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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

RingCentral allows conference calling.
Review Pros
The wizard also presents a page where users can download free softphones for Windows, Macs, iOS and Android, and RingCentral’s Windows softphone is simply the best.
RingCentral Office and Professional offer 30-day trial offers for those that are unsure whether or not the product will fully fit their business needs.
Between the in-office system and the app, employees can take calls and access recordings from anywhere.
The RingCentral professional applications integrate with 110+ well-known desktop and mobile apps.
Participants can join by tapping their text message invitation without having to enter the meeting phone number or access code.
It offers a good list of some of RingCentral’s popular integrations.
The mobile app, available on Android and iOS, allows employees to make and receive calls on their cell phone using their business number.
It has tons of features.
They also offer internet fax services so you can send or receive faxes online.
It offers Business SMS, Call Park and Intercom.
24-hour customer support is available 7 days per week for those with 2 or more users.
RingCentral Office is a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system that is easy to implement and use.
Users who gave RingCentral a positive review raved about its robust functionalities such as screen sharing and instant messaging.
Automatic call recording is also available.
It is easy to configure.
It allows clever team messaging/collaboration.
It has plenty of pricing options.
RingCentral Office offers unlimited virtual conferencing minutes.
It comes with new AI integrations.
Creating users doesn’t get any easier as you can do it manually or import them from Active Directory.
RingCentral also gives you an option to either rent or purchase your phones.
Reporting is top-notch.
The user platform for this service is clean cut and straightforward.
The online portal even has help and support videos on the home page.
Custom greeting messages are created using the web portal’s recording feature which allows you to use a phone, your PC’s microphone or uploaded WAV and MP3 files.
The intuitive dashboard and ease of setup makes it extremely easy to update your configuration as your business grows and users are added.
RingCentral employs a seven-layer security process that monitors every aspect of the system.
It offers versatile, advanced call handling features.
You can keep your current number.
With RingCentral, adding new users to the system is a simple process.
You can bring your own device.
Interested users can sign up for a 15-day free trial on their website.
Mobile Apps are available.
Customer support is available 24/7 for all customers that have two or more users.
RingCentral has a good reputation for excellent conference calling features.
If you have more than 10,000 users, you can contact their sales team for custom pricing.
Your business can use RingCentral’s customizable platform to integrate with any other system you are running.
The ability to transfer your current number makes integrating any existing services with RingCentral that much easier.
It offers integration to SalesForce.
Support contact options include 24/7 phone service and a live chat tool.
RingCentral has you covered when it comes to customer service and support.
It comes with many integration options.
The dashboard reporting tools offer solid, at-a-glance figures and graphs that show phone system activity.
Customers can pay monthly while yearly contracts offer a 38% price reduction.
The system offers a number of tools that make working with others easier, such as video and audio conferencing.
Unlimited conferencing is allowed.
Ringcentral owns its own hardware and software platform.
RingCentral offers phone support to all users 24/7.
24/7 customer support is available.
RingCentral website offers a wealth of info in its FAQ and knowledge base along with video tutorials and articles to ensure your VoIP account is running smoothly.
This service does provide other valuable features, such as a softphone, conference calling and call transfer.
Users also commended the chrome extension and video conferencing features of the software.
To reach help and support, you have the option of contacting the company through live chat and email for basic questions.
15-day risk-free trial is offered.
All Office plans have unlimited calling and rather surprisingly they do not set an upper limit.
RingCentral is one of the only virtual phone systems to allow SMS texting straight from your business number.
RingCentral offers a 30-day trial for any of their pricing plans.
It has very deep feature set of VoIP and business communication capabilities.
RingCentral’s online portal brings a ton of convenience to the table.
It has mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.
It has mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.
RingCentral boasts 99.9999% uptime, making this a reliable pick for businesses that can’t afford to be out of touch.
It offers Outlook and SFDC integration for premium and enterprise plans.
RingCentral offers a variety of pricing levels.
There are plenty of up-front answers to frequently asked questions on the website.
RingCentral offers customers a wide variety of service plans that will fit your budget.
Glip apps are available for Mac and Windows desktops plus iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or higher devices.
It offers free implementation advisor on 2+ user RingCentral Office Plan.
If you decide to sign up with RingCentral for your VoIP phone service, you have the option of paying month-to-month with no contract, or you can use a multiyear contract setup.
It is a network with infrastructure in Europe, the US, and Asia.
It offers unlimited domestic calling and texting.
RingCentral offers customers access to the Glip app, a business chat solution that looks a lot like Slack.

