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✅ Pros

I was impressed by the ease of use.
Review Pros
I found that classification records, classification recommendations, and key phrase exploration devices are especially useful.
All Pro Rank Tracker reports can be access on the move via your browser.
There is mobile app availability for on the go checking.
The pro rank tracker algorithm keeps track of all keywords with high accuracy.
It can also be used to spy on competitor keywords, which makes it an extremely amazing feature.
It tracks the YouTube and Amazon tracking as well.
It has mobile app for tracking the ranking on the go.
It offers high accuracy.
Pro Rank Tracker is a versatile application with versatile pricing depending on what you need.
It has tons of features.
It syncs well with other SEO tracking tools.
Pro Rank Tracker claims 100% track reporting accuracy.
ProRankTracker’s reporting offers a diversity of reports, which include some for your own self and some for your clients.
It offers daily updates with on-demand updates added feature.
Pro Rank Tracker is cloud based, which means that you don’t actually need to be at your computer in order to check your rankings.
The algorithm can also track videos, based on the keyword.
Pro Rank Tracker is available as a WordPress Plugin.
Anyone should be able to use Pro rank Tracker.
It is easy to use.
The solution is web based.
Starting with a free version, there are 8 packages to choose depending on the amount of functionality you need.
It t also comes with iOs and Android apps, which gives you the ability to check your rankings on the go.
Since the software is fully cloud-based, you hardly need to install any software to access it fully functional.
Automatic regular updates are also available on request.
It gives the most accurate and updated outcomes in your website rankings with its precise algorithm.
Their tracking data is best in class.
Pro Rank Tracker stands out from the crowd in that it has the ability to produce highly accurate results.
This cloud-based service allows you to use it on any internet compatible device.
While the free trial is fairly limited, it does give you enough access to at least try the basic functions of the tool.
PRT uses the most accurate algorithm on the market that is able to provide up-to-date results on the rankings of your websites.
Your website is completely safe when you are using Pro Rank Tracker.
It supports so many languages.
Reports can be generated in eleven languages.
The free version is an excellent way to test the waters.
Pro Rank tracker, despite its cluttered display, is too easy to use.
Overview reports give broad-view looks at all your URLs and their status.
The support for exhaustive list of search engines is another thing that attracted me to this awesome SEO tool.
With Pro Rank Tracker, there are Android and iOS apps to monitor your rankings on the go.
You can easily scale up or down based upon the ongoing needs of your small business or SEO agency.
Pro Rank Tracker can track the rankings of your websites on more than 100 search engines.
Reports can be downloaded in PDF, XLSX, and CSV file formats.
All of the impactful search engines are covered by Pro Rank Tracker beyond adequacy,
It’s simple to use such that there will be almost no learning curve at all.
Reports are easy to understand with clear illustrations that you can process on the go.
Integrations allow you to combine Pro Rank Tracker with other applications like WordPress.
PRT also allows you to track your local SEO efforts including the tracking of Google Maps Local listings.
This service not only simplifies the process of learning your rank, but it also is fairly easy to operate and work with.
Pro Rank Tracker is one of the few Rank Tracking companies that offers 24/7 ticket support on all their services.
Pro Rank Tracker gives your a free trial that lets your work with two URLs.
Mobile support and cloud storage are minor features but work to make Pro Rank Tracker more accessible away from your desktop.
It allows high number of terms that can be tracked.
It offers easy access with web based application.
Sub-accounts let you add other accounts under your main account, which has useful applications in a team or agency setting.
It comes with hundreds of search variants.
Their mobile app can be found on the Apple app store and Google Play store.
Mobile apps make it easier for you to check everything quickly and on a go.
This splendid tool is used by more than 40,000 companies around the world.
It offers crisp and clean UI with fantastic data visualization.
It is very affordable than any other tracker available in the market.
It is good value for money.
The tool is not confined to only Google, but it expands over 187 local Google Sites, 32 local Bing sites and 35 Yahoo Sites.
Due to extensive search engine coverage, the tool is one of the best regarding local keyword tracking.
Pro Rank Tracker offers advanced reporting that gives you detailed insights into your ranking.
You can basically track the rankings of your websites for any keyword in any language.
It’s 100% cloud based so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility problems.
It has multilingual user interface.
The best thing about this tool is that it notifies you about everything that’s going on.
The pricing structure is based on what particular type of business needs.
There is good selection of features inc multi search engine tracking.
Pro Rank Tracker claim to have the most accurate algorithm on the market.
You can easily access the system from any Internet-connected device.
This tool offers a free trial.

