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✅ Pros

It results in minimal tangles.
Review Pros
It allows me to blow dry my natural hair without brushing through my wet hair while I’m drying it.
It cuts down the drying time.
My hair reverted once I washed it and I was happy to see that I didn’t experience any heat damage due to the adjustable settings.
It’s insanely fast.
Each section of hair dries quickly.
My hair was extremely shiny after drying with zero product.
It’s a powerful product with a lot of sucking power through the wand.
SinceRevAir pulls heat away, you won’t be covered in sweat while trying to dry your hair or client’s hair.
This hair dryer can reduce the heat damage on your locks.
It works best on damp hair without any hair products.
The RevAir wand has three temperature control settings.
It took me one hour and four minutes to finish my entire head of thick type 4 hair and this would normally take me 2-3 hours with a traditional blow dryer.
The device also comes with a no-risk 30-day guarantee.
It is easier to use than blow dryer + straightener.
I found the volume levels comparable to my standard blow dryer.
There is less damage to hair.
RevAir uses a ‘Reverse-Air’ process, meaning the dryer keeps all the warmth within the wand rather than blowing it directly onto your scalp, making the experience sweat-free.
It claims to dry your hair three times faster than a normal blow dryer.
The air technology won’t damage hair like conventional hair dryers would and it will minimise hair drying time massively.
My hair did feel like I used heat on it, but I didn’t experience the “burnt hair” smell or the dryness that follows with using hot tools.
Thanks to the vacuum environment, you will not lose heat and airflow during the process of drying hair.
RevAir is not hot to the touch.
Before using a traditional blow dryer, you tend to detangle the hair first. This avoids you lingering the heat on portions of the hair while scraping through the strands with your styling tool.
There’s no more hot air burning your face and neck.
Your head doesn’t get hot like with traditional hair dryers, which is a huge issue for me normally.
Salon quality results in less time.
You can pay in installments if you like.
The REVAIR Reverse Air-dryer would help reduce damage by operating at a lower temperature.
It has the most features I’ve seen in a hair dryer.
It’s literally cool.
To maintain a beautiful straight look, you just need to insert the strands into the wand and let them dry in minutes.
REVAIR guarantees to dry the hair with reduced and even no-heat settings.
The RevAir is a super solid device.
I had no issues whatsoever with tangling or the wand pulling in hairs outside of the section placed in the unit as I had feared.
It was effortless to put the hair into the tube and little else needed to be done.
It is easy to use.
I also found you lost far less hair using the RevAir unit than with a traditional blow-dry.
Even you run the dryer on its highest heat, the wattage is only 800w.
It leaves your hair looking healthy, silky, smooth, and shiny.
There’s no need for heat protection or any styling aids when using RevAir.
You can dry hair using only one hand.
It’s less damaging than blowdrying.
Set up is a breeze.
My hair was much straighter.
It does a good job straightening and drying in one pass.
Your hair will not be damaged by heat and crazy airflow.
It applies minimally damaging heat to your hair, while straightening and smoothing out cuticles, giving you sleek, shiny hair.
My hair dried evenly and also straightened evenly.
There are no tools or attachments.
It results in minimal mechanical damage.
I have no concerns about heat damage because the temperatures are so low, yet effective.
There was absolutely no hair damage when using it.
The unit can be bought on its own or with accessories of your choice from the RevAir Website.
RevAir dries and straightens at the same time, leaving hair smooth and soft.
While all the parts of the dryer look complicated at first glance, it took less than five minutes for me to assemble it all.
You barely need any instructions.
It doesn’t require the additional help of a brush.
The hair is so soft and like you left a salon in half the time.
If you’re not in love with your product, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.
You can dry your hair in larger sections and you’ll still get smooth and sleek results.
It is easy to use.
Each purchase is supporting a small business.

