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✅ Pros

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Review Pros
We can organize the item list by store.
They also offer several pricing options allowing you to pay $14 per month monthly, $11 per month quarterly, or $6 per month annually.
The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee that lets you try the service and if you’re not satisfied get a full refund.
Real Plans allows you to print, email, and open your shopping list on your smart phone.
It takes under five minutes to plan our meals for the entire week.
Real Plans is flexible enough to work around your needs.
If you have special health concerns or you’re dieting and want to count carbs, each recipe has all the nutrition facts included.
You can access your account via mobile or desktop for easy set up and reference anytime.
I can select whether or not we have special restrictions — like dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.
It has mobile app for easy use, especially when shopping.
The shopping list is automatically created and syncs to the phone app.
For an additional $1 per month you can choose from many of your favorite keto, paleo, whole 30 food bloggers that you already love.
Real Plans customers are able to customize menus, easily adjust for portion sizes, modify recipes, create iPhone shopping lists.
I can add recipes that aren’t in the meal plan service.
You can let Real Plans pick out your recipes for you, or you can pick them all out yourself, or anywhere in between.
You can add any recipe that you find on the internet to your recipe box using their bookmarklet.
It offers live chat support with meal planning specialist.
Real Plans is the first online meal planning service catering to special diets such as Paleo, AIP, GAPS, vegetarian, etc.
It offers completely customizable list, timeline and plan.
The recipes are easy to make and designed to save you time while feeding your family wholesome and nutritious foods.
It is the easiest way to plan healthy meals for my family.
They also give you the option to try the service for a month, then upgrade to the annual subscription if you like it.
You can preview each recipe and see a larger picture.
Real Plans takes your preferences into account and populates a schedule with the number of meals you requested each week.
Real Plans has a feature that allows you to do live help chats.
It is just so versatile, so user-friendly.
Real Plans has a 24/7 live chat support feature.
It has IOS and Andriod mobile app.
The mobile app is a big selling point for Real Plans.
It creates a shopping list that you can easily access from your phone.
You can easily upload your own recipes.
You can chose to add your recipes to the meal planner calendar during the uploading process or at a later time as you wish.
It reduces my grocery shopping time and budget by simplifying the process.
You can switch between US or metric measurements whenever you like.
Subscriptions start as low as $6 a month.
Real Plans comes with a database of 1500 real food recipes.
You can input any additional foods you may be avoiding.
It sves time and helps me stay on track by eating healthy leftovers for lunch.
The shopping list is pretty awesome.
One of the best new features is its “talk-to-a-real-person-style” live help calls.
The Real Plans recipe database is pretty vast.
Real Plans is customizable for your dietary needs.
Real Plans allows you to exclude whole food groups.
Real Plans automatically generates a shopping list for you that you can print out or view on your smartphone.
Real Plans will create a timeline of all the steps involved to prepare each meal, taking into account things like defrosting time or when to put the meat in the slow cooker.
It saves me the time and stress that usually comes with planning, organizing, shopping, and cooking.
You can easily make changes to the suggested meal plans.
You can easily adjust serving sizes or measures to metric units.
I can permanently customize any recipe to remove or add ingredients & instructions, just by opening the recipe and selecting MODIFY.
You could even access their entire program through your phone or tablet if you wanted to.
Real Plans only offers healthy recipes.
You can make changes to your weekly plan whenever you want.
It get’s your schedule, and plans accordingly.
It knows the quirks of your family’s food “do’s” and “don’ts”.
It includes more than 2,000 seasonal recipes with options for traditional meals and those following vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, autoimmune and other diets.
Real Plans employs a huge recipe database for you to choose from.
It also allows you to import your own recipes or recipes from anywhere in the internet.
The interface is clean and intuitive and their “Getting Started” video makes things super easy.
It eliminates the rut of what to eat and encourages me to be more adventurous in the kitchen, which makes healthy eating fun.
Real Plans is affordable.
Once you’ve picked out your recipes for the week, you can print your grocery list or pull it up on your phone using their iPhone app.
You can choose whether or not you eat a specific type of diet, like Paleo or Whole30.
Real Plans has an app.
The recipes are easy to make and designed to save you time while feeding your family wholesome and nutritious foods.
It writes out a timeline that tells you what needs to happen, and more importantly when.
The ingredients on the shopping list are grouped by categories.
Once you specify your dietary needs, excluding the foods you can’t eat, Real Plans comes up with a personalized meal plan.
They offer 24/7 chat support with a real person.
Real Plans has made it so easy to learn how to use their tools, from short videos to 24/7 customer support people that will gladly answer your questions.
With Real Plans, I can set each meal to be the number of servings I want, and it will automatically adjust the recipes and my shopping list.
It makes it effortless to stick to meal planning.
It also comes with over 1500 fool-proof real food recipes.
Best of all the service is available both online & via mobile apps: App Store & Google Play.

