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✅ Pros

The kettle’s gooseneck spout on the SAKI kettle is specially designed for a precise pour, giving you greater control over your brew.
Review Pros
The kettle has a simple interface for boiling, and a “keep warm” function perfect for retaining temperature over time.
Keep warm functionality warms for hours.
We like the matching kettle and teapot combo.
The Saki Baristan offers a 1-year warranty, competing with top brands.
The OLED temperature display is top-class for good readability under any light conditions.
The SAKI kettle comes with a timer that counts for up to 10 minutes.
The handle on the SAKI kettle is designed with comfort in mind and features a rubber grip that stays cool to the touch.
It offers smooth pouring.
These kettles for tea have 7 preset temperatures, but are still customizable to the degree.
Its elegant design features good functionality and appealing aesthetics.
It includes a stainless steel infuser.
There is full stainless steel inside the kettle and zero plastic materials.
It has sturdy construction.
It has stylish design with a one-of-a-kind red indicating light.
The kettle also includes a red signal informing the barista when the water reaches the target temperature.
It is styled like a Russian or Turkish Samovar.
The rubber handle is safe and provides enough grip.
Precise temperature control makes it perfect for pour-over coffee.
The ring is bright enough to be seen during the day and soft enough to not seer your retina at night.
The unique, stackable dual kettle design is perfect for boiling water and brewing tea without relying on one main kettle to do both.
You’ll know when your water is ready by the red ring light at the base of the kettle.
It is made in the USA.
It has live temperature display.
The brewing kettle features an internal infuser that can be easily removed and washed.
Generous 1L capacity makes it ideal for brewing larger batches of coffee and tea.
It is simple and easy to operate.
They both offer nice control with your pour (even the Luna) and are nice to hold in your hand.
Once the water in the kettle reaches its ideal temperature, the SAKI kettle will automatically hold it there for up to 60 minutes.

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❌ Cons

The short power cord can make it challenging to use if you have limited power outlets.
Because the kettle features a second kettle for infusing, it doesn’t have a standard top, so when the brewing kettle is removed it has to work harder to retain temperature.
As far as the price goes, it’s on the more expensive end for an electric kettle.
The button sounds it makes when adjusting the temperature could be a bit quieter.
This sturdy kettle is on the heavier side.
The power cord is very short, complicating a coffee brewing setup.
It has short power cord.
Pricey, considering that it’s a new brand and product in this market.
There is no temperature hold function.
I wish it had an auto-shutoff feature for when I forget to turn it off myself.

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Review Summaries
The SAKI Baristan has a gooseneck spout and is a smaller capacity. The SAKI Luna has a larger capacity and a normal spout. Both kettles perform as well as any other kettle for tea, but stand apart from the others for their temperature alert. Instead of a beep or nothing at all, you’ll know when your water is ready by the red ring light at the base of the kettle.
Recently launched in February 2022, the Saki Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a great option. Its elegant design features good functionality and appealing aesthetics. It’s beautiful and comfortable to handle. The rubber handle is safe and provides enough grip.
Steeping is quick and easy overall. I was impressed by the tea maker’s sturdy construction and the smooth pouring from both the kettle and teapot. As far as the price goes, it’s on the more expensive end for an electric kettle but justifiably so considering it’s a two-in-one device and feels built to last for years.
Overall, the SAKI Baristan electric kettle could is a fantastic product that will almost certainly become the only kettle you need.
Overall, the SAKI Pour-Over Kettle is a fantastic addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. It’s well-built, stylish, and, most importantly, it brews an excellent coffee cup. This kettle is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for precision and control over your brew.
This is comfortable and easy to use with simple handles. This is a quality piece with a very nice design and it will look great added to your kitchen countertops as well. This electric tea kettle design is a classic with chic style and perfect functionality for your brewing needs.
Made from stainless steel, this kettle is durable and food safe at any temperature. The kettle features simple on/off control, and its “keep warm” function ensures that your water will be kept at temperature for when you need it. Boil dry and overheat protections keep the kettle, and your home, safe from damage.

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