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✅ Pros

This system showed me where I was spinning my wheels and really helped be more focused so that I could get things done.
Review Pros
The EVO Flow System is also the only one I have seen that integrates a paper planner with technology.
This notebook makes you sharpen your attention.
It analyzes the wrong things and improves the progress for the next day.
It helps in listing out tasks for the day with estimations.
It contains 90 days of daily pages, 14 weeks of weekly pages and four months of monthly pages, to give flexibility depending upon how the journal is used.
It helps identifying highest priority task.
The EVO Flow Planner System app tracks your progress when you scan the pages in your planner. You can easily determine which areas need improvement.
EVO app is completely free.
The daily planner also pairs with a progress-tracking mobile app to make up the EVO Flow System, which gives feedback on your evolution through the process.
You are given helpful information on the strengths and weaknesses of your brain type.
The flow system helps you set the days, weeks, and months that work in the most natural way with the brain.
Taking the quiz is completely risk-free.
It helps in identifying highest priority task.
I also really liked that each day I needed to add something for wellness and fun because it helped me realize how often I was skipping those.
The personalized planner is designed to work with your brain type and organizes the things for the effective results.
It allows planning for self-care tasks.
The planner limits the daily priorities and makes you allot time to them which was significantly more efficient than the pile of sticky note to-dos covering my desk.
The brain type assessment on Project EVO’s website is free and quick to take.
I thought it was well organized and the clean layout kept me from feeling so overwhelmed.
One of EVO’s most interesting features is that they sell four different types of planners for four different brain types
Each EVO Planner has a section for gratitude every day.
Its daily format lets you focus on tackling one day at a time.
I like quotes and I like the ones in my planner so far.
It helps in defining daily focus.
Each daily planner is designed to maximize flow and productivity for the respective brain type.
EVO planners are specifically crafted to help users find their flow.

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❌ Cons

Icons are not consistent.
One other weakness is that an Android app isn’t available yet.
My biggest complaint against the EVO system was that it only covers four months.
I also feel like some of the to-dos that aren’t as urgent could get lost.
How you fill it out for the day is out of order.
As with most daily planners, it only lasts for 90 days. You would need four planners to cover an entire year, which makes the planner expensive.
Favorite thing should be lines then the icon selections underneath.
The app scanner was slightly off.
You may find it a little awkward to sit and think of something to be grateful for each day.
As EVO planners cost nearly $50 each, I think you have to be pretty serious about wanting to find your own personal workflow and boost your efficiency to take the plunge.
You might feel overwhelmed with the weekly pages included.
Some people view it unnecessary to use weekly planning pages in a daily planner whereas others find it helpful.
MIT is repeated on both pages.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you like the thought of working with the way you naturally think and organize information, then the EVO Planner is a good choice. However, the price point may be enough reason for you to keep searching for the right planner.
In conclusion to my EVO Planner Review, if you were to ask me right this minute if I would buy another planner for the next 90 days, I would say probably not. Only because I miss my other pages so much even though I can tell that I have a greater focus on the projects I want to finish.. We will see as this experiment goes on!
The EVO Flow System is unlike any other planner because it is customized to how you approach organization. Before ordering, you take a “brain type assessment” and are put into one of four categories. You get the planner that is specifically designed for your brain type. The idea is that we have different perspectives, needs, and ways of approaching organization so this planner works with our natural strengths and weaknesses to help achieve our goals.
Evo brings a personalized dashboard for your lifestyle to keep everything organized. Proper planning brings endless productivity and a model the new definition to work and fulfillment. It helps you stay focused while maintaining the proper flow and the freedom to thrive. Project EVO is a game-changer for overworked people, especially entrepreneurs. EVO is a bridge between you and your destination, connecting the brain type.
I like the planner so far. It just needs a few workflow tweaks. I like the idea of having focus but making sure to take care of myself. I often find myself buried in To Dos that I forget to plan/do the fun stuff. The planner is also just for 90 days. I believe they come as 90 days per planner but you can buy a set of planners for the year. It would have been nice to have a pre-planner page to list out the main goal you’d like to accomplish in 90 days. That way, the month/week/day can be planned out to work towards that goal.
As EVO planners cost nearly $50 each, I think you have to be pretty serious about wanting to find your own personal workflow and boost your efficiency to take the plunge. However, I think it’s absolutely worth the price given everything that EVO has taught me.

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