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❌ Cons

Food photography styles vary with each recipe.
Since this is a relatively new service there is not much online feedback as of now.
Cost may be a deterrent for some with plans at $69.99 per year or $13.99 per month.
It includes recipes from popular food bloggers, so some may be easily available online without the subscription.
Real Plans is not for everyone.
You cannot preview the app without a recurring subscription, unlike many meal-planning apps that allow at least a 7-day trial.
With any awesome technical solution, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Real Plans may be most useful for those people starting a new diet regimen seeking new recipe ideas and structure.
Real Plans is so easy to use and customize that I can literally meal plan in about 5 minutes a week. It creates a meal plan automatically, which I can customize as much as I’d like and then I can view the plan, recipes and shopping list on my phone.
Real Plans is not for everyone. People with butlers named Jeeves plus grocery delivery service and a personal chef, for example. Also, people who love wasting money on ingredients because they planned to cook but didn’t have a viable strategy for actually getting it done.On the other hand, it works beautifully for busy people who want to eat well and also have time to breathe.
Until preparing AIP-friendly foods becomes routine, healing will continue to be an uphill battle. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels cooking every night, or you’re struggling to nail down a sustainable routine, Real Plans might just be your answer. We never promote products or services we don’t fully believe in, and this is no different!
All meal plans are fully customizable. After you customize your settings to your families needs, including how many servings, diet type, and which meals you want to cook (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and on which days, Real Plans will choose meals accordingly and add them to your menu for you.
The idea behind this service is simple, they will help you plan home cooked meals more efficiently and relieve you of the burden to constantly come up with new and enjoyable recipes.
In summary, if you’re generally short on time, searching for last-minute dinner ideas, and/or ordering takeout more often than you’d like to be, Real Plans could be your saving grace. This is a service that I could never offer on my own, so I’m pleased to find such an awesome partner in Real Plans.
The Real Plans interface and app were simple to use, and I loved the addition of recipes from Autoimmune Wellness, Real Plans, and Nom Nom Paleo, which help flesh out the options in my Recipe Box. I was also able to make sure I met nutritional goals like eating more fish and veggies.I’d recommend Real Plans to any busy family who wants to focus on health while maintaining their sanity (and budget).
Real Plans made planning something I can now do consistently. If using their service can get this girl to meal plan, I’m sure it can assist anyone. So, if you have been wanting to meal plan to help you save time, reduce waste and stay compliant, Real Plans can prove to be the answer you’ve been looking for. I would recommend Real Plans to anyone who is busy and is looking for a way to stay healthy, save time within a budget.
Of course, if you’re happy cooking by the seat of your pants, or you’re already a master meal planner, just keep on rockin’ it. But if you’re like me, and need a digital kitchen fairy to help keep dinner on track, Real Plans just might be your saving grace!
I am super picky about products and don’t often recommend things because I’m hard to impress. But Real Plans has honestly been like a dream come true for me. We’re eating healthy meals and saving money in the process!
It is just so versatile, so user-friendly. Now, because it’s not just an app, but an online computer program that creates new menus (with recipes!) for you each week, it is a subscription service. Needless to say, I think it’s worth it. I paid just $6/mo for a year long subscription.
Real Plans saves you from this common busy-life oopsie by offering a Timeline feature for easy prep. Timeline tells you when to do the prep steps from your recipes so that you’re not stuck at the last minute with frozen meat, for example. You can also customize the Timeline so you can, for instance, thaw meat or do other meal prep the night before instead of the morning of if that works better for you. Overall, Real Plans is worth it for the real food cook who is short on time. I’ve enjoyed the many features Real Plans offers for a low price. I think you will, too.
Real Plans is the first online meal planning service catering to special diets such as Paleo, AIP, GAPS, vegetarian, etc. Once you specify your dietary needs, excluding the foods you can’t eat, Real Plans comes up with a personalized meal plan. Real Plans automatically generates a shopping list for you that you can print out or view on your smartphone.
I’m still fairly new to Real Plans but so far I give it 2 thumbs up. Whenever I see a recipe I like online, I add it to my account so I no longer have to go searching through bookmarks or the web to find ‘that recipe I really wanted to try.’ Once a week, I look over the meal plan they create, make any adjustments and then create a grocery list for the week. When I go grocery shopping, I’m much more organized. I know exactly what I need and what section of the store to find everything.

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