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✅ Pros

One of our favorite features is being able to plan an itinerary with friends and family by sharing access with them.
Review Pros
Another cool features of Roadtrippers is the handcrafted travel guides.
You can put in your start and end locations and they will tell you everything to see on your road trip.
The Roadtrippers app allows offline maps, which is essential when your road trip takes you through remote locations where there’s no cell signal.
Roadtrippers covers destinations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Having tested the app for this Roadtrippers review, we found that it’s super simple to use.
Once on the road, the app provides some handy information such as traffic conditions and detour suggestions.
I love using the outdoors & recreation category to discover nearby parks and hikes to stretch my legs during long road trips.
The app can also display an array of suggestions for stops, from hotel suggestions to must-visit landmarks.
You can try the Roadtrippers app first with a free version.
You can find a listing of places with any theme from amusement parks to diners to specific types of accommodation.
They’re very open to feedback and they respond to every review on the app store.
There is a free iPhone app that allows you to sync the trips you have made on the website and explore what’s around you.
Aside from the Extraordinary Places, Roadtrippers makes it easy to find all kinds of stops along your road trip route.
I’ve come across interesting destinations and attractions in this app that I don’t think I’d have found otherwise.
There’s a tremendous amount of information on things to see and do in the area.
Roadtrippers is one tool that easily helps me find those places of interest to add to our itinerary.
The program calculates mileage, drive time, and estimates gas prices between stops, and as a trip total.
Each stop has other (users) traveler’s photos, Yelp reviews, as well as the official information available online for each stop.
It offers directions to some of the best destination places in the U.S.
You can save your routes and share them with friends.
It offers interactive maps for iPhone and iPad with rich content.
It has a beautifully designed website that is relatively easy to use.
The app simplifies travel planning by streamlining many useful functions like mapping, budgeting, booking, and navigation in one place.
This road trip planning tool gives you the ideal route from point A to point B.
When you use the “Load trip onto map” feature, it shows top suggested stops within a range (0-50 miles – user selected) of your route.
Its intelligent AI calculates the average time it would require to visit certain places so that you can judge if the place is valuable for your time or not.
The app has all the right features that make it easy to plan a road trip.
This app helps users organize stops along the route.
Being able to see what’s happening along our route in real-time is so helpful.
It allows you to leave comments and reviews.
It provides detours that can be explored in a short time and those which would require more time to fully experience.
Having the ability to download maps for offline use is priceless when you spend time in places where the cell service is sparse.
If you’re using Plus, you can access discounts and deals on many hotels and restaurants when booking via the app.
There are impressive deals on lodging and dining.
Information on traffic conditions, duration of the journey, the safety level of neighborhoods you are visiting, and first-hand user reviews of hotels you book can add up to a comfortable tripping experience.
It also has a recommendation system that suggests places and sights to visit
Users can also use it to get trip inspirations, city maps, and tourist places.
One fun quality of Roadtrippers is the 8 million points of interest in its massive database.
What makes this app different from others is that it even shows many lesser-known attractions that could not be found elsewhere.
There is a huge list of guides with varying themes such as Route 66, Mad Science, Horrorville, USA and many more.
The Roadtrippers app makes planning as fun as the actual trip.
It allows up to 150 stops with Plus.
Travelers can make short detours on their way to discover and experience these hidden gems to make their trip more memorable.
It can also integrate with other navigation apps.
The app is packed full of information about stops along the way including tourist attractions, landmarks, hidden gems, visitor centers, rest areas, travel guides, and more.
It is easy-to-use with simple workflow.
There is info about estimated gas cost, attractions and stops along the way, traffic conditions, safety info, visitor reviews, offline maps, plus dining and hotel discounts all right in the app.
I can explore road trip recommendations, locate accommodations, read reviews, and more.
I love that when I add or remove a stop, it automatically reroutes and calculates the fastest route for me.
It’s fun to browse the full list of Extraordinary Places to see what landmarks made the cut.
Along with displaying accommodation, dining, and activities in well-known cities, Roadtrippers offers many suggestions in areas off the beaten track so you’ll find things to do wherever you’re driving.

