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✅ Pros

It allows free calling to 70+ countries.
Review Pros
It is a cheap alternative to major carriers including Verizon.
It offers more considerable savings with annual plans.
Sending & receiving MMS picture messages worked well on Android.
It offers free international calling to over 70 countries.
You can choose your preferred mobile carrier.
You can contact customer service to change your number.
Red Pocket runs on all four networks.
Red Pocket offers simple and affordable plans.
It is affordable.
Red Pocket lets you call over 60 others (including China, India and the UK).
It is available on all 3 major networks.
You can choose your own network.
Red Pocket Mobile’s plans are a good value for people who don’t use a lot of data.
There are no setup or activation fees.
Powered by the big US networks, low-cost carriers provide you with the same quality coverage you can rely on.
You can use your existing phone with your current number.
You can customize your plan.
You’ll be up and running with your new plan within a few days.
Each plan allows for multiple lines.
The fact that Red Pocket allows you to use whatever network you want is great.
There are nNo activation fees.
You can get customer support by phone or live chat.
Red Pocket Mobile offers customer service lines in 4 languages.
Super affordable plans are available.
No activation fees are charged.
We have found that the service is excellent, and the data speeds are fast.
Users can bring an assortment of CDMA and GSM compatible phones when they switch to Red Pocket Mobile’s Red Pocket Mobile Domestic Data plan.
It comes with multiple plans.
Red Pocket Mobile offers up some great deals for those who don’t need a ton of mobile data or perks.
There are no activation fees.
Red Pocket Mobile’s CDMAV plans are not advertised as supporting mobile hotspot, but to my surprise it worked without issue.
Red Pocket offers monthly plans at six price points.
Red Pocket also offers free international calling.
They have great coverage options.
Red Pocket Mobile’s SIM card kit supplied from Amazon was neatly packaged and came with detailed instructions on how to activate the plan.
You can switch at any time to find a better deal if your needs change.
Getting in touch with someone was relatively quick and easy.
Red Pocket allows free international calling.
Voice and SMS texts messages worked well.
Their prices are low.
You can get visual voicemail if your phone is running on their CDMA network.
You can choose carrier of your choice.
Red Pocket Mobile offers broader phone compatibility because it taps both GSM and CDMA networks.
There are no contracts.
Red Pocket also sells 360-day service options through its eBay store.
You can get a free SIM kit with a plan purchase.
When your SIM card from Red Pocket Mobile arrives, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to activate your service.
The number port in was blazing fast.
Telephone support was effective, spoke excellent English, and were pleasant.
Red Pocket offers plans on all of the major networks.
The Domestic Data plan from Red Pocket Mobile does not charge an activation fee.
It offers unlimited 2G.

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❌ Cons

Red Pocket’s unlimited data plan is $60 a month.
Customer service is still improving.
Red Pocket now sells a limited number of devices.
It is best for lower data users.
Red Pocket Mobile’s Domestic Data plan does not include any calling or texting.
During my trial of Red Pocket, speeds were all over the place.
Customer service meeds improvement.
Red Pocket Mobile doesn’t have any stores.
Data throttled after 8 GB.
It does not sell phones.
There is no Mexico and Canada roaming option.
I have learned that the customer service wait times can be quite long on the phone.
There is no 0% financing options on latest phones.
Online account management was also confusing.
There is data capping.
It does not allow for specific family plans.
Data plans are less generous for non-AT&T/Sprint network users.
Setup was a little confusing.
4G LTE is only available with expensive $70 unlimited plan.
International roaming is not included.
Red Pocket’s online account registration system seemed a little bit odd if not confusing to me.
There are no MMS Picture Messages with the iPhone (on the GSMA network).
Their plans are pretty bare-bones.
Network & plan selection is confusing.
Account dashboard needs work.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Red Pocket Mobile is truly a commendable carrier and may have some great offers. If you don’t want to compromise on excellent customer service, amazing plans, and discounts, look no further and make the switch now.
Red Pocket runs on all four networks. It allows free calling to 70+ countries. There are no setup or activation fees.. However, Red Pocket is an exclusively online carrier, meaning you can’t go to a store to buy a plan or chat with a customer service rep.
I did have a few bumps in the road with my service, some at the beginning, and a few oddities throughout the whole trial with my data speeds. It is the data speeds that may be an issue for some. For my needs, whether data was unthrottled or throttled, I really didn’t notice a big difference in my day to day activities. The biggest differences were really only noticed while doing speed tests.
For someone using an Android phone that doesn’t support 4G LTE like the Motorola Moto G or a number of the BLU smartphone models the lack of 4G LTE isn’t an issue. Red Pocket GSMA might also be a good choice if MMS picture messages are a really important feature for you, more important than the amount of data you get with your monthly plan.
Red Pocket Mobile is kind like the dollar theatre. You won’t get the fanciest seats (fastest data) or the newest movies (best perks), but you’ll still get the main feature you came for (a decent mobile phone plan).
Red Mobile does have a slight edge, with broader phone compatibility and the free international calling. But if you’re bringing a GSM phone (one from AT&T, T-Mobile or most international carriers) to the party and you don’t need to call overseas, it’s kind of a wash.
It is completely worth it to switch to Red Pocket Mobile. It’s the same service on the same towers with the same phone as you have now…it’s just less expensive. We have loved using Red Pocket for years and I’m sure you will too!
Red Pocket Mobile offers access to all of the major networks at a low price, but you have to weigh the pros and cons. I’m a huge believer in prepaid plans. Most of the low-cost cell phone service providers that I’ve tested have been worth the savings, but I’m not sure I would include Red Pocket on that list.
In conclusion, our Trickut team finds Red Pocket worth your consideration if you want an MVNO provider that merely continues your wireless service on the same network. Additionally, no competitor that we’ve seen makes it easier to call internationally. Red Pocket Mobile’s prices are a steal for lower LTE amounts and year-long subscriptions. If you’re a heavy data user or someone that likes their CDMA/GSMT network, you may find a better option from another carrier like Mint Mobile or Cricket.
Red Pocket Mobile allows for users to choose what major mobile carrier to use, comes with ‘unlimited’ data and also offers mobile hotspot, making it the better mobile carrier.
All Red Pocket plans are prepaid, covering your for 30 days at a time. Red Pocket will never lock you into an annual agreement or long-term contract! Red Pocket has a handful of smartphones available for purchase, or you can bring your own phone, so long as it’s compatible with Red Pocket’s network. All you’ll need is a new SIM card, which Red Pocket can send to you.
Red Pocket offers several plans with varying allotments of minutes, texts, and data. In my view, the plans running over AT&T’s network and Verizon’s network are priced very well relative to the competition.
You’ll find a low-cost plan whether you’re looking for no data or unlimited data and the best news is, there’s no contract. If your needs change, so can your plan.

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