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✅ Pros

It is very effective.
Review Pros
It is not a guided meditation or hypnosis program being marketed as subliminal.
It helps you recall and apply what you already know how to do but tend to forget.
It has a good sound track that can be listened to anywhere.

❌ Cons

It requires skills.
It may require some conscious study depending on the program eg. learning languages.
It may be less useful to skeptics since they are consciously resisting the effects of the program.
Subliminal are not tutors and won’t teach you how to do something.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I am giving a rating of 4 out of five instead of 5 out of five because of the basic nature of the product. It will be wonderful for people who are open to it and listen regularly, but I suspect that it would be less useful for skeptics as they are actively resting improvement in whatever they are trying to accomplish with their state of mind.

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