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✅ Pros

360 degree elastic band on the fitted sheet keeps your sheets from slipping on the corners.
Review Pros
Because it features a sateen weave, it’s giving you this beautiful, elegant drape over your body shape and the mattress.
It has amazing price point when you buy it directly from the brand.
Having slept on these sheets I love how light and airy they feel.
If you’re a sleeper who likes your bedding to be shiny, you might want to give these a try.
Pure Parima are made to fit up to 18 inches deep. We think they’re best for thicker beds.
Sateen weave gives each item a silky-soft feel and lustrous sheen.
It is a breathable yet durable solution that is build to last for high quality sleep for years to come.
Pure Parima does not use artificial softeners in their products, but these sheets are incredibly soft straight out of the package.
Hidden zippers on the duvet shams and cover pillow envelope closures keep pillows tidy and tucked in.
It’s impeccably smooth, it’s super durable, and feels very strong.
It contains double stitched hem for durability.
Pure Parima products come with a 100 night risk-free trial.
It is made of 100% ELS Giza Cotton.
Their sheets are certified 100% Egyptian cotton certified by the Cotton Egypt Association.
This set is competitively proved and a great option for any age group.
Extra-long, staple Egyptian cotton like this is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious types of cotton.
I was pleased to note how well these sheets retained both their color and their luster even after I washed them several times.
The Pure Parima Yalda Sheet Set has been certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, ensuring the softness and durability this material is known for.
The cotton is certified authentic from Egypt and is grown and processed in safe and toxin-free ways.
It is great for people with sensitive skin.
If you’ve been curious about pure Egyptian cotton bedding, this would be a great place to start.
Pure Parima uses sustainable packaging for its sheets.
Pure Parima offers a generous color range for the sheet set.
Free shipping and returns are available within the USA.
Pure Parima offers a 100-night risk-free trial, during which you can test the sheets and return them for a full refund.
You have 100 nights to test these sheets, make exchanges, or get a refund.
100% cotton sheets sleep cooler and are especially important if you sleep hot.
The fitted sheet can fit mattresses up to 18” tall so you shouldn’t have to worry about the corners popping up during the night.
Given the high-end materials and design, the Ultra Percale Sheet Set is reasonably priced.
With these sheets ranging from $195-$260, the Yalda Sheet Set is a pretty great value.
The Yalda set is available in white, ivory, tan, and grey to match any room or bedding style.
We felt the quality and presentation of the Pure Parima bed sheets every bit worth the price tag.
Sheets get softer with every wash.
It’s strong, durable, and impeccably smooth.
It is durable yet comfortable.
The Yalda sheet set features 400 thread count fibers and cotton certified by the Egyptian Cotton Association.
It is sustainable and naturally sourced.
It has superb quality. It is durable, soft, smooth and gentle.
Pure Parima’s website is chock full of tips to increase the longevity of your sheet set.
The sateen weave gives these sheets a very pretty luster, and allows the fabric to elegantly drape over the mattress.
Percale weave gives each item an initially crisp feel that softens over time.
It absorbs excess moisture and is made of breathable material.
Pure Parima makes authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets at a very reasonable price.
Pure Parima is one of the most reputable brands that sell 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.
Pure Parima also offers free shipping to all 50 states and accepts returns within 100 nights.
It offers excellent customer service.
The Yalda sheet set gets softer after every wash.
Extra-long staple Egyptian cotton offers supreme durability and softness.
Cotton Egypt Association certification verifies authentic sourcing.
The packaging that comes with these sheets is just as luxurious as the sheets themselves.
It is easy to care for.
You can expect your new sheets to ship within 24-48 hours of purchase.
It is one of few companies certified by Egyptian Cotton Association.
Egyptian cotton is known for it’s luxury hotel cool feel and this sheet sets definitely lives up to this reputation.
It has elegant and stylish design and look.
100% Egyptian Cotton with CEA certification has been used.
Egyptian cotton does usually come at a higher price point, these sheets range from only $170 to $260.
Extra elastic bands around corners of fitted sheet.
The fibers used to make the sheets are hand-picked and long, thus, resulting in soft, durable fabric.
It is made of CEA-certified Egyptian cotton.
Egyptian cotton is ethically sourced from the Nile.
Fabrics are free of harmful chemicals.
It is breathable.
100 night risk-free trial allows you to return any Pure Parima product(s) for up to 100 Nights after you receive them.
Extra-long staple cotton is impressively soft.