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❌ Cons

It doesn’t have much more to offer than just rank checking.
The only real downside is its lack of support for anything other than rank tracking.
Adding new keywords is ponderous.
While some similar services also offer link building services, this tool does just just one thing, tracking your rank and discovering keywords.
Default view does not include ranking by device.
WordPress plugin is not great.
Mobile ranking by device should be a part of default view.
Pro Rank Tracker’s free account feature does have some limitations.
There are a few video tutorials.
It is not a complete SEO package.
Mobile Rankings are not a part of the default view and so they should be added there.
You can just check rank.
Information is too messed up which becomes a hindrance in getting quick view.
No other tools are included in it.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Regardless of the situation, if you are looking to enhance the success of your SEO endeavors, then I suggest giving ProRankTracker a try. As a beginner, you can avoid the many hurdles that previous marketers before you faced, and gives you a real chance to be successful by eliminating a very time-consuming aspect of SEO. Moreover, you can always test the tool with the free trial. With the fair pricing options, the risk is also rather small with Pro Rank Tracker. In all, I feel that deserves some serious consideration from anyone who wants to make the most out of their SEO marketing.
RPA is the new answer for effectively improving your business process. With tools like Pro Rank Tracker, reaching your automation goal is easier than ever.
I found Pro Rank Tracker an excellent SEO tool for tracking keywords. The tool can be useful for SEO experts, bloggers or anyone who want to keep an eye on the keywords with 100% accuracy. The main reason many of the business lose their ranking is the fact that they forget to take counter-measures when they start losing rankings. The tool can quickly help them keep a close eye on the primary keywords and try to outrank others whenever needed.
It is a cloud-based SEO keyword tracking tool that easily lets you monitor how your keywords are performing on search engines. Apart from tracking keywords, this tool lets you monitor specific URLs on your website.
If looking good is important to you, then you might consider Pro Rank Tracker at the top of a shortlist of SEO tools that can save you time, make you look better, and most importantly, deliver results to your clients that’s going to justify your recurring fees, whatever those may be.
Pro Rank Tracker is A SEO/SERP tracking tool for bloggers, freelancers, marketers and companies. It’s a tool that lets you track your keyword performance in search engines.
If you aren’t tracking, you’re actively falling behind because you can’t respond to changes in the same way as you’d otherwise be able to. With Pro Rank Tracker, you can do just that. You can monitor progress, predict change and ultimately push your website closer to the top of the pack.
My initial impressions of Pro Rank Tracker are positive. The service is very easy to use and there are a lot of useful reports that can be generated. I found the ranking reports, ranking suggestions, and keyword discovery tools, to be particularly useful. It really helped me see where how I was positioned and help point me in the right direction about what to target next.
I believe we all can agree on ProRankTracker being an excellent SEO tool for tracking keywords and rankings. Pro Rank can be used by anybody, be it a blogger, SEO agency, or just someone who wants to ensure the keyword accuracy.
The pro rank tracker works in a group. There are many tools that you will find in pro rank tracker which will help you to track the ranking of your webpage. In this pro rank tracker review, I tried to add all the features in brief. This is must buy for you if you are struggling with the ranking of your webpage.
I’ve been in SEO for more than 10 years and in that time I have used many rank tracking software’s. I can honestly say that for value for money, ease of use and quality of tracking, Pro Rank Tracker is the best I have used. As I said at the beginning I’ve been using it since 2015 as the screen shot shows, where I started out on the basic package. As my business has grown, I’ve increased my usage capabilities up to the Gold package.
For those who are looking for a professional Keyword Tracking service, we highly recommend Pro Rank Tracker. Planet Marketing has reviewed a huge number of tools, but none were found to be on par with PRT. Should you decide to sign up for their services, you will get tools and features that are indispensable to your attempts to determine how well you are performing for the search phrases and keywords that you have chosen, across a huge number of Search Engines.
Bottom line is Pro Rank Tracker is the best website rankings tracking tool out there (IMO), and if used properly, can help individuals grow their websites faster than ever before and bring in a ton of revenue and repeat business to SEO agencies providing website rankings tracking services.
Pro Rank Tracker is indeed the tool that you need for ranking your keywords. It is user-friendly, with a smooth interface that would make it a useful tool for beginners. Its free trial is a decent enough account to use, especially for bigger businesses. Pro Rank Tracker plans are versatile, convenient, and affordable.
Pro Rank Tracker has proved more reliable for accurate more detailed reports while remaining the most affordable and offering way for more features. It is the most practical as a keyword tracking software that you can use to gain some ground on the competition.

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