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✅ Pros

The RLC-410 has a motion detection alert feature.
Review Pros
It has 64 GB Micro SD support for local storage.
It is easy to setup and install.
It can be used outdoors with a solar panel for complete wireless installation.
It is completely wireless.
It has simple setup.
It offers sharp 1080p video.
It offeres two-Way communication.
It has good daylight video quality.
There is ease of installation thanks to PoE.
4G connectivity lets you connect anywhere you get T-Mobile cellular service.
It offers basic CCTV kit at a great price.
It comes with professional desktop software.
It comes with motion detection alerts.
It is easy to operate with a large distance of viewing in daylight.
It comes with 33ft infrared night vision.
It offers good image quality.
It showed very few false alerts.
It is affordable.
It is durable.
It comes with color night-vision video.
It offeres fantastic day/night image quality.
You’ll be able to monitor everything via your mobile phone.
PIR is great for detecting people.
The application is pretty easy to navigate.
You don’t have to worry whether it will be affected in any way by harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or intense cold or heat.
They offer expansive suite of products and accessories.
It has local storage.
It comes with integrated Starlight night vision technology and IR sensor for motion detection.
PIR motion detection minimizes false alerts.
It offers stunningly good picture quality.
The camera also comes with a rubber skin you can slip over it for extra protection from the elements.
It is a great camera for the price.
No wires means no fuss.
It is compatible with several types of software.
It allows live view from phone or computer.
It has 4X optical zoom.
It comes with weatherproof jacket.
It has full wireless capability.
It offeres two rechargeable options for wireless recording.
The Reolink app provides real-time battery life data.
It has affordable price considering the added features.
Quality customer services are offered.
This Reolink RLC-410 allows you to capture all the details and clarify of what you are pointing it at by having an 80 degree viewing angle.
NVR records 4MP resolution at 30fps.
It is Indoor/Outdoor rated and safe.
It has pan, tilt and zoom features.
There is wealth of tweakable settings.
No contracts are required.
PIR motion detection minimizes false alerts.
Because it is on the cellular network, there is no need to open ports or firewall setting for access.
It has very flexible, interactive alarm scheduling.
It has reliable smartphone application.
Many customers also loved the POE connection for this great little security camera.
It offers two-way audio.
It is weatherproof.
It has 4G capability.
It has battery- and solar-powered cameras.
There is ONVIF feed for third party software if needed.
It has cute and compact design.
It is super cheap – bang for you buck.
It has flexible, easy installation.
NVR records audio from camera’s built-in mic.
It has an easy to setup and use.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported.
It is inexpensive.
It is great value for money.
This is an excellent product with night vision that is outstanding.
It’s IP65 certified weatherproof and has an operating temperature of 14° to 131°F.
Solar panel option enables continuous charging.
It is completely wireless.
The Reolink app puts all the Pro’s controls on the camera’s home screen beneath the live feed pane.
It uses the same Reolink application for people who have existing Reolink products.

