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✅ Pros

They are also made with hormone and antibiotic-free chicken.
Review Pros
They are also fantastic for people who want to increase their calorie intake with a healthy and tasty snack that has great macronutrients for muscle building.
For the crust, they use actual cauliflower or all natural chicken breast instead of processed flours or starches.
The proprietary crust is made with antibiotic & hormone free chicken and all natural parmesan cheese.
I also love that the crust is made with some of the same ingredients I’d use myself like cauliflower, egg, and cheese.
You won’t find any ingredients in any of their options that you can’t pronounce, nor will you find preservatives.
All of the options are high in protein and low in carbs.
The enchiladas are a quick zap in the microwave.
They’ve done a great job making two notoriously comforting foods into low carb options.
It’s just as delicious as a high carb pizza.
It is delicious.
Real Good Pizza is an obvious choice for people with a focus on diabetes management, but a soft spot for pizza.
With over 10,000 retail stores and an online shop, you can easily buy Real Good Pizza at a store near you.
The crust has the consistency of a very firm pizza crust and tastes great.
It has a great nutrition profile for those on a low carb keto diet.
Shipping is free to all the 48 continental US states.
It’s convenient and reasonably priced.
Real Good Pizza Co. lets customers choose between the microwave or oven.
It is crispy.
All of these products are low in carbs and free of added sugar.
They are filling and taste amazing.
Because the pizzas are completely grain free, they contain no gluten.
It has high-Quality Ingredients.
There’s also almond flour and coconut flour added which give the crust a more bread like texture.

❌ Cons

While the pizzas pack 25 g of protein and only 4 g of carbs, they do also have 14-16 g of fat and 240-270 calories.
Our one critique is the low-carb chicken dough isn’t quite as sturdy as a regular slice.
It has cauliflower taste.
You have to buy minimum two cases.
It has moderate carbs.
The ingredients used dictate a more expensive end product.
If you’re looking for low sodium foods, these probably aren’t for you.
It’s not a huge pizza either.

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