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❌ Cons

If you desire a crisp look, you will have to iron this set.
It has high price-point.
This bedding did not wrinkle super easily, however, the lustrous sheen does actually make the wrinkles look a little more pronounced.
It is a new company.
The lustrous sheen does make the wrinkles look more pronounced.
These sheets are a less breathable than what you might get from cotton percale.
Sets are pre-bundled, so you can’t customize them.
If you’re more of crisp cotton lover, there is no crispness to be found here.
These sheets are sateen woven, which means that they feel silky rather than crisp.
If you’re looking for bedding that’s going to really keep you cool at night, I can’t guarantee that this is going to hit that mark.
It is a slippery fitted sheet.
They have only one bed sheet collection.
After washing these sheets there is some slight shrinkage so if you do have a mattress that is 18 inches deep it may be a little tight but most people don’t have mattresses over 15 inches deep.
Pure Parima does not have a warranty for any of its products.
Delicate care is required.
100% hand-picked Egyptian cotton comes at a premium and may not be the right choice if you are shopping on a strict budget.
It is sold exclusively on their site.
They do tend to be a little thicker than percale.
Pure Parima sheets are heavier compared to other cotton sheets.
Not many designs or colors are available yet.
It doesn’t offer standard shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

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Review Summaries
The sheets are Egyptian Cotton Certified so you know you are getting high quality sheets with a high thread count for a luxurious look and feel!
The Yalda Luxury sheets from Pure Parima are hands down my favorite bedsheets I’ve ever used. They are created from 100% Egyptian cotton and are lightweight, durable, and have a clean, silky look that mimics luxury hotels.
It pays to invest in quality sheeting. Pure Parima makes authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets at a very reasonable price. I recommend having a set of quality white sheets for your bedroom.
Pure Parima’s Yalda sheets are certified 100% Egyptian cotton. They’re made with a sateen weave that leaves them feeling super soft to the touch. They come in many colors and can fit mattresses up to 18″ tall.
Pure Parima is a new company that sells 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets only online with great return and trial policies, and great prices compared to similar products.
Ensuring you take the right precautions, we think you’ll be rewarded with pleasant sleep for years to come with the Pure Parima Luxury set.
Pure Parima’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set capitalizes on the luxurious quality of authentic Egyptian cotton. The result is a bedding collection that’s comfortable, breathable, and durable.
Real Egyptian cotton has a smooth feel you won’t find in many other fabrics. The Yalda gives you that hotel-like luxury and quality, but it won’t drain your bank account.
We think these high quality sheets are affordable luxuries. We love the silky (but not slick) soft feel and sleep like queens on these sheets! They’re in Diana’s guest room and her first guest to try them said it was like sleeping in a luxury hotel. She LOVED the sheets.
Egyptian cotton absorbs excess moisture and helps in regulating body temperature. This natural fabric is great for sensitive skin, too. The Yalda sheet set gets softer after every wash. With a 400-thread count, the sheets are soft, smooth and silky, giving you the right amount of comfort you need. The Yalda sheet set fits mattresses up to 18 inches thick in twin to California king sizes.
If you want a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience, Pure Parima is worth it. These ultra-soft, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets give you a relaxing sleep. And since they’re of top-notch quality, they’ll last you many years.
Pure Parima sheets and duvet covers are made from long-staple Egyptian cotton that is naturally durable and silky-soft. Sheets are easy to clean and feel softer with each wash. The 400 thread count material is highly durable. It also absorbs excess moisture from sleepers, allowing them to sleep cool.
Pure Parima focuses on transparency and quality, delivering a product that wows from the moment you receive your new sheets. Luxury is the name of the game and Pure Parima delivers.
This is a very pretty set of sheets. I’m loving their lustrous sheen, also it drapes really nicely over my shape and over the mattress. Also, it’s got this really pretty double open hemstitch that borders the top sheet and the pillow cases. I’m really loving the way they look, but I’m also loving how super smooth they feel.
The Giza cotton used is softer and more luxurious than standard Egyptian Cotton. You will definitely notice a difference in quality compared to other brands in our reviews. Pure Parima uses a double-stitched hem for strength and durability. This added care ensures their sheets last for many more years compared to single hemstitching.

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