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✅ Pros

It is reusable for much longer.
Review Pros
Scans are easy to upload.
The app makes it exceptionally easy to scan, store, send and organize all of your notes instantly, a great advantage over traditional scanners.
You can use this notebook endlessly and forever.
These are reusable pages.
Each page is durable and tear resistant.
Storage is really handled by whatever backup you use — email or iCloud for example.
Pages are scannable and transferrable.
It is easy to set up and use.
There is seamless integration with the Rocketbook app.
It has aasy-to-use app.
Everlast is even priced well, at $32, with a free app.
It comes with easily accessible Pilot Frixion pens.
Because of the erasing method, ghosting is quite minimal, arguably non-existent.
You can write anyway, and in any style, you want.
It comes with fast and easy scanning app.
You set up your cloud-based services via the app, and then mark where you want the note to go by marking a circle on the bottom of the pages you’re scanning.
Notebook is lightweight and reusable.
It has perfect size, weight, and appearance for busy professionals on the go.
It is eco-friendly.
It is available in 2 sizes.
It is inexpensive.
It’s super interesting and fun.
It can direct your scanned document to one of seven destination applications.
Rocketbook has a page where you can note what each one is.
You can reuse it like 50 times, and it doesn’t take very long to wipe it down.
All of the sizes will also fit easily into your backpack.
It comes in two different sizes.
The Rocketbook offers a quality writing experience.
It also has multiple supported cloud services.
It is erasable via pen and microwave.
I actually liked this smooth kind of flow that is provided by the coated pages.
You can configure the RocketBook App to send your notes to any of the supported cloud services.
The RocketBook app is very well polished and functions easily.
Setting up Rocketbook is very easy.
You can predefine your favorite cloud destinations for uploading your notes and then quickly mark the corresponding symbols on each page with your pen, so the app will understand where the files should go.
You can save money.
It has cool futuristic design.
It is microwave-ready.
The design of the Rocketbook Everlast is efficient and straightforward.
It provides high-resolution scans.
Each 80-page notebook can be re-used up to five times.
Like the Wave, you can blast your notes to the cloud.
It has a durable design.
It comes with pen holder.
You can transfer the high-resolution scans in either JPEG or PDF form.
It comes with user-friendly app.
It has a well-designed accompanying app.
Endlessly erasable format saves paper.
Colours are much more vibrant on this material.
Reusable pages make the smart notebook an environmentally friendly option.
It has straightforward wiping process.
It has 80 pages.
It has great price.
It is reusable.
The Rocketbook is erasable.
They have an app that acts as a scanner for their formatted page.
It is nearly infinitely reusable.
You can easily digitize Rocketbook notes.
The product is lighter than most notebooks because there are fewer pages included.
It offers quick, easy ability to send your notes to multiple destinations.

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❌ Cons

Feature is available in some devices now, like Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Can’t the same be accomplished using a smartphone camera and an erasable pen?
I didn’t think the ink disappeared quite as well with the Wave as it did with the Everlast.
Detail isn’t as crisp as competitors.
Reusability is nulled by indents.
Notebook isn’t very rigid, and is hard to write on without a desk or additional hard surface.
You only get 32 pages.
You have to let the ink dry on the page before you write on another.
The Frixion pen won’t give you the same consistently dark line as a high-quality pen on regular paper.
It’s potentially messy.
It has steep price.
It is not good for left-handed users.
It lacks the same grip and precision that you get when writing on regular paper.
Waiting for the ink to dry may not work for you if you are taking rapid-fire notes.
You need to wait for ink to dry.
After erasing the writing I could still feel there was a little bit of a “dent” in the coated paper.
There are no editing tools.
When you buy a new Rocketbook, they only come with a single black pen.
Cover page is not durable.
It is prone to wear and tear.
It has smudgy, slow-drying ink.
I found it difficult to “store” the pen as it had not spot where I could really attach it well to the notebook.
It is only compatible with Pilot’s Frixion pens.
The ink from the Frixion pens takes around 10 seconds to dry.
It is available in only one color.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The writing experience leaves a bit to be desired compared to regular notebook paper, but it’s easy to adjust to with some practice. And it’s worth it for the convenience of being able to reuse your notebook while also effortlessly digitizing your notes.
Rocketbook bills itself as a smart notebook that lets you snap a picture of notes or doodles and send them directly to any number of cloud-based services. And it works!
Because the Rocketbook Everlast is so expensive in my eyes, I’d suggest you can just as well get an awesome notebook from your favorite maker for this money, and then use a document scanner app such as Microsoft Office Lens or Adobe Scan. Some cloud storage apps, such as Google Drive, even come with integrated document scanning functions.
All in all Rocketbook’s Everlast is a solid device — and it is a tech gadget, even though its form looks like a notebook with a pen. A hybrid of a tool, it’s an ideal fit for those who often want to keep records of drawings or sketches, or feel more comfortable handwriting, yet still need a digital backup.
Personally, I am so glad I came across this notebook. It’s not only sustainable but it is perfect for me when I am taking lecture notes. I don’t have to waste paper as much anymore. It’s perfect because I can write notes for the less important classes and create a folder on Google for those classes. It’s a notebook I was always wanting but I never knew about.
Overall I am not sure that the RocketBook Everlast really is any smarter than standard pen and paper. While there is certainly something to say for the RocketBook Everlast being green and reusable the writing feel is just not where it needs to be.
The Rocketbook Wave is an affordable, simple notebook that gives you a straightforward way of getting your handwritten notes into the digital world—and lets you reuse its pages after a quick zap in the microwave.
The Rocketbook Everlast Mini Notebook is a clever piece of design that solves multiple problems for old school pen and ink note takers. The durable erasable pages can be used repeatedly. The app, while simple, is well-integrated with the notebook and has nice usability. It’s also offered at a really nice starting price point.
I recommend the Rocketbook Everlast if you like to merge your handwritten or paper note-taking with the digital world.
The Rocketbook Wave is a beautiful and incredibly useful smart notebook with a great app and cool microwave functionality, but it has some flaws.
For right-handed users who can never live without pen and paper beside their phones and laptops, the Rocketbook Everlast is going to be your best bet. As long as you remember to wipe it clean every month and scan the pages before you do.
Judging by the build quality and smart features, this is among the best notebooks you can get. But it is in the upper price range and it only comes in one color. These are small compromises to make for top quality, though.
The Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook is an excellent alternative to bridge the gap between classic note-taking and the digital world, and its environmental advantages add to the appeal. With some extra attention and care, the Everlast could easily be any notetaker or sketcher’s best friend.
You have to admire the ingenuity and design effort that’s gone into the Rocketbook Wave. If you absolutely refuse to be parted from pen and paper and want some of the benefits of digitisation, it’s worth serious consideration.
Overall, the RocketBook Everlast is a brilliant addition to the smart workplace. RocketBook had the good sense to realize that professionals needed a professional solution, not a tech-heavy solution, one that would appeal to people who need to get down to business every time they sit down at a conference table, without fumbling around with their gadgets.

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