts.
It can take time to get a handle on all the features.
Customer support is very limited.
Customer service is mainly available via email.
There is no inventory management.
It is expensive.
Free version is limited.
A major drawback of Pocketsmith is that it doesn’t track investment accounts.
Free version is limited: If you want all the features, there’s a subscription cost.
Although Pocketsmith allows you to track your bills, there’s no option to pay them using the platform.
While you never have to worry about ads popping up and ruining your concentration, the free version of PocketSmith is very limited.
The learning curve is somewhat steep.
It will take some time to master this app.
Its pricing makes Pocketsmith less desirable than most competitors.
There is a learning curve, so be prepared that you’re not likely to master all the features of the app in a day or two.
The app has a learning curve.
PocketSmith does not provide investment monitoring.
There is no credit score monitoring.
There is no tax reporting.
Unlike some of its competitors, PocketSmith doesn’t provide the ability to pay bills through the app.
You can not pay bills in-app.
PocketSmith doesnt directly connect with your bank or sync your accounts and transactions. Instead, they use Yodlee, which is a bank feed provider.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
PocketSmith looks to be one of the better paid budgeting services. It does offer the free service, but it doesnt provide anywhere near the service level of Mintand some other free budgeting apps. But the Premium and Super versions offer a wide range of budgeting services, including live bank feeds, multi-currency capability, and the ability to include foreign-based financial accounts on the app.
If you don’t mind manually entering your transactions, you’ll find the PocketSmith Basic to be one of the best free budgeting apps out there. PocketSmith is a thoughtfully-designed and fully-featured budgeting app that is definitely worth your time to check out.
If you’ve been searching for an app that provides detailed account information and future forecasts of your finances, PocketSmith is well worth the investment. If you’re still not completely convinced, sign up for the basic, free plan, and you can always upgrade later.
PocketSmith ranks up there with other top financial software solutions. Figuring out if PocketSmith is the right choice for you will largely depend on your needs and willingness to pay for premium services. The great thing about PocketSmith is that there is a demo version available when you sign up for a free plan.
PocketSmith is the best way to manage your budget and forecast your finances on the web. It’s personal finance software that connects you with all of your bank accounts securely, allowing you to track transactions and organize expenses based off their type or category in a simple interface.
In summary, the features and benefits offered by PocketSmith are really useful in your endeavors to manage your personal finances. Attempting to keep track of each and every asset and liability you hold can be a difficult task, especially when you hold accounts with multiple institutions. Not only does this hinder your capacity to effectively budget, but it can also make it challenging to know what debts you need to pay. With PocketSmith, you can alleviate all of these concerns in a single hub.
PocketSmith is an excellent choice as a pure budgeting platform. It performs functions no other budgeting app does, particularly the multicurrency feature, that enables you to maintain financial accounts in foreign countries, and track balances in your home currency. With three plan levels, each with its own fee structure, you can choose the plan that will work best within your budget.
PocketSmith is an astonishingly powerful and versatile money management app. In today’s global economy, it makes sense to have an app that can handle foreign currency, automate currency conversion, and juggle accounts in multiple countries.
PocketSmith is one of the most unique, customizable budgeting solutions available. It offers countless features not provided by any other budgeting platform. From forecasting your finances to scenario testing of various financial decisions, PocketSmith can be the perfect financial tool for almost anyone.
PocketSmith is a 5-star product with one-star pricing. If you couldn’t get most of what Pocketsmith does for free elsewhere, it would stand out as an amazing and powerful financial tool. However, its pricing makes Pocketsmith less desirable than most competitors. If you don’t mind the cost, PocketSmith is one of the best featured financial aggregators out there.
PocketSmith is an online personal finance app that makes it easy to manage every aspect of your finances. It also forecasts your future finances to enable you to make the best financial decisions.
Anyone willing to use the manual entry system for PocketSmith will find a robust tool with a free price tag. Most people who are willing to do that kind of work, will love the “handles” that PocketSmith gives to you. It’s the most visually compelling financial app that I’ve seen recently.
The robust tools you unlock by paying the monthly fee will help you not only budget and manage your day-to-day cash flow, but also allow you to forecast your finances up to 30 years. The attractive, easy-to-use layout and interface is more visually pleasing than the traditional Excel spreadsheets or other basic apps, and the ability to automatically import your transactions makes this budgeting software a pleasure to use.
Pocketsmith’s budgeting tool is flexible and detailed, and the financial projection component sets it apart from the pack. While it is easy to understand once you get the hang of it, there’s a bit of a learning curve starting out, since it’s so thorough. With that said, it’s disappointing that an otherwise powerful tool doesn’t offer investment tracking or bill pay. You can manually add your investment assets so they factor into your net worth, but that requires you to update the values as they shift.
At the end of the day, this is another financial decision you’ll have to make…to PocketSmith or to not PocketSmith. If you’ve suffered huge financial blows due to lack of organization and planning in your finances it might be a totally worthwhile investment to help you get back on track.

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