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❌ Cons

Remote access platforms appear differently for every web browser.
It doesn’t integrate with other smart home devices.
Based on your provider, monthly costs for data-only 4G-LTE can be high.
App is a little confusing.
There is no wall mount.
It isn’t able to be adjusted into every conceivable position, and it is a little stiff.
Form factor is a bit bulkier than a standard bullet camera, but not overly big.
The Reolink RLC-410W isn’t the most flexible camera in existence.
It is expensive.
There is no way to re-route the film feed directly to your personal home without it going through the company server.
Micro SD Card is not included.
The servers route your security film through their company servers.
It has no Alexa support.
Siren isn’t loud.
There is no cloud storage.
It has basic design and build.
Alerts close down chats, live view, downloads and other app interactivity.
It also does not have sound on the camera.
There is no Wi-Fi option.
It doesn’t support Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT.
There is no advanced motion detection methods such as line/intrusion detection.
There is no talkback audio.
It doesn’t have smart home integrations.
It needs an SD card.
No labels of motion detection for continuous recording. Users will only know through notification alerts on application.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The versatile Reolink Argus 2 is a weatherproof indoor/outdoor security camera that doesn’t require any wires and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack.
This camera is expensive at $275 for the camera with the solar panel. At that price, I think it should also include WiFi capability and record all footage to the micro SD card. Even without those features, this camera is useful for people who need to keep an eye on their property and don’t want to deal with running cables for networking and power. But obviously, the wireless cellular convenience comes with a price tag.
With a five star rating among consumers this is a most excellent buy for the money when you are a beginner with security equipment. It is also an excellent camera to add to an already larger security system for added sight around your property.
For a mid-range security system, the Reolink RKL8-410B4 is very recommendable for people who wants to have an affordable type. It includes many features that are usually seen on more high-end security systems. Warranties are available too which are generally rated up to 2 years. Although there are drawbacks when it comes to the remote access, the overall quality of the product is good.
The RLC-511 offers fantastic image quality, ease of installation, and rock solid desktop software that can grow into an extensive security system, all at an affordable price. Local SD card recordings mean there are no ongoing storage costs, and the software can expand to as many cameras as you need without additional licenses. The lack of two-way audio and Alexa-support may be a deal breaker for some, but consider whether those are truly features you need in a security camera, or simply gimmicks.
Reolink took the best parts of its bullet camera shape, used the optics and sensors of the latest Reolink Argus 2, and gave us a new fully rechargeable and solar compatible security camera that does not require Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access; ever. This camera can literally be placed anywhere there is cell (4G-LTE) coverage and it does not require any servicing or physical access once it is deployed. In my opinion, that makes for quite an amazing and slick device.
I loved the design, the Reolink app, the picture quality/color, the two-way audio, the storage/recharge options, and the multi-use capabilities, but there were things lacking too.The speakers weren’t great, it lacks certain things that other cameras have such as smart home compatibility, and the low frame rates can cause significant video delays. On the other hand, you’re getting a lot for the low price tag. Cameras from Netgear, Arlo, and even Reolink’s own Argus 2 are more expensive and are better suited for more experienced tech consumers.
The Argus Pro isn’t a Nest rival. Nor an Arlo one. It doesn’t care for the upper echelons of smart security at all. It doesn’t know what an Alexa is, nor does it have any dealings with Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTTT or anything like that. It’s a no-nonsense, cheap-as-chips, indoor and outdoor security camera that basically needs a battery thrown in and then just gets on with its job. Go in with middling expectations and it won’t let you down.
The Reolink Go is another impressive security camera from a company that’s been pretty consistent in churning them out. The 4G connectivity is a great option for those living in a remote location or who needs to deploy the camera far from their home Wi-Fi network. As with any camera, the results you get will ultimately be only as good as your connection, so check T-Mobile’s coverage with your smartphone at whatever location you want to install this before you buy. If there’s a good signal, we recommend the Reolink Go without hesitation.
In keeping with the Argus ethos, the Pro doesn’t offer continuous recording or advanced security features like motion detection zones or facial recognition. Nor does it work with home automation services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or even IFTTT. If you a security camera with hose types of features, you’d be better served by a camera like Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2. If your needs and budget are more modest, then the Argus Pro is worth serious consideration. You’ll get a versatile camera with all the security essentials that’s a breeze to use and won’t strain your budget with ongoing cloud subscription fees.
Though Reolink’s cameras don’t carry every single bell or whistle, their ease of installation and intuitive functionality, combined with the features you really need, make these cameras and devices more than worthy of consideration. Particularly for those who need a 100% wireless setup, Reolink’s Argus 2, Argus Pro and upcoming Go simply can’t be beat at these price points. And once Reolink’s affordable cloud services are fully rolled out, the seamlessness and convenience will be second to none.
The Reolink C2 Pro offers good value, great imaging quality and a swathe of tweakable settings that will delight advanced smart home admins. It’s not the slickest camera around, and a lack of cloud recording is a big gap. We’d still go for Wyze Cam Pan over this device, but the Reolink C2 Pro remains a good pick.
The Reolink NVR is a surprisingly good CCTV kit for the money. Do not dismiss this kit simply because it is from Chinese brand you may not have hear of. You get a no-frills NVR which does the basics right, 4 good quality ONVIF compatible IP cameras at a super 4MP resolution, an easy setup process, and the benefit of free firmware updates for life. We especially liked the high quality videos the cameras can produce. If however, you need advanced features such as the ability to trigger an external alarm system, advanced motion detection methods, or redundant storage, this system is probably not right for you.
On a budget? The $130 Reolink Argus 2 delivers good-quality video, reliable monitoring and simple software. But you’ll have to put up with some annoyances.
What distinguishes this outdoor camera from other models with a price similar to this one, is the incredible 2560 x 1440 resolution and audio ability up to 15 feet.These features are not common in cameras at this price and therefore this camera scores a few bonus points with us. There are a few small disadvantages that this camera has according to some users, but its nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, users love this camera and it is a great camera for the price!

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