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✅ Pros

In addition to mopping smarts, the S7 offers strong vacuuming performance paired with fast mapping.
Review Pros
It rarely gets stuck.
It creates a detailed layout of your home and allows you to clean on a per room and zone basis within the app.
App is easy to navigate.
E4 has eexcellent pet hair pickup.
It has a quiet operation.
There is built-in camera.
The mopping feature adds to its functionality. However, you’ll have to purchase the module separately.
It has accurate carpet detection.
E4 is eeconomical as compared to the other models.
It has great navigation and object detection.
It has a spot clean button.
The S7 is simple to set up.
It maneuvers around obstacles well.
It can designate different floor types.
Intelligent lift mopping feature keeps carpets dry.
It has simple setup.
Mop lifts up over carpet.
It can map multiple rooms and floors.
It is self-emptying.
It is incredibly accurate and reliable.
It offers great mopping performance.
It has 50% quieter operation over the Roborock S5.
Intuitive app allows scheduled cleaning times and remote control.
It can carry up to 0.64-liters of dry dirt.
It maps in 2D and 3D.
Smarter navigation allows the S6 to learn floor plans, remember room locations and names, and offer custom cleaning cycles.
It offers multi-stage HEPA air filtration.
It has two to three hour battery life.
It can man mop as well as vacuum.
It showed excellent battery performance..
It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri shortcuts.
The auto-empty base successfully transfers debris out of the dustbin so you don’t need to touch it.
It supports multi-level maps, schedules, virtual boundaries, and zone cleaning.
The Roborock S7’s plastic chassis feels durable, giving me confidence that it’ll last a long time with heavy use.
It is equipped with a surface detection system.
Zone mapping is pretty precise (after a while).
It is simple and easy to use.
It has excellent object-avoidance system.
It has impressive maneuverability.
E4 seamlessly returns to docking station.
Auto-empty dock syncs automatically.
There is support for Siri Shortcuts.
Empty Wash Fill docking station minimizes maintenance.
It has higher airflow than the Roborock S5 Max and S6 MaxV.
Auto-raising mop works well.
It stores multiple maps.
It has decent obstacle avoidance.
S7 has superior suction performance to effectively clean carpet and hard floorsuperior suction performance to effectively clean carpet and hard floors.
Perhaps the best navigating robot vacuum at its price range.
The vacuum can clean my 890 square-foot house on a single charge with some range to spare.
It is self-emptying and self-cleaning.
It operates as a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop.
It offers excellent hardwood floor cleaning.
It self-empties dustbin when it returns to its dock.
It cleans hard floors well, decent on carpets.
The 2,500 Pa motor picks up a slew of junk like human hair, bird seeds, and cookie crumbles.
Sonic mopping allows the S7 to pick up tough stains and grime off the tile. It also raises its mopping bracket to keep your carpet mostly dry.
Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot empties its own dustbin and water tank.
There are many options for customizing cleaning jobs.
There are plenty of improvements over the S6 MaxV.
There are multiple versions to choose from.

