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✅ Pros

It is a durable solution to previously used training methods like garbage cans or chairs.
Review Pros
Lycra gussets provide a breathable fabric and snug fit.
Anti-friction material on palm and fingers makes dribbling and gripping more difficult.
The Pure Grip Lifestyle gloves are geared towards athletes or amateur sports fans looking to strengthen their grip.
When you dribble with POWERHANDZ you may also notice your usual touch and feel for the basketball is completely gone.
It ensures durability and flexibility are present during hand movement.
This can give you a confidence boost that can also improve your hitting as well.
It can easily be collapsed to take on the road.
You don’t have to be a fighter to take advantage of them.
Built in iron sand pouches improve hand, arm, and wrist strength.
The resistance boosts the strength of the hand and arm muscles, and the effects can be considerable.
It is made with high-quality materials to ensure that your hands can breathe even with all the weight and the fabric.
The weight is evenly distributed so that you can develop real resistance with this.
It is great value for money.
The Powerhandz for Baseball gives you an extra challenge as you compensate for the extra weight.
It is not expensive.
They’re great for shadow boxing or working with a heavy bag and speed bag.
It improves ball handling skills fast.
These training gloves really do make you concentrate more and work harder.
The gloves help develop and surpass skill better than traditional sports training gloves.
The POWERHANDZ provide excellent grip with a soft and smooth sheep skin grip.
It is comfortable fit.
It improves confidence once gloves are removed.
It increases hand speed.
The gloves are very comfortable.
The base is filled with some type of synthetic sand material that is heavy enough to keep it in place but light enough to give in case someone runs into it.
It is available in a range of sizes.
It is made of durable material.
The sizes usually fit.
It is a company that specializes in athletic gloves and sports training equipment.
The Pop Up Defender is a compressed, collapsible barrier designed to simulate live defenders during play on the basketball court, football field or soccer pitch.
It improves confidence and hand speed when gloves are taken off.
Stretch fabric provides durability and flexibility during movement.
Weight resistance on the gloves improves strength in the hand and arm muscles.
The Striker Training gloves are specially designed for use with boxing training to improve hand speed and reaction times.
Swinging with the weighted gloves increases tension throughout the swing and increases overall difficulty as repetitions increase.
It also contains storage space inside of it to store training gear.
POWERHANDZ also makes a Slick-Wrap that goes around the basketball to offer even more disconnect between the ball and your hand.
They have tested it for high intensity training.
It is available in youth and adult unisex sizing.

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❌ Cons

With the POWERHANDZ gloves on it is hard to tell a difference between a basketball with a Slick-Wrap and one without.
There is no way to add further resistance.
Adjusting to this takes some getting used to.
It can be a little hard to get used to it at first.
Training with these gloves isn’t supposed to be easy.
They rip off easily sometimes.

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Review Summaries
POWERHANDZ is a great basketball training product.The magic in this product is in the hand weights, which work to strengthen your arms, wrist, and hands so that dribbling feels easier and you can exert more pressur on the basketball with each dribble. There is no doubt that most aspiring basketball players should have these gloves as they will make you a better ball handler.
The Pop Up Defender from POWERHANDZ is an awesome gift for anyone in your life into sports training. The company also offers several additional products for specific skill and strength development that are as well-conceived as the Pop Up Defender.
POWERHANDZ offers three sets of premium, patent-pending weighted training gloves: Pure-Grip, Anti-Grip and Extreme-Grip. They are designed for Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Football, Golf and General Sports Training. All products are designed for skill development training for athletes of all ages.
Overall the POWERHANDZ create a way to increase intensity in your sport. Swinging with the weighted gloves increases tension throughout the swing and increases overall difficulty as repetitions increase. These gloves magnify muscle usage immediately.
This thing really works, and it even looks cool. It takes care of your hand, and it really improves your hitting.
Powerhandz specializes in athletic gloves and sports training equipment, should be looked into if you’re serious about fine tuning your fitness or overall strength, especially in the grip department thanks to its line of training gloves.
These gloves help develop and surpass skill better than traditional sports training gloves. Although it began as a basketball glove, this type of glove is an equally effective training tool for other sports where ball handling or grip are key, such as baseball, football, golf, and soccer, and is fast growing in popularity in these areas.
No wonder it is one of the most popular, cheap and best weighted basketball gloves. Users say that this item has evenly distributed weight and it actually gives more speed than dribbling. Hence this anti grip silverback shooting, weighted gloves for basketball is ideal for your matches.
The weighted inserts on the Powerhandz gloves fit perfectly between the joints of the fingers to allow for full mobility. The quality of the construction on the Powerhandz gloves also feels superior. Powerhandz are made from a four way nylon stretch fabric that molds to the hand beautifully.

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