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✅ Pros

It has time limiting and access control options.
Review Pros
It offers quick and easy installation setup.
Qustodio makes the policing of online activity easy by providing you with a list of different website categories you can bar your children from accessing.
When we downloaded the free Qustodio app, we got an instant three-day free trial of the Premium version.
There is a time management feature, which is quite effective.
It provides complete recording of calls and texts.
It provides features such as Time Scheduler for the user’s internet connection, application usage as well as device usage.
Location tracking is available.
It provides comprehensive social media monitoring.
It offers multiple device management.
The online dashboard / Qustodio Family Portal in the parent control app is super easy to navigate, as well as the online interface.
It has modern interface.
The Panic Button feature is great for older kids who might be away from home.
It provides a more granular control over the phones.
It has an excellent multi-platform support.
Qustodio offers 29 different categories of content which parents may either block or receive email notification if accessed.
The tool would not be able to read emails that your child receives or sends.
It has a very useful web-filtering system that works on different browsers.
Installation was easy.
It is available for multiple platforms.
Qustodio has a very straightforward pricing plan.
Qustodio offers location tracking that lets you view the last known location of your child’s device.
Through Qustodio’s online account, you can limit the access to internet at certain intervals per days.
The price of Qustodio is also a plus point.
It is cheap to upgrade plans.
It comes equipped with some high-end algorithms which could help you in determining if your child is being cyberbullied or harassed sexually.
It offers great social networking filters.
It has games and app blocking feature.
It supports Amazon Kindle devices.
The feature set in the paid versions of Qustodio is impressive.
You can control Games and Apps by setting time limits and blocking apps that you don’t want your child using.
A Facebook activity recording feature lets you see photographs your children and their friends upload.
It has advanced features such as Location tracking.
You can personalize this feature for every child’s device.
Qustodio’s provides pretty excellent flexibility in terms of scheduling and time limits by day and device.
Activity can be monitored in real-time.
The content filter is browser independent and can manage HTTPS traffic.
It lets you indicate whether you want time limits to apply across all devices or on a per-device basis.
It is highly configurable.
Qustodio keeps track of all websites visited, online searches performed, social network activity and online chat sessions.
Support documentation offers a keyword searchable database that makes finding technical help easy.
It offers easy configuration and monitoring via online portal.
You can block inappropriate content like pornography by enabling different web site category restrictions or adding individual web addresses to the block list.
The app can manage multiple users.
The Qustodio interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.
You can set daily limits for every device under your account or limit child’s access to the device to certain times of day.
For those devices that support calls and SMS there is calls and text messages monitoring option.
Browser-independent content filter handles HTTPS traffic.
There is time scheduler for internet, device, and application usage.
The online dashboard is updating fast with recorded data
It has visually intuitive web dashboard.
Location tracking allows parents to see on the map where child’s device is located.
One feature that I am loving is the email notifications notifying me if something questionable was accessed and also daily reports of what the kids are doing.
It can specify limits on every individual app.
It works on multiple devices.
The free version has a pretty decent set of features, allowing you to get a handle on the product without having to purchase a paid plan straight away.
It offers free trial with no CC entry.
It comes with location tracking.
The advanced location tracking feature is also available.
It has an easy to use and manage interface.
Details are saved for a week.
I really like the user friendly nature of the product.
Qustodio activates a geolocation feature that provides the current location of your child – or at least the current location of their phone.
It has user-friendly interface.
Children cannot change any setting or uninstall the program because you can set a password for access to Qustodio.
You can gain access to Qustodio from any remote location.
It has good cross-platform supports.
Qustodio is also getting regular updates and improvements, which is great to see.
It has extensive monitoring features.
It has cross-platform support.
It provides a very detailed log of calls and texts.
It monitors Mac and Windows.
You can also view the numbers on your kid’s phone and block the numbers that are bothering them.

