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✅ Pros

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
Review Pros
It has the ability to bulk upload.
Post Planner includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee to clients.
It helps you create or find optimized content worth sharing and plan it.
There’s plenty of content to browse on Post Planner, not only posts but also statuses.
It takes the guesswork out of knowing if your social media posts will generate engagement or not.
Post Planner’s premade posts are ranked with a star rating system so you can better gage how your audience is going to react to them, before you plan a single campaign.
Post Planner offers suggestions from their database of recommendations/topics.
You can choose from a large library of already created posts and then customize them.
There is a facility where you can ask questions, post quotes, share information all at the click of a mouse.
Post Planner payment plans are very scalable.
There’s a facility where you can pose questions, post quotes, get friends to fill-in-the-blank and post deep thoughts.
You can easily edit the posts in just a few clicks or simple use the drag and drop feature to change the sequence.
You can upgrade your plan within the app on your own.
PostPlanner tool allows you to review and predict the future engagement specific to your audience.
The team at Post Planner are constantly modifying and changing the App to make it even better.
It can schedule content that you think of out of your head.
Each post can be highly customized based on your audience.
It is cheap and easy to use.
Instead of having to read a dozen or so blogs to find relevant content, you can simply search for the most relevant blogs/feeds within the PostPlanner app.
Their algorithm is supposed to calculate optimal times for sharing content.
Post Planner comes with lead generation and automated blog feeds feature unlike other similar tools.
Agency plan comes with a multi-branding option.
Using PostPlanner, you don’t have to guess what works and what doesn’t.
With PostPlanner’s auto time-zone conversion, your message always reaches on time.
The content engine will help you to discover new top content based on any keyword, which you can share/queue with one click.
Post Planner has team features for collaboration if you’re managing several businesses or pages.
Post Planner’s premade social media posts are easily one of their best features, and their top advantage.
The user-friendly PostPlanner is made even easier to use by a guided setup.
It has the the ability to make lists of your accounts and schedule Facebook posts to multiple accounts at one time.
PostPlanner also allows you to control who the target audience for each post is.
You can decide what types of content gets sent out when in your schedule.
The team at Facebook Post Planner are constantly modifying and changing the App to make it even better.
Post Planner is suitable for individuals and small growing companies that are looking for a way to increase their Facebook fan page’s popularity.
You can choose what website you link to when you set up your app.
You can schedule status updates, blog posts, quotes, pictures, information totally on autopilot.
PostPlanner allows you to auto-publish blog RSS feeds to your pages or groups.
Post Planner makes it easy to measure what content has performed well on your page and recycle it.
Search for content feature helps user come up with posts that encourage follower engagement.
It is valuable for any small business who plans to incorporate Facebook as a huge part of their marketing plan.
Scheduling posts to various Twitter and Facebook accounts is seamless and easy.
It also offers a free tier.
All content is pre-validated, star-ranked and 100% scientifically guarantees to perform.
Post Planner has an intuitive interface and essential functionalities.
Post Planner has built in analytics to show you the reach and engagement metrics for your posts across your social profiles.
Post Planner supports bulk upload via Excel unlike other similar tools.
Some packages also include a custom domain and email opt-in option.
Post Planner tells you what is the most popular contrnt from various time periods so that you can share that content to your accounts.
The PostPlanner Status Ideas Generator provides you with dozens of status ideas that can help engage your readers.
Facebook Post Planner is very easy to use.
It’s literally affordable and for the amount of education you get from looking at curated content, it’s worth it to me.
With Post Planner, you’re going to find that everything is sleek, well oiled, and you’ll actually feel good as you use their member’s area.
Canva option allows you to link your Canva account and design graphics for posting if you choose.
The customer support of this Facebook marketing app offers live priority support.
Their ridiculously frequently updated blog is stuffed to the brim with awesome social media content.
This tool uses algorithm to create your perfect posting times and add them to your plan to get you started.
Post Planner offers six paid plans.
The Sharebar helps drive content to your sub-domain, and from there, to your website or landing page.
For bloggers with one or two pages, there is a free version for you to try.
You can find the best social media content easily.
Post Planner really is incredibly simple to use.
Post Planner rates content with a star rating that indicates how likely your audience is to engage with the content you want to curate.
The content that is posted is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on both Facebook and Twitter.
It pulls popular content from around the web and rates it if you want to share links or viral images.
You can schedule out future posts with videos link and pictures, you can even set them to repeat as many times as you would like.
There are three different pricing plans for marketers or users that decide to use Post Planner to increase engagement through quality content.

