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✅ Pros

RV Trip Wizard allows you to keep track of your expenses while planning your route.
Review Pros
RV Trip Wizard provides all the tools you need to easily plan an RV trip that is customized to your RV and travel style.
It gives you the option to add in truck stops, restaurants, and attractions along the way, and provides detailed information on hundreds of campgrounds.
Its map-based interface makes it easy to browse around an area you’re planning to visit, locating RV parks (with reviews that are powered by, overnight parking options, fuel stops, rest areas, dump stations, and more.
It provides unbiased information.
It helps you access useful info like free overnight parking or recreational opportunities.
It works seamlessly between RV Life Campground Reviews, RV Safe GPS, and the RV Life app.
RV LIFE Trip Wizard plots safe routes based on your settings.
RV LIFE Pro’s Trip Wizard makes it super easy to plan your route and find the best campgrounds along the way.
It has 20,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest. No matter what type of RV resource you need, there’s a great chance this app has it.
They have a demo that walks you through every step of the process.
Over 57,000 points of interest are available on the app to help you find fun activities nearby.
This awesome program allows you to customize your route however you see fit.
The app’s interface is map-based for accessible locations of campsites.
There is a 7-day free trial period.
RV Trip Wizard shows you the elevations and road grades on your route.
You may even enter your expenses – the fuel estimator will help you stay on budget.
You get all four of the tools in one with an RV LIFE Pro membership for a very reasonable price.
They update local fuel costs and other camping expenses as you travel.
You can input RV specifications, like height and weight, set routing and driving preferences, and create a personalized and safe road trip plan based on your wants and needs.
It is straightforward, easy to use and up to date.
RV Trip Wizard is now a part of the RV Life Pro suite means that one subscription gets you access to even more: RV Trip Wizard, RV Safe GPS, Campground Reviews, and Maintain My RV.
You can watch RV Life Trip Wizard’s video tutorials to help navigate the trip-planning software.
Besides avoiding city centers and other roads that aren’t RV-friendly, you can tell the system to route away from toll roads, dirt roads, and other roadways.
RV Life Trip Wizard includes customized recommendations and routing based on your RV’s exact specifications.
Unlike some programs, RV Trip Wizard is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones.
Not everyone is interested in the same things. You can filter for various points of interest along the way.
It also allows you to narrow your campground search based on the memberships you have, meaning you can specify that you only want to see Good Sam parks or Thousand Trails parks.
It includes downloadable maps for offline use.
You can learn about the campground’s peer ratings, reviews, amenities, and weather forecasts provided by Dark Sky.
RV Trip Wizard has a massive amount of reviews for each campground because of its integration with
Another amazing benefit of RV LIFE is the community and forums you’ll have access to.
It downloads your trip onto your GPS or allows you to print out a summary.
For $59 a year, you’ll have full access to the entire RV Life Pro suite of apps.
Your membership also includes RV LIFE Campground Reviews, the longest-running, most complete source of reviews and photos for campgrounds of all types.
They allow you to rank any campground memberships you may want to use so you can easily identify KOA, Good Sam, Yogi Bear, or other campground brand with which you are affiliated.
There are tones of filters to narrow down the perfect RV park.
The best part is that you can easily add points of interest to the trip.
RV Trip Wizard makes it simple to find membership campgrounds on your route. So, you can use the ones that save you the most money.
You can easily adjust the trip as needed.
To make the campground search more manageable, you can choose to see only the locations that participate in your discount club membership.
It allows you to tailor your preferences such as prioritizing campgrounds where you have a membership.
You can run and log Wi-Fi and cellular speed tests to document real-time internet at every campground.
You can pick one of the 20,000 RV parks in its database and read RV life campground reviews to help you select the perfect spot to camp.
RV Trip Wizard has many options to avoid different scenarios on your route.
RV Trip Wizard is easy to use and extremely convenient, especially when planning a longer trip.
You can visualize your entire trip and find campgrounds, overnight stops, gas stations, and points of interest along your route without ever leaving the program.
Trip Wizard’s Driving Radius feature is perhaps its biggest single selling point.
You can easily customize your route and even avoid specific roads.
RV Trip Wizard is web based so you can access and plan your trips from any device with a web browser.
You also get access to the RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker website. This makes it convenient and easy to take proper care of your RV in between trips so you can help avoid problems on the road.
RV Trip Wizard lets you build out a trip.
You can make plans on your computer or phone and access all the details from a mobile device.
You can also try it before buying with their 1-week free trial and free demo.
You can combine RV Trip Wizard with the RV Life App (included in your membership) which is like having an RV GPS in your pocket.
RV LIFE Campground Reviews are from real RVers like you and me.
RV Trip Wizard is great at helping you to find fun and interesting things to see and do along your route.
RV Trip Wizard has received 4.9 stars from over 1,500 happy customers.
Their site offers a free 7-day trial.
You can input the average price of gas, campground stay, and daily food cost, and RV Trip Wizard will estimate the cost of your trip.
It works on all devices including computers, smartphones and tablets.
While you create your itinerary, RV Trip Wizard calculates your estimated costs for gas, camping, meals and miscellaneous expenses.
It is web-based, no need for installation.
RV Trip Wizard shows you the elevation and estimated grades of your entire trip.
A useful feature, especially for larger RVs, is planning that customizes routes to accommodate the heights and weight of your RV, identifying low clearances, steep grades, and any propane restrictions.
I love that the program uses the information I put in to tally up the total cost of my trip, and that my route can be exported to a GPS or Google Maps.
To top it all off, RV LIFE Pro helps you keep track of your maintenance and fuel economy with RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker
RV Trip Wizard’s RV GPS works on most mobile devices, whether you have an Apple, Android, or tablet.
They have a built-in feature tour, and access to tutorial videos, to help you figure it all out.
They include all commercial and public campgrounds—you are not “steered” to a specific brand of campground.

