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✅ Pros

Guides are available for all expansions.
Review Pros
It utilizes efficient leveling strategies like the “dying trick.”
Being created by a group of top speed levelers, it’s not much surprise that it comes out on top for leveling.
It is a one-time purchase with an available free version.
I was able to level quickly and efficiently whilst giving the process very minimal attention and thought.
Rested XP is my personal choice of guides. And I would recommend them over Zygor for faster leveling, less grinding and evenly matched talent and gold making guides.
It is primarily known for being a leveling speed add-on.
It includes class training within the leveling guide.

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❌ Cons

Rested XP is the new kid on the block.
Big con for Rested XP is the Gold Assistant guides are a $5.99 a month sub, but you can get it much cheaper when buy a full year at once.
It focuses primarily on leveling speed, which may not cater to players interested in other WoW elements.
It doesn’t have the auto-gear equipping feature.

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Review Summaries
In conclusion, I feel that Zygor Guides & Rested XP for Wrath of the Lich King Classic are extremely useful at providing an unrivaled fast, fairly smooth, and efficient leveling experience. For casual players like myself who just want to rush to max level with as little input and decision-making as possible, potentially whilst watching Netflix while leveling, then you should probably also get the fastest leveling addon, Rested XP.
Rested XP emerged faster for leveling to level 12 as compared to Zygor in the challenge undertaken. However, considering the variety of guides Zygor offers beyond just leveling, both add-ons have their unique benefits. If a player is solely interested in quick leveling, Rested XP might be the preferable choice. However, if they’re looking for a comprehensive WoW experience, including aspects like gold-making or mount farming, then Zygor, despite its subscription model, might be a better fit. Players’ preferences will ultimately dictate which add-on wins the “war.”

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