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✅ Pros

They have lenty of online resources for guidance on their products and services.
Review Pros
They have four fulfillment houses, two in USA, one in Mexico and one in Europe, Latvia.
You pay only when you order a product.
It is easy to edit products through mockup generator.
They offer print backup choices.
Printful is located in both the US and Europe, so you will face no problems with product delivery to customers the world over.
Inventory has a variety of products in different styles and sizes.
It provides a robust and easy to use Printful Mockup generator that lets you quickly generate mockups and print files for your products.
Ordering from the website is fast and easy.
It’s easy to integrate Printful with most platforms.
They have wide range of products and brands.
It provides high-quality products that are packaged well.
You can import directly into your store.
They cover the costs for lost or damaged packages.
I can easily create mock-ups and import the actual products into my online store.
Printful pricing is very straightforward.
They have excellent customer support.
You can automate your business with their ecommerce platform integrations.
They have API for custom solutions.
Printful has ways to help you make your shipping packages look like they’re coming from you.
Printful allows you to have a customized packing slip which is essential for a non-generic looking package.
Backpack printing is also offered.
You can choose different types of shirts depending on your budget.
Shipping is quite fast, and the return policy is respectable, since it covers most situations where Printful is at fault.
The sample orders from Printful are reasonable.
There are no setup costs or monthly charges.
You have the largest consumer market that you can take advantage of.
Because you simply pay for the orders that you received, you don’t need to worry about monthly subscriptions.
If you’ve just decided to dip your toes into selling t-shirts you’ll quickly figure out that it doesn’t take much more effort to add additional products to your shop.
They have fulfillment centers in Europe.
Printful makes use of high-quality materials.
They offer high-quality products.
Printful has the highest quality printing capabilities.
Customer support is very responsive and helpful.
Printful also has a highly reviewed app on Shopify, along with apps and extensions for other platforms.
You only pay when you sync an order to Printful.
The Printful UI is easy to navigate.
There are no monthly fees to use their service.
They have Mockup generator for easy creation of products and Mock-up images.
It can be integrated with many other platforms other than Shopify.
Its integrations with Shopify and Etsy were also cited as helpful.
Branding options are also provided.
There are no extra or hidden charges.
Everything is done by Printful, no outsourcing.
Printful supplies a Mock-Up & Print File Generation tool that you can use to digitally add your design to any of their t-shirt styles so you can get a vision of the final product before it’s actually printed.
I loved that orders didn’t have to be immediately processed and you weren’t required to keep a credit card on file.
Printful covers the cost of lost or damaged packages.
You can quickly order custom products on the website.
Whether through online chat, email or telephone they’ve solved my issues immediately and courteously.
The Printful team makes updates constantly to improve their offering.
They have USA & European based warehouses, therefore easily accessible to those major consumer markets.
They offer easy integration with Shopify.
Direct manual ordering option is also available.
It is easy to set up with easy interface.
You need little to no money to start.
They have helpful customer support.
They have a plethora of different products ranging from simple clothing to accessories.
The returns policy of Printful is very reasonable.
If you sell around 5K in a month, all your orders next month have 5% discount.
Once a customer orders, Printful does everything.
One of the main benefits of going with Printful is that there are no upfront costs.
Once your products are created and packaged, Printful offers a complete and hassle-free shipping service.
One of Printful’s best features is their ability to integrate with several different ecommerce platforms so you can run a fully automated drop shipping business.
They also have a good policy if in case the product gets lost along the way during shipping.
You can create a new order right from the Printful dashboard and upload your designs onto the products.
I am amazed with the quality of their materials and finished products.
They have Live Chat and Phone support available 24/7.
They offer high quality fabric products.
They are continually coming out with new products.
The Printful team makes updates constantly to improve their offering.
It takes them around 2-7 days to manufacture and print apparel.
Printful products are of the highest quality.
Mock Generator simplifies the design work and image uploads.
With Printful you can add your brand logo to a shipping label and also create a packing slip.
They offer quick delivery.

