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✅ Pros

In the kit you will also find help guides that show you how to use each piece in the kit. Every piece in the kit has it’s purpose.
Review Pros
Helix is shaped for comfortable accommodation of spines’ structure.
If you need to address specific spots such as the hips or glutes, you can still use either side of the RAD Roller for point massage.
The best feature of the RAD Rounds is their ability to be heated or cooled.
This kit is very mobile.
The RAD Rounds are made of top-grade silicone.
It allows you to target almost every muscle in your body without needing that second set of hands.
It is made from 100% natural rubber for optimal comfort and support.
The rubber provides some flex but is still stiff enough to provide effective pressure to sore muscles.
They are able to bear weight with no issues.
All of their products, from foam rollers to massage rounds come with a lifetime warranty.
It is made of 100% rubber in three different intensities: stiff, original, and soft.
Everything is compact and fits in a suitcase with ease.
With its small size and light weight of 310g, RAD Roller claims the RAD Roller is perfect for travel use.
I can attest to the effectiveness of their design.
RAD has extremely high customer reviews across the board.
You can also tackle your tough to reach and sensitive areas, such as the face, jaw, neck or the small muscles between the bones in your hands or feet.
This thing is super easy to use.
Helix is fairly narrow, small space between body and floor when rolling.
RAD foam rollers, muscle rollers, and other products are designed to work together.
Helix and Rod are versatile for multiple body parts.
It’s crazy compact and perfectly portable.
An all-in-one kit prevents you from having to piece a kit together.
Rod and Helix can be used together.
It really is the most functional massage and release tool I’ve ever used.
The RAD Roller is built to stay strong use after use.
The RAD Rounds are simple to use.
RAD Roller massage tools takes foam rolling to a whole new level.
They have designed their tools to accommodate all types of bodies.
It is easily transportable and light.
When used regularly, RAD Rollers can create effective, long-lasting results by improving posture and reducing pain, helping to free up movement and normalize aching muscles and joints.
The site offers a PDF with instructions for elbows, hips, IT bands, calves, feet, and anything else that is causing problems.
Their expansive range of provisions includes an ambassador program and a group of master coaches.
RAD also sells the RAD Block, which provides elevation for use rolling shoulders, arms, hips and calves.
The large and small rounds are lightweight, weighing in at just 3.6 and 1.6 ounces, respectively.
You can literally roll those knots out yourself without having to feel the least bit guilty of the little time that you are taking for you.
Unlike more heavy-weight equipment made for the same purpose, RAD foam rollers are BPA, latex, and plastic free.
One of the benefits to rolling out on the RAD roller is releasing toxins.
This kit is exactly as advertised.
With two connected small rubber balls, the RAD Roller provides a more effective massage platform for the back and other sore spots.
Designed to free up movement in soft tissue and joints, it’s precise enough to target almost every muscle in your body.
Kit is price comparable to anything else on the market when factoring in everything that it replaces.
RAD Roller is designed for use on all parts of the body.

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❌ Cons

This may be personal, but the one thing I still preferred my foam roller for was the glutes.
It is more expensive when priced individually.
Helix can get caught in baggy clothing.
It might seem a little ridiculous to pay up to $70.
Because the roller is so small, some of my teammates had issues with it getting caught up in their clothing while they rolled.
If you are looking to do a serious expansion to your gym equipment, their sets get pricey quickly.
Some outside research may be required if one wants to make an informed decision about why RAD foam and muscle rollers are superior to other products.
RAD doesn’t have the same brand recognition of companies like Lululemon, REI, and Gaiam, who also produce foam rollers.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
RAD foam rollers are easy-to-use, lightweight equipment that really improves your athletic performance by providing many of the same benefits of massage therapy. Muscle rollers flush out toxins, enhance your range of motion, reduce muscle stiffness, and overall increase blood flow. This all contributes to a more comprehensive warm-up before workouts, better performance during them, and quicker recovery time after. What more could you ask for?
While they don’t claim to be able to cure any conditions, the RAD Roller was “designed by experts to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist anytime and anywhere.” I can attest to the effectiveness of their design, and I hope it can help you, too.
While other rollers are effective in muscle release and pressure in tight areas, the RAD roller system is the first I’ve used which creates support for the body as well as attending to the normal function of a roller. The added benefit of its anatomical design is that I can utilise the rollers in more body locations than a conventional one and can feel how its structure is adapted to work with my spine and muscles to prevent unnecessary pressure. Remember that as well as a well designed roller, the method of rolling is also important!
I am amazed at how I feel after using the RAD Roller kit for just a short period of time. My muscles feel more relaxed and I can stretch further. I get a lot more use out of these tools than my large foam roller. I feel immediate tension release when I use the balls for tension and stress. I am really happy with my improved flexibly and overall relaxed feel.
Designed to free up movement in soft tissue and joints, it’s precise enough to target almost every muscle in your body, and everywhere you go (it’s crazy compact and perfectly portable). We’re talking deep tissue in the neck and back, calves, hip joints, IT bands, glutes, arms, feet, and under the shoulder.
When you use a product that is designed specifically to work with the contours of your body, you can feel the difference. The RAD Rounds were designed to help you relieve tension and soreness in sensitive and often overlooked areas, such as your hands, feet and neck. The $17 set comes with two rounds – one large and one small – allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure where you need it most.
The self-myofascial relief products offered by RAD Roller each deliver in providing effective tools for self-massage and recovery. The RAD Roller itself is a unique massage tool available at a price that makes it tough not to try for cyclocrossers facing long-term pain and tightness.
Discovering RAD Rollers has been a huge piece of relief. Literally. I’ve had foam rollers and other personal massage-type equipment in the past, but none of them have been as user friendly, let alone effective, as the products from RAD Rollers. Whether it be a quick “roll” after my at-home workout, or working out a knot in between my shoulder blades after a stressful day of chasing around my sleepless toddler, RAD Rollers are a product that I am so glad I have discovered – and one that I wouldn’t want to live without!
Overall, this kit is exactly as advertised. It gives you access to complete self-service massage and myofascial release that, in my opinion, meets and exceeds the needs of most people.

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