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✅ Pros

Salesflare can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices.
Review Pros
It also has Zapier integration and REST API for exchanging data with other systems.
Assigned and shared between co-collaborators, leads are accessible anywhere through Salesflare’s cloud-based system.
This intelligent CRM software enables users to track digital engagements.
Salesflare provides the team with a shared address book, but with the option to treat private information as private.
Salesflare integrates its CRM system with other productivity tools such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Trello and Slack.
They also offer a 14-day free trial for interested customers.
Salesflare also integrates well with other productivity tools and applications like MailChimp, Trello, Google Apps, and Slack.
The cloud-based platform doesn’t require manual data entry.
It offers automated customer contact collection and information storing.
They are always extremely quick to get back with you, and are friendly every time.
It easily connects with your emails, phone calls, calendars, social media contacts, company databases, and the web.
Segregated conversations let sales team members focus on what matters.
With Salesflare, salespeople don’t have to slave away and spend precious hours entering information they have already collected and organized.
Salesfare is built to redefine how your business operations, including streamlining communications, monitoring customer interactions, and data migration capabilities.
It’s all about communication, follow-up, and pipelines.
It has intuitive interface.
Reminders and notifications keep CRM representatives updated on client interactions and assist in securing and maintaining leads.
It is ideal for any business that has complex business processes.
It allows third-party integrations.
Its ability to detect opportunities and important action points provides you with better guidance on which accounts to prioritize.
Salesflare does not require manual data entry.
They offer a 30-day trial.
Salesflare prepares and brings to your attention insights such as opportunities that require your immediate attention.
It reduces the need for data entry and management with automated functions.
It has mass import and export, email marketing, and mobile compatibility features.
It is very easy to use.
Free trial lets you get a feel for the software before purchase.
Pricing scales to the specific demands of your sales team.
Salesflare also offers additional services to help customers get started, such as custom data imports and integrations.
As you have more time to work on sales-related tasks, that means you and your team can collaborate more efficiently.
Documents are automatically organized.
Salesflare automatically organizes the documents (and other files) you and your team exchange with customers.
Salesflare also allows your sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly and effectively.
Salesflare pricing strategy is as refreshingly simple as the software itself.
Your team members can follow the customer conversations they participate in, without having to be involved in all email communication, phone calls and meetings.
Opportunities are presented in different views, and users can choose to take action immediately, schedule a followup, or assign it to another teammate.

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❌ Cons

The quality of customer service can be improved.
Businesses are billed according to the number of users, making it costly for larger sales teams.
The price could be cheaper.
It’s still a young platform.
You can’t import the data yourself; rather you’ll have to get in touch with the Salesflare team to have the data imported for you.
Management level tools will be less useful for smaller businesses.
Salesflare is not suited for companies that do little or no customer follow-up, especially when B2C.
Its price point is a bit steep compared to other CRM software.
It does not have the ability to add custom fields.
Salesflare offers a single enterprise pricing plan billed monthly or annually.

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Review Summaries
This cloud-based platform doesn’t require any download or installation process. With it, you are able to keep track of all crucial company data, customer profiles, social media, emails, and so on, without worrying about the productivity and efficiency of all your sales team. The system is designed to make your sales and marketing operations more efficient and productive with the features and tools it offers.
Salesflare automates crucial aspects of the customer relationship management process so sales teams can focus on customer interactions. Businesses are billed according to the number of users, making it costly for larger sales teams.
Salesflare is setting the CRM standards when it comes to customer relationship management, thanks to its easy-to-navigate platform that lets users keep track of their company information and easily boost the management of each part, This, among other features, makes Salesflare hands down the CRM software if you have a startup or small business selling B2B!
Salesflare is an advanced but easy to use software that uses artificial intelligence and automation to help users spend less time working on the system, and more on what is important for them. This CRM software enables sales people to focus on helping customers and providing them solutions, without having to spend so much time manually entering data in the system.
Salesflare is a zero-input Customer Relations Management system directed at startups and small businesses. Salesflare does not require manual data entry. It pulls data from company databases, social media, email marketing, phone logs and calendars and automatically inputs it to pre-set categories.
Salesflare is a sales-focused CRM which helps users keep track of all important information about their potential customers. It collects customer interaction data from all communication touchpoints and sends automated reminders, so no important follow-ups are missed.
It has a beautiful interface, all the automation you could hope for, and is customizable enough to work for just about any person, team, or business. It’s still a young platform, so it holds a lot of promise for future growth.
Salesflare is built on top of salespeople’s existing data pools of their customers and doesn’t require them to input customer data, such as emails, phone numbers, and address books, into the software. The software automates the whole gathering and storing of customer information, reducing time spent on data entry by as much as 70%.

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