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❌ Cons

There is no direct integration with marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.
Their product selection is tailored to the apparel, accessories, and homeware good categories only.
There is no inventory import or export via CSV or text file.
Printing prices are relatively expensive.
In terms of actual profit, the cost is high.
For businesses that are planning to explore other regions of the world aside from Europe and North America, then Printful isn’t a great option for you.
The time it took to print and ship products always varied.
There are slim margins for dropshipped goods.
Some users complained about delayed orders.
The only way to really see if the quality of the products from Printful are right for you is to send a sample to yourself.
You have to charge quite high at times in order to make a good profit.
Some products, such as the framed posters or canvases, may not ship everywhere.
Shipping costs are high.
You will have to deal with a small margin of profit.
Product mock up images could be better.
There are no refunds if the order is not lost or damaged.
The shipping is way too high.
Shirts that had dark color inks looked the most faded and cheap.
There is no mass update.
Some products have an expensive starting price to have a good margin.
They have high product prices leading to lower profit margins.
If you want extensive branding options on the products that you are selling, Printful may not be able to provide this to you.
They have only few product categories for all the items.
Although there are some branding options, they are limited.
The sample orders are limited to one per month.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
To conclude it’s worth saying that Printful is the perfect solution for store owners who are ready to simplify their lives and start selling high-quality dropshipped/print on demand goods under their own brand.If you’re in search of the optimal way to sell your designs on custom clothing or accessories without worrying about production and inventory – then Printful fits your needs.
They print or embroider your custom-made designs onto any of items they offer and then they ship your products directly to your customers via a fully automated drop shipping system that you can integrate with your own ecommerce platform. Printful is the missing link between your business and your customers that’s basically like a multi-skilled employee that just gets the job done.
Printful is an on-demand print fulfillment and warehousing service that caters to customers worldwide. It delivers customized products such as hoodies, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, shirts, dresses, skirts, and more.
Printful is a great website that can cater to different types of businesses. Regardless if you are running an apparel company selling shirts and hats, or you are planning to sell mugs and wall art, Printful is an approach that you might want to consider. If you don’t want to invest in a bulk order of items that could take a long time to sell, Printful might just be the best option for you.
Printful stands out compared to other alternatives that are lacking in fast shipping and quality products. Therefore, I recommend Printful to anyone interested in trying out dropshipping and custom printing. It links to your site quickly, you’re able to get affordable samples, and the quality of products leads the industry.
The only real downside to using Printful is the profitability. Of course as any salesman or marketer will tell you, if you market it right you can sell anything. What that really means is there is a way, you simply have to create the correct strategy and execute it well. If you are just starting off in the e-commerce game and want a low-risk, and low start-up capital business, Printful is a platform you should keep in mind.
I would recommend Printful, especially for first time POD store owners. While the price is a bit higher, I find it warranted with the support and, for the past year, the low number of returns. I braced for potential issues, but my first Q4 in Printful was seamless. I will continue using Printful while I test other POD platforms.
Printful is a wonderful option if you want to sell high quality and personalized items that can easily be drop shipped. The products and services offered by Printful are thoughtfully curated, and are continuously growing as well to keep up with their customer’s expectations. Even though their product costs are on the higher end, the robust features and the excellent support system provided by them makes it super easy to streamline your business with minimal effort and time.
Printful is legit and it is definitely one of the best options in their field. The most reviewed POD company on the Shopify store with the overall rating of 4.6 stars, wide variety of products and integration with many platforms, not only Shopify
Their high-quality products coupled with their valuable printing, shipping and fulfillment service make them an easy choice for sellers who want to start their own business without the risk associated with purchasing large quantities of product or expensive equipment upfront. They go above and beyond simply offering a dropshipping service as they aim to improve seller’s experience with their services by offering useful tools and resources to help them provide a better experience for their own customers.
If you’re looking to launch a brand selling t-shirts, mugs, posters or hats, but don’t have much time or money to get started, The Printful is an excellent option. You can set up a shop and go from 0-100 in less than 24 hours. It’s great if you want to try a new concept and need monetary proof it can be profitable with no upfront costs.
Printful makes it easy for people to start an online clothing company with little or no money at all. You don’t have to invest in inventory that’ll hurt your bank account or take up storage space. In other words, Printful doesn’t make it until someone orders it. It’s kind of like Jack In A Box.
Printful is a Print-on-demand dropshipping business solution that prints your custom designs and artwork on different items including but not limited to t-shirts, hats, and tank tops. They also provide a customized retail service for people who just want to buy some personalized clothing for themselves. However, they are quite popular for their seamless dropshipping services.They allow online store owners to make some serious money in the e-commerce industry without having to worry about fulfillment or manufacturing a single product.
They have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the world of print-on-demand T-Shirts. They are one of the few T-Shirt drop-shippers to offer sublimation T-Shirts (all over printing), and also offer an impressive list of app integrations for platforms from Shopify to Gumroad.
Printful is an effective print-on-demand solution for anyone looking to start an e-commerce business. It makes it easy to get a business up and running by cutting out the tedious and time-consuming parts, leaving you to take care of the marketing and strategy elements. The robust features, support system, and higher product quality justify the marginally higher cost. Overall, Printful is a strong choice.

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