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✅ Pros

The opportunity for guaranteed freelance work is worth a lot more than $295 in the grand scheme of things.
Review Pros
The course is reasonably priced.
There is an option for guaranteed work, work is flexible, and you get paid every week.
There is a flexible timeframe to complete.
They have a supportive team.
The course can be finished in 1 month and can take up to 12 months if you wish to.
It will help you become a confident freelance proofreader and editor .
It is100 % online course.
In general, the courses are more pocket-friendly than other similar courses available online.
The course is laid out in video and written format.
If you want to learn a set of skills that will guarantee you an extra income each month, then by all means sign up for it.
You’ll learn all you need to know to be a proofreader.
The course software is really easy to use and navigate.
It is possible to complete the course in one month.
Both the course and company are based out of the UK.
Course remains valid for 12 months and extensions are available.
It currently receives a 4.8/5 star rating out of 228 reviews on Trustpilot.
The content in the Becoming a Proofreader course is high-quality, comprehensive, and delivered with examples, interactive quizzes, videos, and images.
The company is based in the United Kingdom, but they serve English-speaking clients all over the world.
Through the Proofreading Academy flagship course, you can expect to learn proofreading techniques for every type of document.
Students who complete the course with an effectiveness rate of at least 80% will be considered for a position on the platform. So, it opens up great opportunities for you!
A work guarantee is provided if you pass with distinction.
If you’re having difficulty with a portion of the course, you can chat with a tutor who is very responsive and there to help you succeed.
It is an excellent, professional and supportive company.
It is fairly easy to get through.
When you finish one of their courses, you are immediately offered freelance employment at their parent company Proofed Inc.
Proofreading Academy has a dedicated support team and tutors who are prompt and helpful.
Strong support team is available.
Proofreading Academy consistently gets terrific reviews.
It is a very informative program.
You can learn at your own pace.
You can start your own home-based business.
The course offers exceptional value for the money.
You’re given a certificate for completing the course.
For a limited period, you can try the material by consuming the main course for free.
There is guaranteed work with 80% score.

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❌ Cons

Lessons have potential to be boring.
Some users did mention the volume of content being a bit overwhelming. Others wished there were more examples and mock papers to work on.
If you’re like me living in the U.S., then the time difference will affect the admin team getting back to you and deadlines.
Maintaining a steady stream of proofreaders for their business seems to be the main focus of this course.
Some of the courses and modules can be rather challenging. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and dedication to get through them. You need to follow through.
Hard work and commitment is on your part.
$295 may seem like a lot to drop on an online course.
The onboarding process unfortunately takes a while.
If you’re planning on completely quitting your job and relying on working for Proofed as your main income, things may not be the way you expect them.
You will need to invest in Microsoft Word.
Lessons are delivered with outdated technology.

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Review Summaries
Proofreading Academy is for individuals with an eye for detail and an excellent grasp of the English language. If you like the idea of proofing documents for clients from America, Australia and Britain, this may be a company worth your attention.
The course itself costs less than the other proofreading courses, plus there’s no extra costs for test retakes or joining the third-party company. The guaranteed work option sold me. I wouldn’t have to do any marketing (what a relief). I could work from anywhere with my laptop. And I would be able to set my own schedule and work how often I wanted to. I would just have to get through the course.
If you are thinking seriously about becoming a work at home proofreader, Proofreading Academy may be a good option for helping you hone your skills. While there is no telling how much work you may get with this company, it does give you the chance to gain some actual paid experience, plus it gives you something to put in your portfolio or resume. All in all, I think that Proofreading Academy is a solid choice for anyone looking to work from home.
I enjoyed completing the free course. It’s a wonderful way to get a feel for the style of the class. It contains a quiz at the end to check your knowledge and a brief document for you to practice proofreading.
Depending on what your goal is behind signing for this course, this may or may not be the best thing for you. If you want to learn a set of skills that will guarantee you an extra income each month, then by all means sign up for it. But if you’re planning on completely quitting your job and relying on working for Proofed as your main income, things may not be the way you expect them. Yes, learning these skills will definitely allow you to make extra money, but it isn’t going to replace your 9-5 job.
Proofreading Academy, and more specifically, their flagship Becoming a Proofreader course, is a really good course for anyone looking to get started as a freelance proofreader and/or copy editor. Although the course isn’t exactly cheap, for what you get (super detailed and comprehensive content, access to responsive support and tutors, and a guaranteed freelance work opportunity at a large agency), the price is well worth it.
These kinds of courses are usually a good long-term investment, especially if you work or want to work in a language-related field, particularly written English. When it comes to earning money online, a solid portfolio can make all the difference to your success in a field. Without a doubt, Proofreading Academy stands out from the rest. The full online education package as well as their collaboration with a proofreading service helps them do just that.
I am determined and committed to succeed with my proofreading course because I see it as the perfect complement to working online. It will be an additional income stream to help our bottom line. I hope to be able to generate a good income with a solid client base. I am sure that will take some time but I am prepared for that. No online business makes money overnight.

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