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✅ Pros

They offer unique no-risk 30-day guarantee, or 60 days if it’s an unused product.
Review Pros
You can earn exclusive Prana Pets rewards by becoming a member.
A lot of pet owners use this CBD oil for providing relief of joint pain or muscle pain.
The Prana Pets CBD oils for dogs does not produce the “high” as it does in marijuana, THC, or other psychoactive compounds.
It can help make your pet feel young, more systemic balanced, and help with their longevity.
The CBD oil is non-toxic, and non-habit forming as well as non-psychoactive.
A tremendous variety of products are available for pets and humans alike.
Prana Pets coupon codes are available online.
It can be used for anxiety and digestive issues.

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❌ Cons

While free shipping is only 2 to 3 days, it’s only for orders over $69.99.
Free shipping only applies to contiguous US orders (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories).

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Seizure in dogs is no fun. We had two dogs previously that had seizures and Adrian was on two types of medication and the seizures still weren’t controlled. We had to put her down at 6 years old because the seizures had taken a toll on her body. I wish the CBD Oil and Seizure Symptom Support was around back then.
There are an incredible array of products available from Prana Pet that are centered around cat and/or dog health. In fact, there were such a plethora of different health supplements, we didn’t want to experiment to that degree with our pups and feline friends. Instead, we got a few goodies for each type of animal, as well as CBD oils that are designed for us humans instead.

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