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❌ Cons

The trip planner is a web-based program. You can view trips on the RV Life App, but you can’t edit them.
You can’t collaborate with another user unless that user is also a member of RV Trip Wizard.
The points of interest don’t include roadside attractions and other quirky places to see along your route.
RV Life Trip Wizard is a massive program with tools that some people might not ever use.
The other thing I’d say is not worth it is the monthly subscription.
Roadtrippers’ ability to toggle waypoints on and off is a much more intuitive route-planning feature than the way Trip Wizard behaves when adding a waypoint to a finalized itinerary.
If you’re a free-flying RVer that enjoys leaving everything up to chance, then these tools aren’t for you.
It can take a while to get your bearings and figure out how to use everything that it offers.
It takes time to learn how to use the map.
It is quite expensive.
Trip Wizard is $59 annually or $19.99 per month and does not have a free version.
It is not a downloadable App.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With your subscription, you get access to the whole suite of RV life apps. This suite includes the RV GPS, RV Trip Wizard, and Maintain My RV. You have access to so many resources to help you manage life on the road. While an RV GPS can easily cost several hundred dollars, RV Trip Wizard is only $49 per year.
RV Trip Wizard has a complete, step-by-step planning guide to ensure that you get the most useful information from their service. The RV Trip Wizard service is $49 per year. There is a 7-day free trial period, but you must sign up—and cancel before the seven days expire.
RV Trip Wizard or RV life app is a trip planning resource to help you keep details and get organized to plan your future RV trips. You can plan your route. You can pick one of the 20,000 RV parks in its database and read RV life campground reviews to help you select the perfect spot to camp. RV Vacation Wizard makes it simpler than ever to organize an effective RV trip.
Many other trip planners focus on only the big picture, but RV Trip Wizard takes care of the little details that make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.
RV Trip Wizard is a trip planning tool for campers and RVers. It allows you to plan your route in detail before you hit the road. It offers many different features like finding campgrounds, RV-friendly gas stations, boondocking locations, and points of interest as you travel to your destination. RV vacations start with the journey. The tool helps you find all sorts of points of interest along the way.
You really can’t go wrong with Roadtrippers or RV LIFE Trip Wizard, and both make great companions for a getaway in an RV rental. Choose any of our nearly 130 convenient rental locations and start planning your trip — it really is that easy!
RV Trip Wizard includes all the tools you need to research and plan an epic RV journey! It’s a great RV trip planner for full-timers, part-timers and roadtrippers. RV Trip Wizard makes RV trip planning very easy and saves a whole lot of time in the process.
Whether you like to plan your trips out in advance or want to “wing it” and find your best route as you go, this ONE suite of three powerful tools within RV LIFE Pro gives you the resources and features you need at your fingertips.
There is a lot of research and planning that goes into your RV travels. With RV Trip Wizard, you can find your ideal campground, plan out your entire road trip and calculate all your costs along the way, including fuel, fees, food and even fun.
RV trip wizard is a web-based RV trip planner tool. It provides features for making planning trips stress-free and exciting. Tutorials and tour videos help you navigate the app to become familiar with the app. RV trip Wizard is part of the RV Life Pro suite of tools. The Membership Subscription is $49 yearly.
I think most users would agree the price is actually cheap considering the value it brings. RV LIFE Trip Wizard plots safe routes based on your settings. You can easily adjust the trip as needed.
RV Life Trip Wizard is part of RV Life Pro, a freemium platform and app that provides relevant content and RV-friendly tools to the camping community. RV Life Trip Wizard is associated with RV Life Campground Reviews and popular RV communities like Airstream Forums and Winnebago RV Forums. RV Life Trip Wizard is a paid subscription and single login that gives users access to the free and premium tools on the platform.
RV Life produces RV Trip Wizard, and it is probably our main trip routing app. That is what puts it on top of the list. Many apps help you find RV parks, disbursed camping sites, and Walmarts, but not many of them will route you with RV-friendly directions. That is precisely where RV Trip Wizard shines.
RV Trip Wizard is a dream come true for summer adventurers and full-timers alike. All the features it offers make the small annual fee well worth the cost. Not only will you save time and plan a better trip, but also you will probably save money by finding the best parks or free camping spots around.
RV Trip Wizard is a web tool and an app (when purchasing the membership you also get the RV Life App!). It is a favorite utility of mine and truly makes the road trip planning process seamless. It is $49 a year but well worth it!

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