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✅ Pros

Roger Love is the voice coach.
Review Pros
Free trial is available.
His online training program is affordable for everyone.
You will be learning from the best of the best.
Roger is someone who has vocal trained so many well-known musicians as well as Hollywood actors and actresses.
He has a great voice and can demonstrate what he teaches.
Roger Love is a great singer and teacher, trusted by hundreds of stars.
No beating around the bush, no thanks to mom and dad, no time wasted: everything is about voice here.
Free limited access is available.
Love Notes is a great tool for practicing singing.
He uses a proven methods with 130k+ students.
A-list coaching fis offered for a reasonable price.
Over 100 video lessons are available.
The free software offered with the course is fun.
Video lessons are available.
He offers unlimited access forever with no monthly fees.
I found the interface pretty intuitive and well laid out.
It is gLove Notes is a great tool for practicing singing.
It offers the opportunity to learn from a coach who enjoys teaching the world to sing.
It is great for all skill levels.
You get a free preview of some of the teaching material he uses.
It also has an online access with questions and answers from students.
You can choose from three different courses fitted to your budget and the areas you need to improve.
You can gain tools that help you sing so that you don’t strain or hurt your voice.
An intuitive piece of software developed by Roger himself, Love Notes is designed to help you learn specific signs.
I particularly loved Roger Love’s warm-up exercises. One single track on your phone and that’s all you need for your daily exercises.
You can learn from the favorite vocal coach of Hollywood celebrities.
Curriculum is well-organized.
Love Notes training system is included.
There are lessons for male and female singers.
You can learn from a vocal coach who has worked with countless superstars and Grammy winners.
You can learn from the comfort of your own home.
Tons of video lessons are available.
You can learn under one of the most sought-after vocal coaches in the United States.
The male/female lesson approach is pretty cool and gives a slightly more individualized approach.
The Roger Love Singing Academy does a decent job of introducing students to a variety of genres.
One-on-one coaching is available in the course 3.
There is good flow of courses.
Unique and highly effective method focus on “middle voice”.
Gain confidence in building a strong vocal range and the ability to command power from your voice.
The exercise studio consists of vocal warmups as well as exercises in diaphragmatic breathing and locating your larynx.
Roger Love is really a master at what he does.
Roger is a world-renowned voice instructor.
Roger Love’s Singing Academy (online course) is the ultimate resource for singers of all skill levels.
You get to learn from one of the proven people in the industry, not someone who hasn’t reached these heights.
Over the course of his career Roger Love, creator of Singing Academy, has helped many well-known music artists & celebrities.
You get to learn some trade secrets used by celebrities and titans in the music industry.
Roger doesn’t mumble but teach real content that works.
Perfectly paced lessons are offered.
Love Notes song training is probably one of the most inventive pieces of software available.
Video lessons are designed in a very personal way just like you’re in a private lesson.
You can move at your own pace with unlimited access to instructional videos.

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❌ Cons

The price point isn’t the best for everyone.
The mini-course with 4 free lessons that he offers is not very useful and is primarily a sales pitch.
At times I thought that maybe a video version could have helped for a few exercises.
There is lots of self-promotion.
The Singing Academy is priced on the high end of the range for online singing course.
Quality of videos could be better.
The prices are high for people who aren’t serious about singing.
Roger’s lessons aren’t cheap.
The videos are very well made, but they are shot in SD, mainly because they were created a few years ago.
The site design is also nothing special.
The lessons don’t have HD video. Something we come to expect in 2020!
The course may not work very well for beginners who have not had any exposure to singing but it’s something worth trying.
Site design is not very visually appealing.
I wish Roger Love had dealt with throat’s muscle tension because I feel that’s one of the areas I should target.
Aside from the third tier course option (the most expensive), you don’t get any feedback on your singing. If you’re a beginner, it might be hard to know how you’re progressing.
It’s fairly expensive.
Lecture and training are mixed together in the lesson, not efficient for experienced singers to find specific exercises.
Video Quality is not HD. I suspect it was shot in SD a while back.
Unlike 30 Day Singer, there is only one path to follow, so if the teaching style isn’t right for you, you will need to request a refund.
The Roger Love Singing Academy doesn’t offer a monthly payment plan like The Vocalist Studio, which allows you to purchase the course in smaller monthly installments.
It is expensive compared to other online singing courses.
No visual aid is available in the video lessons.
There’s no trial period available with this product.
Although justified by great content, price could be high for some people.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Perfect Voice is a vocal training system developer by singing and speaking coach Roger Love. Roger Love explains some basics of anatomy first, and the gets into common speaking issues and solutions, vocal exercises to improve your voice, and daily voice warm-ups.
If you have the money for it, I honestly believe this 3-course workshop from the Roger Love Singing Academy can truly help you blossom into the singer you have always dreamed of being. The courses are paced well, the techniques are discussed properly, the exercises are not only helpful but are fun as well. Aside from the technical aspect of singing, you will also be getting valuable advice from a renowned vocal coach on how to survive in the industry.
Just listening to him teach in the video lesson is worth every penny, because, as a vocal coach myself, I can tell you Roger offers great singing method that works and will take your singing to the next level.
Roger Love Singing Academy courses are comprehensive intensives. They will make you a better singer. Perhaps even more importantly, they’ll make you a healthier singer. It’s vital for all singers to breathe correctly and avoid straining so vocal damage doesn’t occur.
His methods help you find your middle voice between your head and your chest voices. This is where the power, control, and style comes from. With more than 100 video voice lessons, he covers everything you need to do to become an amazing singer.
All in all, this is a fine product that will most definitely help out singers of all ability. If you like singing and you want to take it to the next level, you’d be hard-pressed to find something that’s as comprehensive as Roger Love’s Singing Academy.
Roger Love’s Singing Academy (online course) is the ultimate resource for singers of all skill levels, whether you are having trouble singing high notes, singing in tune, finding vocal power and endurance, developing your vibrato, or improving your vocal tone and style.
The course has excellent structure and flow, and the explanations are super easy to follow as well as rich in information.
Roger Love’s Singing Academy is no entry-level platform, this is a program for only the most serious of singing students. I’d recommend this program for anyone who really wants to knuckle down and improve their voice, and isn’t worried about a flashy user interface.
One of the best features of this program is that it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re an aspiring singer, a professional singer, or someone who’s looking to discover their singing talent, Roger Love Singing Academy can be a great place to seek vocal help from.
The Roger Love singing Academy is the best online singing course available. For less than you’d pay for a single lesson with a live instructor, you get a complete singing program that is as close as you can get to live instruction, without actually having a coach in the room with you.
The Roger Love online courses are ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their vocals and the Roger Love method as it is popularly known can be applicable for public speakers of all kinds from politicians, authors, fitness instructors, teachers, as well as actors and actresses as is the case with the likes of Reese Witherspoon that Roger has trained. Ideally, the singing course applies to singers and those who are looking to train their vocals and learn how well-known singers do it.

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