Free 30 days of AweSIM with purchase of a Librem 5 USA phone

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Previous (expired) Codes

These codes probably won’t work, but you can try them if you like 😉

Coupon code: L14SALE22 ($200 off Librem 14 Version 1)
Coupon code: PRIVACYFIRST ($100 off sitewide)
Coupon code: LIBREM5USA ($100 off Librem 5 USA)

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Top 5 Things

People love these 5 things about Purism:

  1. The Purism laptops have hardware kill switches for privacy and security.
  2. The laptops have modular designs for easy upgrades and customization.
  3. The laptops use GNU/Linux PureOS and offer free software all the way down the stack.
  4. The laptops have good battery life and are lightweight for portability.
  5. The Purism Librem 5 phone has excellent privacy and security features, including kill switches for WiFi, mobile internet, camera, and speaker.

Featured Review

A stunning laptop that is lightweight and powerful, Purism’s Librem 14 unfortunately suffers from a poor webcam, mic, and speakers, and is expensive, costing roughly the same as an Apple MacBook Pro. Its security features make up for this, but you may find its refusal to install proprietary drivers and software restricting. But if you’re looking for a truly secure laptop, it’s a trade-off you’ll have to consider seriously.

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About Purism

Purism is a company that designs and manufactures high-quality laptops and other computing devices with a focus on security, privacy, and freedom. The company’s laptops are built with a range of features and technologies designed to protect users’ data and privacy, such as hardware-level security, open-source software, and a commitment to respecting user freedom. In addition to laptops, Purism also offers a range of other computing devices such as tablets and mini-desktops, as well as related accessories and peripherals. The company is known for its attention to detail and commitment to creating products that are both functional and ethical, and has a loyal customer base of users who value privacy and security.

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Their Wikipedia page is a good place to start. Or check out their about page.

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Purism is located in San Francisco, California.