❌ Cons

There is no keyword blocks.
The iOS edition comes with some limitations.
Social monitoring is limited to facebook.
There are some iOS limitations.
It has antivirus software conflicts.
There are some usability issues.
It is not able to read emails that your child sends and receives.
It is expensive.
There is no request access system.
It doesn’t offer the Geofencing feature.
iOS version is not as efficient.
It’s more expensive than most of similar offers on the market.
There are limited features on iOS.
The web filtering isn’t that much effective.
Some functions are not supported on all platforms.
There is no simple switch between parent and child modes.
I am not a big fan of the fact that Qustodio only monitors Facebook.
It has dated web portal.
The user support system is not good.
There are several limitations with the iOS edition of the app.
I wish all of the features that are available for Android – such as text message tracking and the panic button were available for iPhone.
Social media monitoring is limited to Facebook only.
Web interface provides an almost overwhelming amount of information.
It is expensive.
Pricing plans are expensive.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Qustodio offers parental controls for your kids’ devices. With an easy-to-install software on computers, and installing the Qustodio app on your child’s phone – you can be monitoring your kids internet activity and limiting screen time, quick and easy.
The Qustodio Parental Control app is termed as one of the apps which helps the families to keep the kids supervised and safe. This app offers multiple features for parental control. The main feature lacking in the Qustodio Parental Control app is the Geofences feature. The gaming Control is also not provided in the app. so the parents can’t disable the gaming apps on their kid’s phone.
Overall, Qustodio is a great parental control app but there is also a possibility that the app doesn’t meet your requirements or simply, you want something else which offers better efficiency. So, if that is the case and you are looking for a suitable Qustodio alternative then you don’t have to look too far for it. KidsGuard Pro is an excellent parental control app with a lot of new features that makes it far better than the above mentioned app.
​I like Qustodio a lot, it provides an excellent way to safeguard and monitor your child’s online activities. It is user friendly and feature complete. I would recommend most people to try out the free version first. This will give you a feel for the app and how it works. Then, if you like it you can upgrade to a paid plan. For me, if you like this type of application you should pay to get a good one. Qustodio fits the bill for me!
Parents are given not only an incredible amount of information about their children’s computer activity, but also a great deal of control over the limitations and restrictions they put in place. Perfect for peace of mind.
Qustodio may not have the most easily pronounceable name out there, but what it lacks in brand clarity it more than makes up for with its stellar parental control options that stretch across every platform imaginable. The software combines an industry leading control dashboard with a solid UI, extensive feature list, and rock-solid performance. Yes it’s pricey but I assure that you get what you pay for here.
This app is better than many other similar products on the market and seems to be quite a popular solution. But if you are looking for better applications’ control options and more flexible screen time scheduling instrument at more reasonable price you can look for other options.
Qustodio lets parents take precise control over their child’s activity across desktop and mobile devices. Among its best features are extensive cross-platform support, robust web protection, simple app blocking, and highly customizable time limits. Its drawbacks are its costliness, its limited social network monitoring, and its dated interface, but these are relatively minor concerns given its overall effectiveness. For those reasons, Qustodio retains its Editors’ Choice rating.
Qustodio is the world’s most reliable parental control app. It is highly configurable.Moreover, it is easy to manage for new users and for users who want to keep a track of what their child is engaging in while connected to the internet.Qustodio supports all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
Qustodio offers a truly multi-device product, with highly configurable web-filtering and time-management capabilities. The dashboard and reporting functionalities provide a valuable tool for parents to both mold and monitor how children interact with the web and web-connected devices. While there are some feature gaps when it comes to social media monitoring and app-based restrictions, these gaps affect the entire market, although sometimes to a slightly lesser extent.
Qustodio is a high quality product and provides all essential features which are required by parents to monitor their children. All management is made through a single and user friendly online interface.
If you’re looking to go beyond basic pornography protection and want software that will help you keep your kids safe from cyber bullying on social media, Qustodio is a good choice. It has some of the most comprehensive software available for monitoring text messaging and social media accounts, and its time limit controls also help keep kids safe from screen addiction. But just keep in mind that it’s also more expensive than other parental control options, and it doesn’t always play well with iOS devices.
Qustodio ranks among the top three best internet filter software programs for ease of use and comprehensive coverage for PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.
Qustodio has managed to put together an amazing set of features and a number of unique touches such as the timeline view. If its developers could just make some improvements to the interface and the iOS app, Qustodio would be among the best overall options on the market. As long as you can stay under the three-device limit for the cheapest Premier Plan, Qustodio might be a good fit for your family.
Qustodio is undoubtedly among the most robust parental control apps that make your life easy as a parent. With Qustodio, you don’t have to roam around your child to trace his activities. You can easily keep an eye on all his actions from your device. You can also control how your child uses and accesses a device or specific apps. Though Qustodio is not smart enough in social media monitoring, on the whole, it is a useful application.

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