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✅ Pros

It is an affordable bike that can be delivered by mail.
Review Pros
The front suspension and decently large air volume in the tires offer a nice ride on reasonable quality roads.
Go-anywhere fat tire design really goes pretty much anywhere.
The freewheel gives you a greater range of pedaling options, besides making it smoother to climb hills.
It is versatile thanks to accessory range.
Fat tires are available.
It is foldable for storage or transport.
14-day free returns are available.
A fun yet affordable eBike designed to be ridden anywhere you want.
It has half twist throttle.
The RadCity 4 impressed us with its exceptionally comfortable and smooth ride quality.
Overall, this ebike is very comfortable and capable.
The price of Rad Power Radrunner is excellent.
Rad Power Bikes custom engineers their frames and puts a lot of attention into the details of which components are used.
There are ten models to choose from
They offer most functional accessory line-up.
It has simple but powerful drivetrain.
It has simple console with throttle.
It has huge and comfy custom tires.
Comes 85% assembled, with complete assembly taking less than an hour once it arrives.
By default, the RadRover models come with durable plastic fenders.
Boasting a sizeable 672Wh battery storage capacity, we found the RadCity 4 to have an impressive distance range.
It comes with a kickstand.
It has flexible design.
The 6061 aluminum frame is built with the same alloy used in boats, cars, and even aircraft structures.
There is lots of oomph for cargo, passengers and hills.
It has powerful motor and decent battery range.
For just $1,499, Rad does a good job of providing decent bike parts that keep the price reasonable.
With a 750W rear hub motor, the RadCity 4 is not short on power.
You can choose off-road or around town.
The RadCity 4 has an excellent user interface that includes ergonomic, intuitive controls, and a large LCD display screen.
I think the standard free shipping is a great option.
It offers good value given the specification.
Installment payment options are available through Affirm.
They offer free mobile at-home testing and service.
Rad Power Bikes really nails it with the integrated lights because they run off of the main battery.
Control pad is easy to operate.
The RadCity has a bigger direct drive hub motor.
The RadRover 5 has predictable motor engagement thanks to a finely-tuned cadence sensor.
All the RadRover’s parts mesh together nicely.
Display shows all the metrics you need.
RadMini has compact and fat tire for comfortable ride.
It comes with lots of useful accessories.
It inspires confidence while riding.
We noticed right away that the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 has good power distribution.
It has powerful LED headlight and brake light.
It has adjustable handlebar, pedal kickstand, and saddle.
It is ideal for all kinds of riders.
It is apocalypse ready.
It is a great ready-to-go e-bike.
There is plenty of space for cargo or even another passenger.
It has built-in brake light.
Rad offers award-winning eco-friendly electric bikes.
It comes with fenders.
The RadCity offers a larger commuter bike frame and reasonable 2.3-inch-wide tires.
It is easy to assemble.
Throttle gets you off the line more easily.
The Saddle and Grips are comfortable for a long period of time.
It comes with LCD display.
5 Level Pedal assist with 12-magnet sensor.
It has appealing design.
Rad Power Bikes are affordable for most.
RadWagon comes with lights.
They offer free US shipping .
The new lights and fenders that Rad incorporated into their new 2020 models work well and help make this a functional e-bike right out of the box.
Powerful 750-Watt motor eats hills alive.
Rad Power is a consumer-direct electric bike brand.
We really appreciate the wattage readout.

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❌ Cons

We would have preferred the shifter to be underneath the handlebar, as the location feels more natural.
Tires take some getting used to.
There are a few issues fitting accessories.
This bike allows only ingle speed.
It’s not the fanciest or the highest spec’d.
The imitation leather grips are a great shape, but they’re a bit slick with sweaty hands.
It may not be the zippiest or quickest to accelerate.
It has plastic pedals instead of aluminum ones.
Low 45 mile max range, with typical ride range between 30 to 40 miles. 2 Amp charger makes recharging the battery very slow as well, taking up to 6 hours.
Headlight could be a lot better and brighter.
It has a flat seat, and no included fenders.
It is big and heavy.
It comes with cheap pedals.
Base model is just that.
Unlike the step-thru model, the standard RadRover only comes in black.
Thumb-indexing shifters can be hard to reach with smaller hands, but you tend to get used to them after a few rides.
The RadRover is a fairly heavy electric bike.
It does not give the most comfortable riding experience.
It has only one frame.
It is still bulky and heavy for a mini.
Both the high-step and step-thru RadRover electric bikes are only offered in one frame size.
Chain isn’t well protected.
It is heavy.
Rad Power bike has externally visible battery packs.
There is some assembly required.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
An updated 5th generation full sized, high-step, fat tire electric bike from one of the originators in this category; Rad Power Bikes. Features comfortable 4″ wide knobby tires with puncture protection and reflective sidewalls. It’s stable and capable in soft terrain like mulch and sand if the tire air pressure is lowered. Features a curved top-tube, short sturdy stem, and mid-rise handlebar for approachability and comfort.
Out on the road – literally any kind of road – the RadRover 5 is just unstoppable. It’s easy to operate and understand, and I love the twistgrip throttle that pours on the power whenever it’s needed. And despite being a truly big bike, the RadRover 5’s seat and bars are easily adjustable and my son and wife, both about 5 foot 3 inches tall, had no trouble riding it.
All in all, we think that if you’re looking for an e-bike with power, comfort, versatility, and a good price point, then the RadRover 5 may be your next ride.
Overall, the RadRunner is a comfortable, easygoing ebike for people who might not otherwise get on a bike at all. It’s a little cheaper and can carry a bit more weight than the RadCity, and you do have the flexibility to switch out seats and add fenders or other accessories. So if you’ve been looking for a starter ebike but can’t bring yourself to spend a couple grand, give the RadRunner a shot.
Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2 is a fantastic e-bike option for city commuting or traversing trails due to its impressive features and design, and its small size and foldability for transport.
Affordable mid-tier eBike with a power motor that is great for riding in the city or on off-road trails alike.
The RadRunner’s uniquely sized fat tires, sturdy, aluminum frame, and simplified-but-not-underpowered drivetrain have made riding the rubble-strewn streets of New York City an unexpected delight. The RadRunner fits so perfectly in my life it’s almost embarrassing.
Brilliant value-for-money, fun and practical utility bike with a couple of easily-corrected flaws.
Suffice it to say that the RadCity 4 from Rad Power Bikes is a great example of a high-value commuter-friendly electric bike. It’s not the fanciest or the highest spec’d, but it is well made to withstand the test of time and offers excellent bang for your buck.
The RadMission 1 continues Rad Power Bikes philosophy of producing great value electric cycles. It might come with less features but that doesn’t take anything away from its appeal. This is a get-on-and-go bike, which while it doesn’t turn heads will get you from A to B with as much, or as little electric assistance as you want.
If you are looking for a bike that can withstand any condition, while being portable and compact, Radmini is the perfect one for you.
We found the RadCity to be very well-rounded, with a solid distance range, a powerful motor, a comfortable ride, and a great user interface. We feel this versatile model is well suited to just about anything from commuting to casual trips to the beach.
Rad Power Bikes offer an unrivaled customer experience with radical electric bikes that are built for everything and priced for everyone.The brand vision is of a world where transportation is energy efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.
There is a reason Rad Power Bikes have thousands of 5-star reviews from their customers. Whether this will be your first e-bike or your tenth, Rad Power Bikes make high-quality and versatile bikes you will be proud to own.
The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is a reliable e-cargo steed for thousands less than competitors.

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