❌ Cons

The lack of unlimited toll-free minutes is disappointing.
Missing some features found in competing solutions.
Essentials, is only available for up to 10 users.
Your company may be identified in marketing material as being a user of its service.
Several integration issues happened during testing.
There is no home phone service.
If you sign up on a month-to-month basis the price jump can be significant.
It does not allow for “operator-assisted” calls.
Yealink desk phones required manual configuration.
There are also mixed reviews about the efficiency and helpfulness of their customer support team.
It has complicated system manager.
It has a confusing pricing policy.
At $34.99 per user, per month for the Premium plan, it’s definitely a bit more expensive than other VoIP services that offer comparable features.
This service lacks a world plan and even calls to Puerto Rico cost extra.
One issue that gives us a slight concern is the number of complaints filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau.
Some users reported issues like lagging, despite having sufficient data and a stable internet connection.
Not all customers reported issues, but several noted that the mobile calls had poor call quality.
They eliminated unlimited minute Professional plans.
Essentials only includes 100 phone minutes in the monthly plan.
It is not the cheapest of VoIP providers.
RingCentral does not offer any contracts.
It charges 4.99/mo to add dial-by-name on RingCentral Pro plan.
They have had a relatively large number of complaints filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
Users who gave RingCentral a negative review reported issues like lagging when on average data and internet connection.
It charges $2.99/mo to add additional virtual extensions.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Ringcentral service really is impressive. It caters for businesses of all sizes, and is reasonably priced. Just be careful when you look at pricing as the really low pricing usually requires a one year contract to be signed.
A staple product in the VoIP market, RingCentral Office is widely used for a number of different reasons. For one, it has an abundance of calling features neatly packed into an assortment of plans suiting businesses of all sizes. On top of that, the setup process is impressively accessible.
Easily our Editor’s Choice pick, RingCentral Office (for Business) brings it all for a cloud PBX solution, including artificial intelligence integration and a plethora of additional capabilities like faxing and video conferencing as well as custom application development and integration.
RingCentral offers a wide variety of options for businesses in need of virtual phone system services. From their extreme flexibility to unique integration capabilities, RingCentral is ideal for businesses and professionals that want to take their communications to the next level.
RingCentral offers a cloud-based VoIP option that is packed with features ideal for the growing business. From call handling to video conferencing, you’ll find everything you need in this scalable VoIP solution.
Overall, we found RingCentral to be a useful service though it doesn’t offer the calling plans we were looking for and only offers plans based on rates per minute. If you need to place multiple international calls on a regular basic then RingCentral will not be the best plans for you, but if you only place calls sporadically and don’t want to spend money on an international calling plan, RingCentral could be a good choice.
RingCentral plans are packed with features you’ve come to expect, like call management, voicemail and greetings, internet fax, a fully-functional cloud-based PBX, web phone features, and mobile apps. If you are looking for a stable, market-leading partner that offers a very wide range of desirable features at good price points, RingCentral is a great option.
RingCentral is a feature rich VoIP phone system. Users can not only make and receive calls, but also use functions such as call diverting, callback, and call conference through their internet connection.
RingCentral will work for any business who wants to start with a standard, inexpensive plan and move up as needed. There are a variety of options, tools, and resources that make the phone system work whether you need to have a reliable phone conference system or the ability to do a variety of other things with this technology.
From its website to setup of the product itself, RingCentral delivers a smooth yet powerful experience that makes it a joy to use. It may not be the cheapest of VoIP providers but the range of functionality and integration with most popular business software has made it a leading light in the VoIP industry. From small businesses to enterprise-level, RingCentral is great for the modern workforce.
SMEs that want the best cloud VoIP services won’t find a better alternative to RingCentral Office. It’s easy to deploy and manage, call handling features are outstanding and it all comes at a very competitive price.
RingCentral is a great choice for small businesses that need a reliable voice service. Between the fair pricing and the wealth of features, it’s one of the best VoIP options around. The platform offers a good selection of features, a solid combination of basic calling features and modern communication methods like business texting and integrations. Since the customer service record isn’t perfect, we recommend taking the free trial before committing long term.
RingCentral is definitely a recommended brand for VoIP services. Not only has the company proven itself with a large customer base, and a good amount of business experience; it also offers flexibility and transparency that are sure to please.
RingCentral Office is a robust cloud-hosted VoIP unified communication system that combines voice calling, messaging and online meetings. It requires no equipment to install, is easy to use, and offers all of the calling, collaboration and mobile features businesses of all sizes will value. These include automated attendants, voicemail-to-email, ring groups, conference calling that can support hundreds of participants at a time, instant messaging and online meetings that allow screen sharing.
RingCentral is on the top of the VoIP systems’ food chain for very good reasons. Still, we wouldn’t say this VoIP provider is without flaws: our biggest concern is the tad complicated phone system manager that can scare first-time users. We also think the built-in softphone is quite lackluster, while the app forces users to download separate solutions to be able to use certain features on the move. But when it comes to everything else: RingCentral came, saw and conquered.