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✅ Pros

It offers fast acceleration.
Review Pros
There is a wide variety of sizes & styles to choose from.
It is a sleek looking bike.
It comes with high spec with quality components.
The T800 and T1000 high-grade carbon frames are aerodynamic with truncated tubes. The tubing shape helps riders to maintain speed as they go.
It is a more affordable alternative to many of the bank-breaking ebikes.
It focuses on nailing the basics, without faffing with fancy extras.
The battery uses very high quality Panasonic NCR18650GA cells which are renowned for reliability and longevity.
The frame also comes with the capacity to switch between mechanical or electronic groupsets, all of which are routed internally.
They allow riders to customize the bike.
It comes with aero without the discomfort.
The CGR AL e is available in many different options, which can be configured using the ‘Ribble bike builder’ option.
It has fantastic spec for the price.
It is eautifully designed and expertly finished with a high-end feel.
It has corrosion and scratch-proof finish.
Despite its sporty stance, the AL e is a real easy rider, offering a smooth and stable feel on the road.
The first thing to note about the frame is its lightweight credentials: weighing a claimed 840g in a medium.
It is incredibly versatile and ideal for short or long rides.
It holds its speed very well.
They provide some of the best, award-winning bikes.
The alloy frame is incredibly well finished, with smooth welds and a deep gloss paint finish.
It is way cheaper than rivals.
They offer fair price with a direct-to-customer model.
Flexible financing options are available.
Custom colors are available.
Their products come with 3-year warranties
Ribble and Orbea were a couple of the first bike manufacturers to notice the benefits of such a lightweight and integrated system.
It allows smooth ride.
The CGR AL e is designed to be a dual purpose bike, that can be used as a regular bike or e-bike whenever the rider feels like some extra assistance.
It offers beautiful glide ride.
Ribble’s Bike Builder is a key highlight and allows you to build this up exactly as you’d like.
It tacks really well in fast, flowing corners.
It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
It is easy to ride and use every day.
The D-shaped seatpost and dropped seatstays offer compliance over rough tarmac. They increase the bike’s aerodynamics.
Ribble specs the bike with a Prologo saddle. Experts agree this is a comfortable choice for long days in the saddle.
They offer a wide array of bikes of all disciplines.
The SL is a super-stiff bike that’s able to really manoeuvre underneath you as you give it the beans.
It is fast when up to speed.
It has stylish and practical design.
Ribble has offered a six-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
The front end and BB areas both felt plenty stiff enough without being too harsh.
It has sweet detailing.
Once you’ve got the hang, this versatile steed proves itself a fantastically accessible all-rounder.
The cables are cleanly routed in the frame. Cable rattle is not an annoyance, according to testers.
You can build your own bike.
It comes with rack and guard mounts.
Mavic Ksyrium Elites are an excellent choice for the money here.
The build quality is good. The finish is very tidy with no errant bits of carbon inside.
It offers responsive ‘relaxed road’ handling.
The Ribble Endurance SL is available with rim or disc brakes.
Their bike offer a great balance of comfort, handling, and stability.
It comes with an array of wheel and groupset options.

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❌ Cons

Switching between power levels takes a little practice with the single button.
It is on the heavier side.
You’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the LED colour coding of each function to understand remaining battery life.
Like all e-bikes, its expensive.
Seatpost system needs attention.
There is no display other than the LED color.
It has narrow bar.
It is heavy compared with regular bikes in its price bracket.
Ribble Bikes are somewhat more expensive than your typical bike or e-bike.
App needs work.
Mavic Aksium wheels are specced on some models. They are heavy compared to some other road bike wheelsets.
Confusing instruction manual doesn’t quickly explain button modes.
There is distinct lack of colour options.
Accelerations at speed were fine, but jumping out of slow corners felt a touch sluggish.
The bike is heavier than others in the endurance road bike category.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Ribble Endurance SL R is a stylish bike with an excellent turn of pace, a mouth-watering spec for an impressive price. Whilst not carrying the promised aero uplift and detailed R&D behind the new Ultra, the SL R is rapid without being unconventional. Low weight hasn’t been prioritised, and as such, the Endurance SL R can suffer on some of the steepest climbs. Despite that, this bike represents phenomenal value for an outstanding race bike.
The Ribble CGR Ti provides the gliding ride that is expected from titanium resulting in a luxurious-feeling and looking machine that’s fast and engaged enough to double up as both a road- and off-road option.
Equipped for commuting and leisure alike, Ribble’s classy hybrid rides easy and far at a price that’s among the fairest in this list
The Ribble SL has a lot of potential as a climbing bike, given the speed and aggression with which it can climb in this 7.32kg test build (for a size large), despite the relatively simple mid-range Mavic Ksyrium wheels. Put simply it’s a very capable bike when you put the effort in to ride it quickly, and it’s customisable to the build you want it in, too.
If you’re in the market for an electric bike for more than just commuting, this could be just the ticket. The Ribble CGR AL e is just as happy on a rough trail as a tarmac road, and its smooth motor assistance and super speedy acceleration make riding a joy. It’s just a shame the app can’t keep up.
The Ribble CGR AL e remains one of my favourite all-round electric gravel bikes. It’s competitively priced when compared with the competition and the fact you can customise the spec to suit your individual needs is a bonus. The Ribble is the number one choice on my list of the best electric gravel bikes because it’s a comfortable, well-built and capable machine that handles well.
The Endurance name is slightly misleading. It’s more of a comfortable race bike than an endurance bike. But that makes it fast and fun to ride without the harshness usually associated with such bikes. Ribble’s Bike Builder is a key highlight and allows you to build this up exactly as you’d like. That customisation does seem to add a little cost over its rivals, but I’d say that it’s money well spent.
The Ribble Endurance SL is a carbon road bike. It is race-ready and great for long distances. Its geometry is aggressive. This allows riders to speed up climbs and bomb descents. Disc models are available in three colors. One can deviate to different color tones on their bike using Ribble’s customization tools. It is a bit heavier than competitors. Experts are impressed by features including the threaded bottom bracket, fender mounts, aerodynamic tubing and internally routed cables.
There’s no denying the Ribble Hybrid AL e is expensive, with prices starting at £2,199, but so is every other e-bike. There’s currently no such thing as a bargain e-bike, so unfortunately you will have to fork out. That said, for the money, the Hybrid offers a lot. The Mahle Ebikemotion X35 electric motor is not the most powerful on the market, but its 250 watt output is impressive especially when you consider its size and light weight.
Ribble accomplishes the seemingly impossible by not only offering a huge amount of bang for your buck, but also in creating a race-worthy bike that’s also surprisingly comfortable over long distances. This thing can do everything.
Established in 1897, Ribble Cycles is currently the largest online bicycle seller that provides bikes all around the world. The brand specializes in applying road-tested frames from the Far East for all of their customer-specified bike packages. As a result, Ribble bikes offer outstanding value for money among various other competitors.
Each Ribble bike is crafted in its own unique way, with a variety of build styles and options to suit the rider. In this way, the brand is a fantastic investment, and entirely worthwhile. With their durable and performance-savvy design options, you won’t just be investing in a bike, you’re investing in a lifestyle that will benefit you beyond the price tag.

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