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✅ Pros

It helps children develop excellent number sense through a variety of carefully-selected visuals.
Review Pros
Simple, easy-to-follow, short lessons don’t leave you scrambling to fill in explanations but can also easily springboard into deeper extension topics.
With Right Start , there’s a “warm up” session everyday that does a quick verbal Q & A to help solidify the previous couple lessons.
RightStart uses a highly-scripted teacher’s manual that tells you exactly what to do in each lesson.
There is a focus on deep learning rather than rote memorization.
In RightStart, you teach the child to understand a concept, not just memorize it.
There’s a 60 day money back guarantee.
Some moms report that they only spend fifteen or twenty minutes on each RightStart lesson.
Worksheets are few and far between.
There is 30 – 40 min time frame for each lesson.
RightStart involves really exploring math topics with your child- which I love and appreciate about the program.
It aims to take the student to ability levels above the national average.
Each lesson begins with a short warm up section that is a review.
RightStart also helps kids build computational fluency through frequent games.
The use of songs and rhymes helps when memorization is called for (with days of the week or months of the year, for example),
I love the manipulatives.
It is a thorough and conceptual math program.
The lack of written practice can be a draw to Right Start for many children.
It is very well-rounded approach that integrates many different topics into each level.
They teach things in Level A that public school children might now learn until grade 1 or 2.
The lessons introduce topics incrementally, such as teaching skip counting and having a child recognize the patterns in the skip counting before progressing to more difficult multiplication with those numbers.
Right Start is easy to each.
One of the best parts of Right Start math is that it didn’t feel like learning to my children.
It is super hands on.
The teacher’s manual is easy to follow and often contains pictures and illustrations to walk the teacher through using the manipulatives or demonstrating the lessons.
If you, as the parent get stuck, their customer service is great.
They “drill” facts without being joy sucking drill sergeants is by playing math games.
The program uses manipulatives, an abacus, and teaching aids such as part-whole circles to demonstrate the concepts.
It is an inductive approach to learning that encourages critical thinking.
It offers step-by-step and easy to understand lessons.
There are lots of engaging games.
Lessons and practice are activity-rich.
I love that the teacher lessons are laid out really clearly.
The Math Card Games book is enormous and offers so many ways to practice concepts in the lessons.
Many of the lessons also had a short fact page worksheet that had practice problems for multiplication facts.
I found the math worksheets and journal to be useful and laid out in a way that made it easy for my child with large print to write.
The RightStart manipulatives are useful and can be helpful even if you are using a different math curriculum.
It provides a thorough understanding of math.
My kids enjoy how hands-on it is.
The Rightstart Math program is well suited for visual and kinesthetic learners who prefer interactive sessions over workbooks and drills.
It has rigorous but approachable math curriculum.
It has something for every type of learner.
It is aligned with common core standards.
It’s perfect for kiddos that are hesitant to try things that make them feel dumb.
Guided lessons tell me exactly what to say.
Right Start Math was an obvious choice for me because it included manipulatives for the student to be engaged actively in the lesson.
The Facebook group I’ve joined is awesome.
The games book is actually very helpful.
The corners cards are unique and engaging.
The lessons are scripted out for you so there is little prep work.
Unique and skill-focused games are available to support almost every lesson.
The teacher’s manual lists out exactly what you’ll need for each lesson.
Right Start Math presents concepts in a very non-traditional order.
It is interactive for the student.
It encourages creative and flexible problem solving.
The guided lessons for the parent allow me to read exactly what they have for me.
It focuses on concepts not just the rules.
A game book is available that describes the games you can play to reinforce the lesson.
RightStart helps children build computational fluency through careful development of the standard algorithms.
It is game based.
Right Start does a great job teaching math concepts with manipulatives.
With Right Start, the worksheets are few and far between and certainly don’t have a ton of similar problems.
We love the card games! They make reviewing basic math facts fun.
The variety of manipulatives mean there are multiple methods that can be used when learning a concept.
If your child enjoys lots of variety in their lessons then this would be an excellent choice.
It is interactive, hands-on learning with plenty of manipulatives.

