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All items arrived safe and sound.
Review Pros
I was pleased with the carbon fiber weave pattern and the fit of the parts to the M2 body.
The predrilled mounting holes were perfectly in line with my OEM holes.
It is modeled right after the M4 GTS but scaled down to fit the M2, and thus follows the lines of the car perfectly.
The weaves on each piece are perfect.
It also allows for a couple inches of adjustability or you can quickly and easily remove the bottom plate to make it more streetable.
It is great if you are looking for nice carbon fiber pieces without completely breaking the bank.
It also has some air ducts in the splitter that you could fabricate a mounting plate and hose to route to the front brakes if you wanted to.
They make affordable, nice looking, practical parts that accomplish what I was looking for.

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Review Summaries
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience. Even with the small hiccup with the lower splitter, it didnt stop me from installing the other pieces. Eric was extremely communicative and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend RW Carbon to anyone who is looking for decently nice carbon fiber pieces without completely breaking the bank.
Overall I am thrilled with the RW Carbon aero package I pieced together. There are other aftermarket options, and some OEM options, but for the price and function you can’t beat RW Carbon. You might notice some quality differences here and there and you might need to beef up the mounting hardware but for the price RW Carbon is hard to beat.

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