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✅ Pros

OCA display sits very close to the cover, meaning there are no gaps, and there’s less chance of getting dust trapped.
Review Pros
The design of the x55 is relatively appealing, with a sleek and modern appearance.
It’s surprisingly punchy, considering the cheap nature of the unit.
The gameplay quality is reasonable for a £66 device, especially in an age where sub $100 handhelds are rarely released.
The buttons feel reasonably sturdy.
The shoulder buttons feel very comfortable.
I got about 3 hours from the battery before it gave up.
It is economic.
It is decently crafted.
Inside we find our 3″ IPS display.
Things work wonderfully well; systems are divided up neatly, almost all of the games come with screenshots and box art (some even have video trailers), and the bundled MicroSD card is packed with games.
Due to the great choice of 4:3 display, your typical retro games will fill up the screen quite nicely, with no big black borders.
The custom firmware for this device makes a huge improvement to your experience.
The unit performs admirably, especially if you’re mainly interested in 2D games from the ’80s and ’90s.
It has HDMI output.
I am genuinely impressed that Powkiddy has launched this RGB20S for a reasonable price.
It carries big bright screen in a small package.
One of my favorite aspects of this device is the fact that it just uses a Nokia phone battery, and it’s easy to access and swap.
The POWKIDDY X55 features an impressive array of controls, closely resembling those of popular gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.
It includes Micro-SD card with thousands of games.
The RG20S still performs very well and is a great handheld to use.
It comes with a long-lasting, removable battery.
The image quality really is very good, and you will not be disappointed.
It has cute aesthetic that mimics a Switch Lite.
The V90 got a nice little facelift in early 2022 with the new black edition.
Its lightweight and compact form factor, weighing just 560g, makes it highly portable and suitable for on-the-go gaming.
The quality of the screen is very good, with a resolution of 640 x 480 offering impressive brightness.
The device is light, VERY light just over 114 grams including battery and SD card.
It has nice size/weight.
One of the standout features of the POWKIDDY X55 is its 5.5-inch IPS display, which boasts a 720p resolution.
It has lovely screen.
It has large screen.
The size of the unit is perfect for portable player.
Boasting a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, it’s perfect for retro games and boasts good brightness and colour balance.

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❌ Cons

It has old RK3326 chipset.
Build quality is lacking.
The device looks overcrowded.
It has squishy buttons and mediocre control pad.
The user interface and the complexity of searching for games is a major disadvantage.
Unfortunatly the LCD on my unit has a uneven backlight and the bottom left corner is noticibly brighter than the rest of the screen and what seems to be a pressure mark in the center.
Rear speaker placement detracts from sound quality.
It does not have R2 and L2 triggers.
The RGB20S looks and feels cheap.
The screen is not touch.
Some users may find the analog sticks slightly mushy compared to high-end gaming controllers.
Having stereo speakers on a device this small is near pointless.
Despite the sleek appearance, the device feels hollow and cheap when held.
The name “x55” doesn’t offer any insights into the device’s capabilities or features.
Dreamcast and N64 emulation isn’t perfect.
I really don’t like how the buttons or D-pad are placed below the sticks.
To my surprise, it’s rocking a RK3326 chip.
It showed inferior performance in 32-bit and some 16-bit games.
Emulation performance leaves a bit to be desired.
I did run into some issues with some SNES game with F-Zero running as a slideshow and no amount of tweaking could get it to run well.
Analogue sticks protrude too much.
Button placement is less than ideal.
This is a very low powered chip so unfortunatly PS1 is a no go.
It has too many face buttons.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Powkiddy Q90 is an affordable and attractive retro gaming emulator. Its larger display and overall size make it comfortable to use. It’s an option worth considering for 16-bit games, but its sketchy performance on 32-bit games limits its value.
With its low price point and cheap build quality, the RGB20S certainly isn’t perfect, but there are other things we like about it; it’s easy to use right out of the box for one, and its dimensions are ideal for portable play. That screen is also something of a selling point. It’s not going to trouble the big boys of the emulation sector, but the RGB20S is nonetheless a likeable, low-cost means of accessing loads of classic games (albeit in a fashion that’s almost certainly legally dubious).
I wanted to like the Powkiddy V90 a lot and on paper it sounds like an excellent budget system. Unfortunatly its plauged with quality issues and strange design choices. The plastics are too cheap and the fitment of the shell isnt great with gaps all around plus the less than perfect LCD make a poor impression for quality.
In conclusion, the POWKIDDY X55 handheld gaming console offers a delightful retro gaming experience that will surely appeal to fans of classic titles, but also it comes with its fair share of flaws. Its impressive emulation capabilities, extensive library of pre-installed games, and user-friendly interface make it a great value for the price.
It’s a cool little device. I wouldn’t recommend buying it if you already have a RK3326 device, but for those new to the scene and fancy a really comfortable, easy to setup horizontal handheld under $100 then this is one to keep an eye on.
I wasn’t expecting much from the PowKiddy V90, but I underestimated it. This little clamshell device was everything I was hoping for in a budget handheld. I’m comfortable saying that this is one of the best sub-$40 handheld devices you can buy, and it makes a great gift to friends and loved ones.
We are dealing with a fairly cheap console (approximately 60 euros), which offers a basic emulation experience, but with the addition of a large 7-inch diagonal screen, which also offers the option to project the image on a TV or monitor thanks to the Micro-HDMI port.
Overall, I enjoyed my time with this little device, and I’m sure you will too. It’s well made, with a great screen, decent sound and loads of buttons. But that chip is aging now, and Powkiddy need to stop using it.

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