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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

You are just a click away to connect the top industry tools like Hubspot and Buffer with Promorepublic.
Review Pros
A graphic editor is also included.
You can post to multiple social media pages form one convenient location.
You’ll never run out of ideas of what to post thanks to the post ideas pool.
It is best for:small businesses, agencies, freelancers, and anyone looking to cut down on time spent crafting and scheduling posts.
When I first start my trial, I get access to all great features in PromoRepublic.
Hundreds of templates are ready to use.
A wide range of social media post ideas are offered by PromoRepublic.
It has built-in design tool.
It is all-in-one solution with everythign you need for social media maangement.
PromoRepublic offers four paid plans after a 14-day trial of the Starter Packag.
You can add team members to collaborate on content marketing.
It offers full social media statistics.
It makes posting easy by scheduling all your content in advance.
It comes with an events calendar.
You can customize images in a flash with an easy-to-use graphics editor.
Just like buffer, you get a predicted time of when you should post.
There are hundreds of free photos to make use of inventory.
Users are able to try Promo Republic free for 14-days before making a payment.
Setting up PromoRepublic for each of your social accounts is particularly simple compared to some of the other apps.
It has easy to use template builder or graphics editor.
Promo Republic offers a searchable database of help articles for both newbies and advanced users. This is in addition to their email support.
There are over 100,000 free images to choose from.
You can setup autoposting schedule.
If you don’t want to set your own timeslots, you can rely on PromoRepublic’s Autopilot.
Promorepublic offers 20% off discount promo code on Standard plan when billed annually.
You can manage your posting schedule and approval processes.
There is no need to have a separate graphics editor.
Yo get access a library of over 100,000 content ideas.
No need to stretch your head for new ideas anymore. Get Ideas from the platform itself.
A wide range of free stock photos is offered.
It has built-in graphics editor.
The Graphics Editor makes editing the visuals for your post a breeze.
Schedule at any time of the day. With this, you can decide a day and schedule all your posts for the next week.
You get access 7.5K ready-made templates, 100K images, and an inspiration library for your social media.
Free trial is available.
It has a la carte feature pricing.
It allows automatic publication on social networking websites.
It has a big pool of professional graphics templates.
Using Promorepublic, you can auto-post your blog articles all at one place on social media networks.
It doesn’t take me lots of time to learn the way to handle PromoRepublic, and it’s very user-friendly.
You can install the PromoRepublic app for Hootsuite, which enables you to use PromoRepublic’s Post Ideas and Graphics Editor within Hootsuite to jazz up your posts.
All the post ideas at PromoRepublic comes with high quality.
You can access performance reports in PDF format.
You can easily connect Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter account with a few clicks.
You can repost evergreen content.

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❌ Cons

You cannot change the color for individual letters.
While PromoRepublic has extensive post creation capabilities, it lacks some of the more heavy-duty business features found in more established apps, such as Hootsuite.
Canvas is not optimised for all platforms.
You cannot create your custom template. You need to forcibly use the pre-built templates.
It has limited social network support.
Post repetition feature is not flexible enough.
There is no integration for third party apps or plugins.
If you don’t like it and want to cancel your subscription, PromoRepublic does not provide any refund.
The mobile app doesn’t do anything but reminding to publish Instagram posts.
The list of industries miss some narrow niches.
If you were like me lack of aesthetics, you may find it difficult to create your post.
Only basic analytics and reports are available.
The newly added animated ideas don’t work well for Instagram.
Pinterest handling is not efficient; each board is treated as a separate.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In the end, I decided to keep it. What I liked the best was how easy it is to create new content for my social media and schedule it right away. I regret I did not buy Time Slots (in the AppSumo deal, it came as a separate package) but even as is, PromoRepublic saves my precious time.
Promorepublic is both a scheduling and design tool. Think, if canva and buffer came together and had a baby. That baby would be promorepublic. Today promorepublic is connected to over ninety thousand social profiles and has published over three million posts. Having over eighty five thousands SMB companies signed up with the software. With its wide range of post ideas and graphics, it serves over twenty industries. Including home and interior, health and beauty, food and restaurant.
It is a social media scheduling tool that minimizes your social efforts by providing automated promotion tools and 100,000+ post ideas to edit, share and boost your social profiles.
PromoRepublic is a robust social multimedia tool with custom templates and images, so smaller businesses can create a large marketing impact.With over 7,500 ready-made templates and 100,000 images, PromoRepublic has you covered like the perfect store-bought pie.
I hope you enjoy my Promorepublic review, and I also hope it helps you understand how great PromoRepublic is. It’s easy to use, easy to create your content & post it, and easy to track your post. Not to mention you could try the trial for 14 days. But, think twice before you do purchase PromoRepublic since they don’t provide a refund.
PromoRepublic is good for any type of company, be it an easy weblog or a digital advertising company, you can be sure of getting a good cash value.
Boost your social media presence with PromoRepublic’s automation tools. Not only is it a great scheduler, it’s also a content library. Automation tools are a great way to invest in and market your business, while saving valuable time. Put your posting on autopilot with PromoRepublic. It’s an amazing way to build your business while you sleep.
This Social Media beast is for all the small business owners, bloggers, digital agencies with a lot of clients, freelance social media marketers and for all those who want to be a social media influencer.
PromoRepublic has real strengths in post creation – indeed, you can design some of the snazziest posts on the net without leaving the app. It is also straightforward to schedule your posts, particularly if you rely on the AI of autopilot. It lacks some of the features of the more established competition, in particular, the ability to schedule other peoples’ posts, such as retweets or sharing somebody’s Facebook posts. You can’t yet curate content using PromoRepublic, although this is signposted to change in the future.
Promo Republic greatly reduces the learning curve for businesses looking to bring in their social media management to one platform. The image editor, planner, analysis, suggestions, and templates are all designed to make Promo Republic the one service that businesses need. This makes it a great option for beginners and small teams. The lack of some social network integrations makes Promo Republic limited for users who may want to reach out beyond just the major social networks. In addition, professional designers may find some of the Promo Republic features to be unnecessary or limited.

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