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❌ Cons

Because it is so teacher intensive, you need to plan to be present for the entire math session, especially in the early years.
Using the abacus to teach multi digit addition and subtraction in level B was very confusing for my child.
In order to teach a concept in multiple ways, the lessons frequently jump from one activity to another. This was hard for my son to change modes so often during a lesson.
$210 worth of manipulatives means lots of math stuff to pull out for lessons and contain between lessons.
There are lots of manipulatives.
This non-traditional approach means homeschool educators should expect to be heavily involved in each lesson.
If you want a digital version of the worksheets, expect to pay more.
RSM is pretty teacher intensive.
This program is also more expensive than a simple workbook-based curriculum.
Use of manipulatives and games can mean there is more to keep track of for parents.
It is teacher intensive.
Right Start is expensive the first year because you will need to buy these manipulatives.
The initial start up cost is a lot.
It does involve one-on-one time between the parent and child.
It’s not a super colorful or fun/cutesy curriculum.
Parents used to a more traditional approach to math may want to read up on methodology and philosophy first.
It was really tricky trying to figure out which books cover which grade level content.
Because of the manipulatives kit that is needed, it pricey for the first year.
I disliked the included paper fraction pieces and ended up ordering a sturdy plastic set from Amazon to teach the fraction lessons.
The biggest hurdle I had when first purchasing was the price of the manipulative kit.
Manipulative use can increase purchase price of program.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Math isn’t always the most fun or interesting subject for students to learn.But with its rigorous, yet approachable, multisensory teaching methods, and lots of interesting hands-on activities and fun card games to help reinforce and practice the learning, RightStart math can go a long way in helping students develop strong math skills with a minimum of tears.
It is good for a child who is a visual learner and inquisitive, as well as an educator who likes to be actively involved in homeschool lessons.
I’m super happy with our decision to switch to Right Start Math . It’s given my boys such a solid foundation and kept things enjoyable. I’m so very thankful!
I recommend it to everyone. The initial start up cost is a lot! Granted, you get the entire set of maniupulatives you’ll need. But it’s still a lot. It as a major purchase for us, that took some of the kids birthday money and some savings. But after having used it for three years I love it and would spend it again. It’s been worth every penny in my mind.
We are almost done with Right Start Math for Curly. After she completes Level E and Fractions she will only have the Geometry level left. I’m so sad to be at the end of the Right Start programs for Curly. This is my favorite, favorite math program.
If you can afford the time and money required to teach RightStart, the program provides an excellent introduction to math and helps set children on the path to becoming capable and confident at math. It’s a great program for a child who likes conversational, hands-on learning and for a parent who has the time for lots of one-on-one instruction.
Right Start Math has been a blessing for our family! I truly enjoy doing the hands-on math lesson with my girls. I love that it focuses on conceptual understanding, mental math and the flexibility of numbers. This is a problem I will continue to encourage others to seek out for their child’s homeschool math curriculum.
The value you’ll get from all the elements provided in every lesson is invaluable and will save you money you won’t have to spend on a Math tutor later.
Both programs (RightStart & MUS) are excellent- you really can’t go wrong with either one! Ultimately, I think it depends on your child’s learning style and your teaching style.
I am so happy we went with RightStart Math and I think it’s a fantastic program! I highly recommend you take a look at it as you’re deciding what math curriculum you want to do with your child.
RightStart Mathematics is one of the most unique math programs on the market. It is a comprehensive math program that teaching at your child’s ability level, not grade level. RightStart was inspired by observing the differences between Japanese classroom learning and United States classroom learning. As a result, this curriculum uses many aspects of Asian mathematics programs.
I feel like Right Start is really strong on teaching conceptual skills with math manipulatives. It is also very strong on geometry and measurement skills. I know a lot of homeschooling families love Right Start, but it ended up not being a great fit for my children.
Right Start is easy to each! I personally do not prep at all before lesson time. I love that each lesson is spread over two pages (and only two pages!). It’s easy on the eyes and the brain.
Right Start Math incorporates manipulatives and games to make learning math fun and through that, it really helps students understand mathematical concepts.

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