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❌ Cons

The service has auto-renewal, so you must remember to disable renewal (in profile settings) if you do not want to purchase Roadtripper Plus again.
You have to pay for a whole year, even if you’re only planning for one trip.
Although the Roadtripper app promises you an inbuilt turn-by-turn navigation feature, it’s not user-friendly enough to use it.
There’s also no monthly subscription option, only a yearly subscription.
Although you have the option of changing the selected route manually, it’s far from easy.
For longer trips and collaborative functionality, you’ll need a $29.99 per year subscription to Roadtrippers Plus.
Although there are more than 50,000 attractions, there is much more to see and do in the USA.
Having the ability to add a waypoint from GPS coordinates would be beneficial.
It is only available for U.S.-based users.
I wish there were more reviews and photos.
Some users have complained of maps being outdated with suggestions on restaurants and hotels that have been shut down or relocated for some time.
Even though the app has data for traveling in other countries, the app is primarily built for USA and Canada travelers.
GPS use could quickly drain device battery.
As with any app, there’s always room for improvement.
The website only plans your road trip in the USA – there is no Canadian content at this time although they are looking into adding Canada and the UK.
The paid version costs an annual subscription fee of $29.99, which is expensive if you aren’t a frequent road tripper.
The guides are not available on the iPhone app.
While you can plan basic routes worldwide, Roadtrippers is tailored toward those in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
We do wish there were a few more waypoints on the free plan.
The free version of the app only allows trip planning up to 7 waypoints which is like nothing.
The $29.99 per year fee is high for trip planner software like Roadtrippers.
The website has a few little bugs that may leave you scratching your head as to how to clear the screen or add/remove items from your trips.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Check out the Roadtrippers Trip Planner to plan everything from the major parts of your road trip down to the tiniest stops!
After trying all the different road trip planning apps, yes, we would say Roadtrippers is one of the best if not the best route planning app. And at $29.99, it’s an affordable price to try it for a year.
It makes planning our road trips easy, fun, and exciting. But, most importantly, it’s the tool we need on trips to help us navigate without stress, change our plans on the fly, and still enjoy the journey from the passenger – or the driver’s – seat.
Roadtrippers makes planning a trip so easy and fun! Even while we were still on our trip, I started planning several other trips that we want to do in the future, and I could switch out of the current trip to work on another trip for awhile.
Roadtrippers is one of the most popular tools dedicated specifically to road trips. This road trip planning tool gives you the ideal route from point A to point B.
Roadtrippers is one of the most popular travel planning apps in the United States. It offers an easier way for travelers to plan their itineraries. If you are planning a road trip across the U.S., then Roadtrippers is a good app for you.
It’s great that it is free and it features a lot of things you would never find on Google Maps without knowing specifically what you are looking for. The website is great not only for planning trips including where to stay but also for adding things to your bucket list – places you hope to visit someday. I cannot wait until the site includes Canada.
It can be a great planning resource if you’re in a car or know the areas well enough to safely drive your RV there. You’ll easily find plenty of fun and exciting activities to do along your route. We love that this app also gives live traffic conditions, which is missing from the RV Trip Wizard GPS.
There is always something extraordinary lying nearby, we just need to open our eyes and look for them. Roadtrippers is one of the best planning apps not only because it shows you all the attractions and places. Nah! That could also be done by viewing Google Maps. What makes Roadtrippers best is the convenience that it provides in giving you the details so that you can experience your road trips in full.
Our verdict of the Roadtrippers app review is that its a great app for travelers, specifically road trippers, who embark on road trip adventures frequently. The road trip planner app has an exciting appeal and is very easy to use! However, there are many major downsides to using Roadtrippers.
Overall, we think that the app can be a great addition to your road trip planning. This is especially true if you want to discover new places and make multiple stops instead of driving A to B.

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