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✅ Pros

The higher-than-labeled potency could be great for someone who is looking for the strongest product possible.
Review Pros
The brand continuously tests all of the ingredients and the end products that it applies.
Users will be able to be a part of a growing community that is connected through various mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
Pure Hemp Botanicals, located in Brighton, Colorado, only uses sustainable, organically grown hemp in their CBD products.
Packaging uses cruelty-free, plant based ingredients.
Pure Hemp Botanicals makes an array of products, including tea, pet products, and softgels.
The company also works to minimize its carbon footprint during the manufacturing of its products, using the most natural process possible in the growth of cannabis plants through the final manufacturing.
The formulas are lab-tested by a third party.
Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD tincture has characteristic taste, however, it is much lighter and easier to swallow.
With a completely vegan product line and a commitment to environmental sustainability, they really do follow through on that claim.
Third party lab results of each product are uploaded and are easily accessible online for customers to review.
The tea is a very pleasant tasting tea with a mild flavor.
Pure Hemp Botanicals does go above and beyond in providing a wealth of educational information on their website.
Pure Hemp Botanicals lab tests all of their products using a third party independent lab.
Very few brands on the market have such a wide-range of solutions.
All products are completely organic and very effective.
They do provide information explaining that the hemp they use is grown organically, and hence without the use of pesticides, and locally in Colorado where they are based.
This brand has an array of products available that users can apply to their lifestyle for better health and wellness on a daily basis.
Since Pure Hemp Botanicals does provide third-party lab results for every batch of products, that could offset the potential for dosing errors.
The capsules are very convenient; as are the vape oil pens.
Pure Hemp Botanicals tincture smells just like this unique fragrance.
Any orders over $75 are shipped free of charge.
Pure Hemp Botanicals’ commitment to organic products and a minimalist ingredient list instills confidence.
Every Pure Hemp Botanicals product comes with a white sticker labeled with a batch number.

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❌ Cons

The site layout and organization is also a bit less sophisticated that most of their competitors.
With sluggish page loading times, and a painfully slow checkout process, there is quite a bit of room for improvement in the website user experience category.
The sample “failed” the test by exceeding 15 percent of the CBD quantity posted on the label.
They do not provide any independent or internal laboratory testing to confirm the quality and purity of their products or source material.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Pure Hemp Botanicals lab tests all of their products using a third party independent lab. This is a fantastic sign that the company stands behind their products and is willing to be transparent with their customers. The CBD market is still unregulated so it’s important to know that there is actually CBD in the hemp oil that you purchase. Every Pure Hemp Botanicals product comes with a white sticker labeled with a batch number. You can use this batch number to look up the lab results for that product on the company’s website.
They are clearly designed with the consumer in mind, are very effective, and do not contain unnatural or potentially harmful substances. Also, they are very reasonably priced.
Overall, those who are interested in adding a high-quality brand to their lifestyle that provides them with a range of hemp-based formulas that could work well to generate the right outcomes may want to consider Pure Hemp Botanicals. This is a powerful and effective brand that users can trust.
With high-quality products and a commitment to ethical, environmentally sound business practices, Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD is among the best.
Free shipping is available on orders over $75 and a discounted subscription program is available to repeat customers. Overall the company has reasonable prices for the products that they offer. There is also a wide range of products for customers with different tastes and needs. Different strength levels are offered to customers based on how severe their pain may be.

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