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❌ Cons

While it is an excellent tool for campaign management, the platform does not necessarily help users analyze and strategize their efforts moving forward.
Free version is extremely limited with most content not being available.
The composition tools aren’t all that robust.
Apps that work across multiple platforms will probably be more in demand in spite of the fact that this is a very useful and advanced app.
Post Planner supports only 5 team members access in their Master plan which can be a problem for some users.
Post Planner requires a Facebook account in order for you to register.
You can use monthly billing, but it increases the costs quite significantly.
There is lack of a browser extension.
There’s no “Delete Account” or “Unsubscribe” which I really hate and I think is unfair.
Post Planner doesn’t offer real-time post insights for Guru plan users.
Aggregate statistics for your posts (weekly, monthly, etc.) are absent.
There are complaints from the users regarding support & cancellation of the plan.
Post Planner’s free service is relatively limited.
The focus of Post Planner really falls on bolstering engagement on Facebook and Twitter specifically.
Since Post Planner might not be the most popular social media management tool, competition is definitely a factor to consider.
You do have to join the groups before you can share your content in them.
There are account limits and social network limits to keep in mind too.
The system is limited since it can only post to Facebook and Twitter.
Certain categories can have limited available content to choose from.
You don’t have options to manage ads through the dashboard.
Switching the different pages is annonying.
You will still need tracking and analytics from something like Buffer.
If you ever want to cancel your account, you have to email them.
Post Planner doesn’t offer free trials for their plans.
You do have to join relevant groups on Facebook before you can share your content with them.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Post Planner below.

Review Summaries
Post Planner is a Facebook marketing app that can help users to schedule Facebook posts in all their pages. You don’t have to scour the web for good contents as this solution can provide it right on the app. Post Planner has been providing Facebook posting solutions since 2011.
PostPlanner is an excellent social media tool and is definitely something serious bloggers and business owners should be using.
If you have trouble being creative and coming up with content, then definitely give Post Planner a try. It’s price point is very accessible even for a small business with only a couple social media accounts. An important note is that it only connects with Facebook and Twitter right now.
This tool is worth your money if you need to find viral posts and increase engagement on your page without much effort, or just need to keep your Facebook page alive if you’re over it and don’t want to spend a lot of time. While it might not be the strategy that puts your page in the big leagues, Post Planner will keep your page active and sometimes even gives you a viral boost.
Every post that you send out is branded with your personal website which is very powerful. You can schedule promotions, share blog posts, quotes, pictures, information all on autopilot – giving you time for other marketing and revenue creating activities.
Post Planner is designed to save time on publishing content to various social media networks. The ability to schedule posts in advance and use relevant content to reach the targeted audience is a helpful resource.
Post Planner is a social media publishing and scheduling tool. It helps you figure out what kinds of posts and content you should be posting, and helps you post those posts at the right times and on the right networks. It also has a content curation engine that helps you find the top tier content in your industry, so you can share excellent and engaging content in between your marketing messages.
I haven’t used Post Planner for any of my clients and I’m not sure if I ever will, But for me, personally, I do like the curated content and I like being able to read what influential social media marketers are sharing. It’s super easy to click, read, then share.
Post Planner is a social media management tool designed to make your social media engagement skyrocket. So not only does Post Planner allow you to automate and schedule your social media posting, but you’ll also tap into a massive inventory of “premade” social media posts, that are, according to Post Planner, scientifically designed to make your engagement go absolutely wild.
Post Planner is a social media publishing and scheduling tool that helps to figure out what kinds of posts and content you must need to post. This tool will guide you on posting up your content at the right time and on the right network. It is also a content creation engine that helps you in finding the top tier content in your industry, so that you can share excellent and engaging content in between your marketing messages.
Post Planner is a web-based social media management software. It enables users to share content and schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter. We compiled Post Planner reviews from around the web and determined that it has a mix of positive and negative ratings.
Out of the many social content management apps available on the web, Post Planner is one of the easiest to sign up for and start using right away. It sticks to the essentials, so you’ll still need other software and analytics to keep track of your social campaigns, but Post Planner does what it does very well, especially when it comes to finding content to share for boosting engagement and following, and creating those relationships that are so vital in content marketing.
Facebook Post Planner is a branded application or branded app which shares content with your community and groups on Facebook. So every post you send out, whether it’s your content or not, is branded with your personal website.
For an app that is specific to Facebook only, PostPlanner does a great job of covering everything you would need. The curated content can be easily searched to find articles most relevant to your niche, and providing status ideas saves you the hassle of having to come up with creative ideas.
PostPlanner is useful & something you can put your money on. Recently, there are complaints from the users regarding support & cancellation of the plan. For bloggers with one or two pages, there is a free version for you to try. For advanced features like viral trending topics, queue posts, etc. you can avail yourself of the GURU plan.

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