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❌ Cons

It is loud.
It is larger than a standard blow-dryer and really isn’t a device I would travel with due to its size.
It’s pretty spendy.
RevAir is more for people with a looser curl pattern.
It’s definitely not a budget-friendly option compared with other dryers.
It is pretty sizable and heavy.
It requires maintenance of 2 filters & heat chamber cover.
It comes at a whopping price that will surely make a dent in your wallet.
The price for the RevAir is $399 for the total package and $349 for just the Hair dryer. Not cheap at all!
It produces a loud noise.
It’s really heavy.
The price of the product is the first con because let’s be real, $399 is a lot to pay for a hairdryer.
The reverse-air hair dryer will have a loud noise even you set it to the lowest speed.
It takes you 4 uses to get comfortable with the technique, airflow and heat settings.
The RevAir is very bulky and heavy.
The price is also heftier than your typical blow-dryer.
It is clearly unsuitable for travelling.
It’s expensive at £359.
The size of the base is large (9”x9.5”x10”).
The Revair is bulky.
The Revair is expensive.
The device is heavy and it takes up a lot of space once it’s installed.
The base is quite heavy and bulky.
The Reverse-Air Hair Dryer is a gigantic and bulky device almost as big as a regular vacuum.
It is pricey.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Revair is bulky. And it is loud. I cannot use it when others are nearby (next room) and sleeping. But neither of these issues reduces the Revair’s ability to very easily and quickly blow dry my natural hair with minimal tension, minimal mechanical damage, and minimal tangles.
For me, the time savings, the smoothing and straightening in one step, less hair loss, less damage and ease of use, would make the RevAir a worthwhile investment.
It’s super-ginormous, and basically it’s like a vacuum that sucks in your soaking-wet, fresh-from-the-shower hair into a big tube-like gizmo, and then spits it back out in mere seconds all soft, shiny and – most importantly – dry.
I think the RevAir is a great invention and I look at it as an investment. Work harder, not smarter is my motto and the RevAir allows me to achieve a blowout with minimal heat in a short amount of time. It’s great for moms that may have a few heads of hair to do at home and amazing for hairstylists in the salon. This product is a Godsend for gals with thick curly hair and I think everyone should give it a try at least once.
The REVAir is a 2-in 1 Hairdryer and hair straightener. It’s supposed to work on every hair type from straight to super kinky coily hair. And save you a whole lot of time in the drying and straightening process.
Although RevAir can work on any hair type the results will vary. Straight hair types could easily use the RevAir as a styler. While curly and kinky hair types will benefit from less stressy wash days, quicker dry time and no heat damage. There is also less chance of hair damage from over manipulation, pulling and tugging with a barrel brush. For a complete look, straighteners, twists or Bantu Knots with light styling products would be required depending desired look.
I am seriously impressed by the product, and the end result. Yes, it’s expensive at £359, but it’s an investment, and I personally have hair tools for years so I would definitely get this.
RevAir is bulky and huge. Set up is a breeze. There was absolutely no hair damage when using it. However, RevAir is more for people with a looser curl pattern.
While it sucks out all the water from your wet hair, the device also leaves it looking stretched, straight, and smooth. However, this hair dryer is not free from any drawbacks. It is an expensive grooming and styling tool, so you need to consider the many features before purchasing the product.
Overall, Vicki thought the RevAir was fairly badass. She would have considered buying it if she was already aware of how well it worked and the conveniences it afforded her but also feels that she can’t comfortably enjoy it with the small bathrooms in our home.
While the product itself falls into the luxury beauty category when it comes to the cost, the benefit of saving time, and saving damage to your hair is totally worth it for many.
Revair Reverse-Air hair dryer is a cutting edge model that can completely change your drying method and drying experience. If you have pretty long & thick hair that is hard to dry, using this dryer may surprise you.
The $400-plus price tag is nearly half my rent, and the dryer is bigger than I would prefer. But the RevAir could be an investment if you have an extremely difficult time styling your strands, enabling you to get more sleep and have great hair.
It is particularly great for people who blow dry their hair often. Even if you don’t, the no heat setting may be a better option than air-drying according to this study. The device also comes with a no-risk 30-day guarantee and you can pay in installments if you like. Interest-free! Additionally, the dryer comes with a year warranty if you register within the first 30 days of purchase.
Overall a great product. I’m glad I finally tried it and will continue to use it regularly as I’m planning to blow dry my hair more throughout the colder months here in New York.

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