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✅ Pros

It is quite rare to find a hobby grade RC monster truck of such quality for this price.
Review Pros
Between the radio system, the steering servo, and the motor, the GEN8 is set up to provide you with solid performance right out of the box.
The ESC, Receiver and Servo’s are waterproof and great for rainy days, or fun in the mud.
The landings were smooth with no bottoming out.
The Redcat Racing Everest-10 features an electric motor with waterproof electronics and four-wheel drive.
At just 90 days, the Volcano EPX’s is actually among the ones with the longest warranty in our review.
I have no complaints about the radio system either. It’s provided plenty of range and adjustability for the situations I’ve driven this machine in.
It includes many upgrades not seen on other trucks at this price point.
It offers four wheel drive.
Redcat Racing also hosts active forums with a wide variety of topics.
The shocks are filled with aluminum capped oil.
We also found its four-wheel drive to be very useful and its independent suspension well balanced.
It is well assembled.
This truck is made from some seriously strong materials that have held up extremely well to our abuse.
It comes equipped with overheat and overvoltage protection.
It has aggressive racing tires with high-quality rims.
The unit has multi-link suspension.
The small size is also a bit of a plus – no need for massive spaces to run it.
It is waterproof.
Being a hobby grade truck Redcat offer replaceable and upgradable parts for the truck.
It is durable.
The weight distribution, from bumper-to-bumper, feels spot-on.
The unit comes ready to run out the box.
You can even upgrade parts for improved performance.
The Hobbywing ESC is waterproof which allows you to race the car in mud and in rain.
The huge tires handled the grass without any issues.
Not only are there plenty of “general” 1/10-scale upgrades available for the GEN8 (tires, wheels, bodies, etc), but Redcat Racing has also released a fair number of aftermarket parts for this crawler.
It’s also under the $100 mark which makes it super attractive for a first or second (or third) purchase.
This truck handles quite well on different terrains.
The chassis setup on the GEN8 is quite good for a box-stock R/C crawler.
It has off road capability.
The 4-wheel drive means that you get excellent traction.
Replacing the couple of parts that we managed to break was an extremely easy process.
The Volcano handled off-road terrain with comparative ease.
It is super durable no matter the location.
The body is made from polycarbonate material for high durability.
Climbs and side-hills like a champ.
It has adjustable ride height, rear wing, camber, and toe angle.
It’s an RTR – meaning you can just pull it from the box, charge the pack and go.
The truck can handle a lot of obstacles due to its clearance and multilink suspension.
I do like the fact that it’s a pretty meaty looking ride.
The stock 3300kv motor does a good job of getting the Camo X4 up to speed.
The harsher the terrain, the bigger the jumps, and the rougher the roads the more fun we always seem to have with it.
It is super-fast and highly responsive.
The aluminum oil filled shocks complete with bead locked tires help to give the truck the appropriate track and bite to climb rocks and obstacles.
Their level of service is excellent.
It has waterproof 60A ESC and high torque steering servo.
The electronics are waterproof.
Adjustable wheelbase is a nice feature.
The included 2CENR transmitter works great.
Portals are holding up well after 20+ hours of use.
Wheel and tire combo looks good.
It is steady on the ground.
It is versatile.
The X4 runs very quietly on the street.
It can turn at full speed on flat surfaces without suffering any flip.

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❌ Cons

Volcano only offers 7-10 minutes of runtime before the battery needs recharging.
Center skid needed a little filing before moving lower links into shorter wheelbase configuration.
At a maximum of 20 mph, the Volcano EPX is definitely not the fastest kid on the block.
Some users have found that the machine isn’t the best at sharp turns.
Receiver box could use some work. It is difficult to bundle the wires and then install the lid. Current design isn’t the most water resistant either.
Battery charging time is too long.
You will need AA batteries for the transmitter.
The remote control might be too complicated for young children.
The parts are plastic and break easily.
It isn’t really made for jumping.
I wish it included the LED retainers in the box.
Steering link and pan hard rod need to be on the same plane to eliminate bump steer.
The Volcano-16 comes with a 390 brushed motor and 800mAh Li-Ion pack, so I’m not quite sure how much ‘power’ this little truck will have.
It has shorter run time.
It’s combo receiver/ESC is also a downer – if you want to replace the power unit with brushless, you need to replace the radio system as well.
I wish it came with some LED lights of some kind.
The stock steering servo is a little slow.
While speed isn’t a defining factor for a rock crawler, you might want to know that this thing moves as fast as the typical walking speed of an adult.
Made from a memory foam material, these foams would take longer than normal to return to their original shape.
There is no provision for the charger for remote.
Run times are a little shorter than the SC10E for some reason.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
So far build quality and durability has been great. Run times are a little shorter than the SC10E for some reason (the big tires?), handling is decent but this is a tall and somewhat top heavy rig so smooth steering inputs are required if you want to keep the rubber side down. It’s a fun mix of crawler, jumper, drifter and all-around basher.
Redcat Racing’s Electric Volcano has a scratch-resistant polycarbonate body, but the beauty is more than skin deep. Waterproof electronics make this a perfect truck for down-and-dirty off road racing. Oil-filled aluminum shocks give it a stable ride.
All things considered, the Everest 10 is a great product, ideal for beginners, and packs enough excitement for experts. There isn’t much to the setup, but sometimes simplicity is key. There aren’t many obstacles you can put in front of this bad boy to slow him down.
Overall, I really enjoy driving this truck. It performs quite well, not just for an inexpensive entry into the world of scaling, but as a competitor for anything in its class. It has more steering than most of the competition and enough suspension to get you over most any obstacle without getting you into trouble in the process.
All in all, I would say that Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is a fantastic RC truck to have and makes the perfect first truck for a beginner. This is one monster truck that will give you a great bang for your buck.
Just thinking back to the fun that I’ve had with this rig makes me want to power down my computer, grab my GEN8, and head outside. Yep, I’m a fan. Even if there are areas where this vehicle could be improved, you’re starting out with a solid platform on which to build. At $299.99, that’s hard to beat.
The Redcat Everest-10 is a good entry to the hobby grade RC crawler with many parts that can be upgraded as time goes on. The truck is capable of handling most obstacles thrown at it and with its waterproof electronics can handle puddles and mud with ease.
The Redcat Racing Tornado is a beast that can comfortably dash through any environment-thanks to its extremely adjustable suspension. Stepping out with it gives you an incredible competitive edge over your peers. It’s a high performance RC car that’s equally affordable. The electric car is ready for showdown out of the box.
The Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is fast, stable and just plain fun to drive. Although many RC vehicles out there offer higher speeds and bodies more suited for racing, the Volcano’s large wheels and high clearance make it quite proficient in a wider variety of terrains. For this reason, it’s a great choice for those who just want to bash around with friends without getting too competitive.
What can we say? Six months later, the Kaiju keeps on going. It has showcased some top-notch durability and keeps bringing big smiles to our faces every time we take it out. Being a full-on basher and stunt truck, the only real limitation to we’ve found with Kaiju has been our own imaginations.
I do like the fact that it’s a pretty meaty looking ride – body is sharp (loving the LEDs as well), threaded shocks, wheel and tire combo looks good and it’s an RTR – meaning you can just pull it from the box, charge the pack and go.
If you’re looking for an RC that you can take out and bash on and off – road, that’s waterproof and is very affordable, we have no problem whatsoever recommending that you give the Volcano EPX a try.

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