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✅ Pros

Installing Quiet Punch bag is very easy.
Review Pros
Consumers can also download the Punch App, which is created to educate consumers on the different techniques one can apply onto the Quiet Punch.
This punching bag is easy on the joints.
The two bars fit within most conventional 28″ — 36″ doorways.
Users can simply attach their phone to the Quiet Punch mount using the included clip and make it easier to watch workout videos without sacrificing workout quality or intensity.
The rods also include a clip to attach your phone to so you can follow the Quiet Punch training video programs in their app.
Its phone grip access allows consumers to easily follow exercise videos from their phones during their workout.
This boxing bag is designed for all boxing skills levels.
It can be easily installed or stored.
The app also accompanies your new workout by providing you with some basic metrics to indicate performance.
It includes a phone clip, where you can fasten your phone to one of the bars to watch training videos within the proprietary app.
As its name suggests, the Quiet punch indeed produces zero noise when in use.
It is going to be considerably more quiet than other punching bags.
This product is portable and it comes in part. It can be taken anywhere with you.
If you find their free videos on Youtube, or spend the $3.99/month for the app, you’ll also find some innovative and accessible workouts.
This unique system mounts within a standard size door frame and offers a quiet workout that can be done any time of day without disrupting family member’s sleep.
It is a unique product with no other like it on the market.
You can set up the punching bag – and have an intense workout – all without disturbing your neighbors.
By using the tandem app users can gain access to loads of workouts designed to support athletes of all fitness levels.
This product is a piece of portable equipment.
Every purchase of the Quiet Punch includes 1-2 punching bag, 2 lightweight bars, 4 non-slip discs and a Quiet Punch Phone Grip.
It is very quiet.
You can take it with your travelling.
The latest workout video routines are included as well as an intuitive built-in round timer that tracks 3-minute rounds with a rest based on the skill level chosen.
The Quiet Punch is ideal for those looking to improve their boxing techniques and stance.
The Quiet Punch only weighs 4lbs and takes literally 6o seconds to setup.
It stays silent during your workout sessions.
The rods are made with strong metallic materials to hold tight unto the doorway and prevent them from breakage.
The process of installing is pretty quick & easy.
This sound punching bag is helpful especially if you want to ramp up your speed and engage in cardio.
It is suitable for all ages.
It is designed for users of all skill levels.
One of the best aspects of this item is the free workout tutorials it has.
The Quiet Punch can easily be packed away and stored in a draw when not in use.
The soft memory foam on the hand stitched pad combined with the tension on the pad when setup in your door frame eliminates virtually all sound.
Watching videos while working has never been easier.
Quiet punch fits neatly into any doorframe thanks to its adjustable bars.
It is simple and easy to set up.
$99 including shipping for an innovative product that’s had a lot of thought in the design as well as quality and care in the manufacturing process is a good deal in my eyes.
There is a useful sensor app to keep you motivated.
The Quiet Punch is designed to fit standard sized doorways.
It is a decent solution for the money.
You can watch videos whilst working out.
What really impressed us too was the responsiveness of the bag.
There are lots of online workout video to follow.
I love that it is designed for apartments.
The pad is a lot more lightweight in comparison with a heavy bag.
It’s highly durable and doesn’t break-off.
It is very compact.
The Quiet Punch app allows you to record your progress by monitoring things such as the number of punches you throw, it is also packed full of workouts for you to follow from beginner to advanced.
People who travel regularly will appreciate that the bars are lightweight making them easy to move between doorframes and take along when traveling.
It takes only 60 seconds to set the Quiet Punch up within a doorway, and 30 seconds to take it down.
Apart from honing your skills with it, it’s a great work-out tool that builds your muscles with every single punch you throw at it.
It is super quiet.
It fits in any doorway without leaving holes or marks.

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❌ Cons

The Quiet Punch only fits doorways that are 28” – 36”, meaning if your doorway is smaller (or larger), you will not be able to set it up.
The Quiet Punch recommends using hand wraps. However, none are included.
Uninstalling takes a bit of time as well.
Some might find it too expensive.
It is limited in how much training types you can do.
It is a bit unconventional and not as versatile as other bags.
It has limited functionality due to the size and setup.
If you want to practice hooks and uppercuts you will struggle.
The Quiet Punch is also small. Its compact nature means you will not be able to kick or do as many lower-body workouts as full-length heavy bags.
It can only really be used on a door frame.
With slightly larger doorways, the Quiet Punch may also slide a little bit.
It cannot be used for technique or power punches.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Quiet Punch system is comprised of a small 4lb square punching bag that fastens to two lightweight bars that are suspended and held in place in any conventional doorway, like how you may fasten a shower rod. The two bars fit within most conventional 28″ — 36″ doorways and includes a phone clip, where you can fasten your phone to one of the bars to watch training videos within the proprietary app.
Quiet Punch is a doorway premium punching bag designed to leave no marks, mark no sound and offer a solid workout (both technically and cardio wise).
Quiet Punch isn’t marketed at boxers it is marketed for people who want a quick, effective and quiet way to get a sweat on and improve their fitness. If that sounds like you then the Quiet Punch is a good choice.
Unlike most punching bags that either bounce back after every punch or takes up too much space, the Quiet Punch uses minimal space, while preventing injury or surprises to trainees. It is just as easy to take apart as it is to set up, especially for consumers who are constantly traveling.
Quiet Punch offers easy setup (with no tools required!) and can be stored within your home without taking up space. Free workouts using the Quiet Punch are available on their app or via Youtube videos.
The Quiet Punch is the first of its kind to offer an awesome boxing workout anytime and anywhere. With it you will find very helpful tutorial videos of how to use Quiet Punch and to learn some boxing technique and routines. This is best for people who don’t have luxury of space for a hanging or standing bag and are just wanting to try something different!
If I ever have to reside in an apartment, I’d get this bag without any second thoughts. Again, while it may not be as great as an actual heavy bag, it’s a superb boxing utensil to get practicing.
Practice all the jabs, power punches, uppercuts, and body shots with the quiet punch boxing bag. This punch bag is a boxing training gear that’s ready to take in all your fire punches without making the usual punching bag noise or fighting back – but be ready for some heavy breathing afterward.
The innovative door mount design of this punching bag offers users the flexibility to use in any room of the home or take along on business trips.
While a bit different, this bag is undoubtedly designed for small spaces, making it an ideal option for anyone looking to work out on a punching bag at home, and clearly one of the best punching bags for apartments you can find.
If you’re looking for a small and silent punching bag, the Quiet Punch will be the right choice.
Affordable and compact solution that will keep you moving on your days away from your studio or gym.
The Quiet Punch is no doubt, unlike your traditional punching bags in the market. The designs and features of this product aim to provide convenience to users. Moreover, anyone from beginners to professional boxers can use this item for workout sessions.

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