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✅ Pros

I love that I am serving real, healthy food with tons of vegetables to my family each night.
Review Pros
Prep Dish helps us try new foods and new meals.
You can cancel at any time, there are no penalties or commitments.
Each week, you get a printable grocery list and instructions for meal prep.
You get easy yet delicious meals.
It offers a “super fast” menu for weeks when you have less time than usual.
It is extremely organized.
There’s even an option to use Instacart to get your groceries online.
I can choose to be gluten-free or Paleo.
Recipes are written out for you with options.
Recipes look simple.
They can help you save money by thinking through which ingredients you need and how much of each ingredient so that you do not have food waste.
The prep instructions make this all work.
It is all real food. Nothing is prepackaged.
If you are ready to start meal prepping but you don’t know where to begin, it is for you.
It is for you if you want to save money on groceries.
All the recipes were very tasty as written in the plan.
It is an affordable meal planning service.
It was nice to find a new spin on taco night.
It also helped to know that was all I needed to buy and then could add in snacks or other foods accordingly.
If you are following a Paleo or Gluten free diet, it is for you.
You can cancel hassle free at any time.
The meal plans include four main meals for the week.
Prep Dish has a free 14 day trial.
It is for you if you feel the burden of dinner each night and would like for cooking to be a little easier.
Breaking down the grocery list by category made shopping so much easier.
I love the variety.
Typically one or two meals are pre-cooked, so we just have to warm them up when we’re ready to eat.
Since you’re trying new recipes each week there always seems to be something new to experience.
I love how the grocery list is broken up into categories to make shopping and a pantry check even easier.
I save a lot of money on groceries because I take the grocery list and shop my pantry and freezer first.
It gives you the instructions to do different steps at once so it is not just one recipe at a time which ends up saving a ton of time.
Most of the meal preparation is done ahead of time.
Prep Dish sends me a weekly email with a menu for the week, grocery list, and prep list.
It is created by registered dietitian Allison Schaaf.
I don’t have to think about much of anything.
I found their timing of 2 hours for prep time on all the food to be fairly accurate.
At $14/month, it’s very affordable for what you’re getting.
I was happy with the ingredients used in all the recipes and didn’t feel like I had to modify anything.
I did not have to give a credit card to get the free one week trial plan.
Prep Dish has you cooking most of the food ahead of time so that on the day you eat it, there is not much work left to be done.

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❌ Cons

If the meal plan doesn’t match the veggies I have, it’s not useful to me.
The shopping list didn’t always include exact quantities.
It is not for you if you want to make your own meal plan.
There are no swap outs.
It still takes time to make these amazingly healthy and delicious meals.
It can get a bit pricey.
It is not for you if you don’t want to eat real food, and would rather hit the drive through all week.
It is not for you if you don’t want to prep your food ahead of time.
If you eat a standard American diet with tons of bread and pasta, this will be an adjustment.
Most of these meal recipes were for four people.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
It is extremely organized.
Prep Dish is a subscription service that provides weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and prep instructions. You buy your groceries, spend a couple of hours in the kitchen, and then you have multiple meals prepped and ready to cook or warm up during the week. How perfect is that?!?
Prep Dish is a meal plan subscription company that send weekly Paleo and Gluten Free plans straight to your inbox. You don’t eat paleo or gluten-free? Me neither but the meals are real food meals that can be eaten by everyone.
Overall, I love using Prep Dish to get dinner on the table during our busy weeknights. It takes the stress and overwhelm off of me so I don’t have to plan it all out myself. And I cannot say enough about how good it feels to know we are eating so many vegetables and healthy foods.
After discovering Prep Dish, I spend a couple hours one day a week chopping, seasoning, and doing as much as I can ahead of time. So instead of the stressed out crazy lady I used to be, now this is a typical weeknight.
Prep Dish is a meal planning service that not only sends you a meal plan, recipes, and shopping list every week, but also step-by-step instructions on how to prep everything in advance. You basically spend 2 to 3 hours chopping, marinating, making sauces, etc. so it will take practically no time at all to throw together your home-cooked, unprocessed meals on any busy weeknight of your choice! Also, their focus is paleo and gluten-free so if you’re feeding someone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity, they do not have to feel left out.
Overall I was very happy with Prep Dish and think it’s something that will be useful for people. I also read that they have partnerships with companies like Instacart in certain cities where you can send over your grocery list and they will do the shopping for you. I love the idea of something like that because as a new mom I’m always finding way to cut down on time spent running errands. I also really enjoy finding new recipes, and Prep Dish made it easy for me to try new recipes that fit our lifestyle.
I recently tested out Prep Dish, an affordable meal planning service that bases all its meals on whole food ingredients. It was so refreshing to try some new healthy recipes and expand my family’s dinnertime horizons.
There is seriously nothing not to love about Prep Dish. You get easy yet delicious meals and recipes written out for you with options – so you never feel like you’re stuck with something that isn’t right for you.

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