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✅ Pros

We found the hood to be especially effective against driving rain.
Review Pros
It weighs a meagre 250g yet it’s still able to withstand heavy showers while remaining impressively breathable.
The main fabric has stretch, the body is slightly longer than others and there is good freedom of movement.
The Mistral’s crucial ingredient is its Octa Yarn insulation.
I’m amazed at the water repellency of the fabric and finish.
This is apparel that can be worn on trips to town.
The exterior fabric feels more hardwearing giving you the reassurance that it will stand the test of time.
It’s not a heavyweight standalone insulator for the depths of winter but rather something that perfectly balances insulation and breathability.
The fit is perfect for my 18″ torso and 27″ chest frame.
While it’s not waterproof, Rohan has covered the whole jacket and the down with a hydrophobic treatment.
It weighs only 150 g.
It feels like a cozy cotton knit, but is a lot more durable.
At £195 it’s extremely good value.
It dried a lot faster.
It breathed really well.
The fabric is soft and stretchy making it incredibly comfortable to wear.
The colour is very striking which is handy in the hills.
The hood gets rear volume adjustment, fits very closely and moves well with the head.
It is made of quick-drying polyester and elastane blend.
Rohan can cope with everything life throws at it
Rohan put it through tests and found they could wash it 20 times in a home washing machine with no reduction in performance.
The hood has a single pull cord on the back to tailor the fit for maximum rain protection and peripheral vision.
The shirt was easy to wash and didn’t need ironing.
I wore the shirt every day for a week and found it never looked sweaty.
It is fade and stretch resistant.
Perhaps my favorite feature of this jacket is its ability to pack down into its own pocket for easy transport.
It doesn’t smell and the armpits remain fungus-free.
It doesn’t bulge up and instead sits close but comfortably to your torso over a base or mid layer.
All these pockets are sealed rather than mesh, so water can’t creep through them easily.
There are also pit zips for added ventilation.
This jacket is highly wind-resistant.
It is 100% waterproof while somehow remaining breathable.
The arms are a little on the long side.
It’s an impressive technology-packed garment from Rohan.
Having a third chest pocket sets this jacket apart.
They’re all easy to wash and quick drying.
Discreet thumb holes at cuff.
There is a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to help it resist light rain.
The interior grey fabric feels lovely against the skin.
When you’re not using it, it can be packed up into its own pocket, making for a conveniently stashable bundle.

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❌ Cons

It leaves the head more exposed than others as the peak is very small, and the sides of the hood don’t come very far forward.
The third pocket is a little small, so won’t take chunky guidebooks or maps.
Access to the lower pockets is easily obscured by rucksack belts.
Unfortunately, Rohan are one of those brands that hasn’t adopted a DWR that’s free from any eco-hazardous PFCs yet.
It is a bit pricey.
The only problem with the shirt was it smelt after a day or so.
It’s actually not the cheapest in its class.
You don’t get a particularly secure fit from the Mistral.

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Review Summaries
What I like about these kinds of mid layers is that they offer insulation but without the puffy volume and that means you can easily fit them underneath another layer for a versatile system. They also carry on insulating even when they get wet, which can’t be said for most types of down filled jackets.
If you want to look smart, take the shirt and be prepared to wash it or the T-shirt for an easy, reasonably smell free trip.
An alternative to a basic cotton long-sleeved shirt, this top is made from a quick-drying material that feels like a cozy cotton knit, but is a lot more durable. I’ll be honest…I bought this shirt for a backpacking trip in South America, but I’ve definitely worn it as a pajama top a few times, that’s how comfy it is!
The Rohan Elite Jacket is a great lightweight waterproof jacket ideal for always keeping in your pack for those just-in-case moments, as well as for seeing out torrential downpours in the mountains. The perfect jacket to keep you prepared without filling your rucksack and weighing you down.
Well-featured jacket with Patagonia’s eco-credentials, but some minor details could be better.
I’ve learnt that Rohan may be wonderful in terms of practicality but despite offering a few wearable outfits that can handle a smart dinner or a seaside lunch, fashion-wise it has a long way to go.
After taking it out for some day walks in the wind and rain I have to say I’m amazed at the water repellency of the fabric and finish. Water droplets literally bounce right off it and if the water gets rubbed in my mid-layer is still completely dry.
At £195 it’s extremely good value, particularly for a down jacket that is such high quality.
While it is a bit pricey, I highly recommend this jacket for its versatility, packability, and complete water protection.

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