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❌ Cons

At $949.98, the Roborock S7+ is one of the most expensive floor cleaning robots we’ve tested.
You can’t use your own cleaning solution.
It has extremely expensive price.
It doesn’t have a bin sensor.
Mop pad can catch on area rugs.
It is taller than many robot vacuums.
At its price point, I wish Roborock would ship an extra filter, microfiber cloth, side brush, and a main roller brush with bristles to help pick up pet fur.
Empty Wash Fill docking station can smell if not emptied regularly.
It has demanding maintenance requirements.
Editing maps can be challenging.
It only mops with water.
It can only mop with water.
In our tests, the finned rubber brush doesn’t pick up dog fur well.
It eats cords and high-pile rugs.
It is slightly overpriced.
There is no room mapping.
It is not the best for carpet.
The mopping pad is sold separately.
It struggles with pet hair on carpet.
Auto-empty dock clogged easily.
It is not great on carpet.
It has high recurring costs.
The S7 stops cleaning at 20% and automatically resumes at 80%, which can be too conservative for large homes.
Dividing spaces in app can be glitchy.
HomeKit doesn’t yet support vacuums natively.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Roborock E4 is an average performer that excels in the one way many users may use it most — keeping the pet hair buildup in your home down. But, it lacks the convenience and intelligent features of many other models tested.
With its all-terrain tenacity, obstacle avoidance, and self-emptying features, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the most hassle-free robovac you can buy. But if you’re a pet owner or your house has a lot of carpet, you may be happier with a dedicated robot vacuum.
While the E4 isn’t the least expensive, it certainly provides a lot of value. The most impressive feature based on the tests is how efficient it navigates. This isn’t your typical robot that wanders around in a random direction after it bumps into something. It’s more sophisticated with the dual gyroscope system and opticEye sensor underneath.
The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a powerful robot vacuum that can collect fine dust and larger debris, while also offering the ability to mop hard floors. The docking station is bulky but can clean the mopping pads for you, as well as refill the water tank and empty its own dust canister, seriously reducing the level of maintenance required. The S7 MaxV Ultra also includes an on-board camera, through which you can keep an eye on your home and converse with pets.
The Roborock Q5+ is a high-performing, auto-emptying robot vacuum, but its inability to recognize when its dustbin is full will limit its appeal for users desiring fully autonomous cleaning.
The Roborock S7 is an alright choice for high-pile carpet. It clears large material to an impressive degree and does a decent job sucking up fine debris from this surface type. It can also automatically raise itself to navigate a little more easily on this surface type and prevent its mopping attachment from touching the floor. Unfortunately, it performs poorly when cleaning pet hair and has a few parts that need regular cleaning or replacing.
For those who can afford it, the Roborock S7 is one of the most advanced autonomous vacuums to date. It nails the basics with an improved brush design and Google Assistant support, all while delivering an exceptional mopping experience that wipes away its competitors.
The Roborock S7 is the first hybrid vacuum and mopping robot that I’d actually let mop my home unsupervised. The auto-rising mop plate and carpet detection work consistently well. While the mop isn’t going to clean your floors well enough to eat off of them, it does a good enough job to fool houseguests. Plus, it’s a solid, fast cleaning vacuum with loads of in-app customizations.
The S7 is the best robot vacuum that can also mop, but skip the “Rock Dock” auto-empty station.
Roborock nailed hybrid cleaning with the S7’s long battery life, conscious mopping, and handling of floor type changes — except for fluffy rugs.
If you’re looking for the most capable robotic vacuum and mop that can literally clean itself and works flawlessly with Siri, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ulta is your solution. It just isn’t cheap.
The Roborock S6 is the newest robot vacuum to join the Roborock family. Its navigation is truly exceptional with features including room mapping, zone cleaning, recharge and resume, digital map reports, and more. It’s able to clean for up to 150 minutes and clean homes up to 2,700 sq. ft. It can also double as a mop using the water tank reservoir. Not a cheap robot by any stretch, but it does pack a ton of features and provide a good value overall.
If you’re going to spend over $500 on an auto-empty robot vacuum, it’s hard to see why you’d spend that much on one that doesn’t have a sensor. But the Q5+ is simply the most reliable robot vacuum I’ve ever used, and that can hardly be discounted.
With a unique mop-lifting feature that prevents your carpet from getting wet, the Roborock S7+ floor cleaning robot simultaneously vacuums and scrubs better than the competition.
What separates the Roborock from the hundreds of other robot vacuums on the market is how autonomous it is. The S7 MaxV Ultra requires practically no human interventions before and after its cleaning cycles, and it does a thorough job at every cleaning task I assign. I named my robot vacuum “Destroyer” because it reminded me of a huge battleship after I pulled it out of the box, but after testing it out for a couple of months, I’m starting to think the name “Miss Independent” would be more fitting.

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