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✅ Pros

Robo gets high marks for the C2’s design.
Review Pros
They also include a 6 month parts-only warranty as part of the sale.
It is very easy to calibrate.
This machine calibrate itself auto.
Printing with the Robo C2 is super easy.
It communicate via USB.
This printer has a 100 micron resolution.
It has compact, sturdy frame that is tough.
It has feature of auto Leveling.
The Robo can provide very good prints.
The printer is open source.
The ROBO 3D R1 printer automatically calibrates so that the extruder aligns with the build plate.
It provide error-free printing.
This unit comes with Heated Bed means perfectly shaped output with no uneven edges.
It has large heated Bed.
The Robo C2 comes with a one-year limited warranty.
It is made of borosilicate glass which can withstand extreme heating and cooling which happen during the printing process.
It is easy to use.
Its software is versatile software suite.
It doesn’t use proprietary filament cartridges.
They give email and phone support available 24/7.
Its filament replacements aren’t very expensive.
The printer offers excellent versatility.
It has removable print bed.
It have heated platform.
Its prints are generally pretty high-quality.
The R1 offers an automatic calibration process upon the initial set up.
The Robo C2 comes with a year’s warranty coverage.
They include a one-year subscription to AutoDesk Fusion 360.
It has heated bed.
Every plastic that is put down by the ROBO 3D R1 printer is very thin which makes the finished product have a great amount of detail.
It has sleek design.
It has good build volume.
It supports a wide variety of specialty filament types.
It is self-leveling print bed.
The printer is very easy to use.
It is compact and can fit anywhere.
You can use the USB cable to send a file to the printer for printing or use an SD card to host your 3D object.
It gives highly accurate, clean prints
It supports printing with PLA, ABS.
The output from this product is clean and precise.
It has ability to autocalibration of the build plate
It has capabilities of printing from an SD card.
It has automatic leveling and calibtation feature.
Maintenance with Robo 3D printers is extremely easy.
It has excellent print quality.
It comes with affordable price.
It supports printing with PLA, ABS, and various specialty filaments.
You can use both ABS and PLA tape for this printer.
It has mobile printing support.
It has versatile software suite.
Software updates can be delivered to the C2 wirelessly.
You can operate it through both Mac OS X, Windows.
It can print objects up to 10 x 9 x 8”.
All metal hot end makes it compatible with several types of filament.
A wide variety of materials to fabricate from using this device.
The build area is a reasonable size.
The printer allows users to print items directly from an SD card.
Robo has an extensive Q&A section on its website.

❌ Cons

Very Difficult to replace filament of printer.
When pc goes to sleep mode it stuck.
It is unresponsive touch pad.
It is tood loud.
The quality of the printing is exceptional for the price range.
Its recommended software is not user friendly.
You’ll be limited to snap-off supports.
It print unimpressive print quality.
It printing is slow.
This isn’t particularly fast.
Its touch screen is wonky.
It has easily detachable crimp connectors on wires.
It has very slow printing speed.
The printer’s build surface doesn’t heat up.
Its temperature sensor did have some minor issues.
In this printer the cords that lead the print head away from any danger are safely wrapped.
Tech support is ramping up to support this product.
It hase no automatic print-bed leveling.
It prints can be hard to remove from the build platform.
It cccasional have mechanical issues.
It is limited to PLA.
Its has No heated bed.
It create noise.
It’s initial set up is tricky in the beginning.
It is unable to print at all after 4 or less jobs.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Robo 3D R1 Plus is a great affordable 3D printer for anyone serious about printing. The large build volume is going to allow you to make any part you an dream up, while the heated bed and metal extruder will let you make it out of anything that can be printed on an FDM printer.
The C2 boasts a build area that’s on the larger end of the spectrum, measuring in at five inches long, five inches wide, and six inches tall.
Robo 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer comes with a six-month warrant to protect itself from any sort of defects. The software that comes included is called MatterControl and is highly versatile.
The ROBO 3D R1 is one of those printers you occasionally see that has a great amount of potential. The design of the ROBO 3D R1 is very simple and you won’t find it to be as shiny.
When you want a 3D printer to auto-calibrate and print using a variety of materials, then consider the ROBO 3D R1 printer. It does lots of great things for a very friendly price.
The Robo 3D R1 is a very good printer and exceptionally good value. The printer comes fully assembled and requires minimal effort to become operational. It can print using PLA and ABS materials, as well as specialty materials.
The Robo 3D is a printer for those who don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon. It’s a little limited in terms of the materials you can use, but it makes up for it with a surprising amount of versatility and an excellent range of support materials.
The R1 model handles large print size and many different types of material including experimental filaments. The printer has a unique design, which is easily recognizable and different from everything that is on the market right now.
The printer’s physical appearance is odd and probably more unique than necessary. It makes retrofitting it for air filtering, difficult, if that’s a concern of your’s. The software that is provided with the printer is intuitive, functional, and loaded with presets.
The C2 offers both ease of use, accurate prints, auto-leveling bed, and a few bells and whistles like a connected app. Much more beyond that there are printers that have similar outputs, are also already built, and include a heated bed.
The Robo 3D R1 +Plus offers a good mix of a spacious print area, consistent operation, versatile software, a self-leveling print bed, and the ability to work with nonstandard filament types in addition to ABS and PLA.
The Robo 3D R2 is a 3D printer that can print from a variety of plastic filament types and by several connection methods, including Robo’s mobile printing app.
This product gives you one of the largest build volumes available for a personal/home/office purpose. It can give you 100-micron accuracy in the final output.
Robo 3D is a printer which is very easy to use, meant for home users and schools. It is an ideal 3D printer for mass sales – it has a nice, attractive packaging, it is presentable, it is a cakewalk to install and get started with.
The C2 is a more affordable midrange model that may appeal to those who value print quality over speed, such as artists or modelers. The Robo C2 has an attractive, practical design that it shares with other Robo 3D printers.

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