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✅ Pros

It offers unmatched revenue-optimization.
Review Pros
It is so easy to use.
The software integrates with a ton of marketing tools and services through Zapier.
It helps you upsell products and services with just 1 click of a button.
You can set automation rules with third-party apps.
It allows access levels at the unit/lesson level.
It charges 0% transaction fees.
With its optimized shopping cart and checkout templates, SamCart provides businesses with the tools to create a seamless and user-friendly buying experience.
Samcart integrates with your auto responder, CRM and social media.
SamCart supports selling all types of products, including both digital and physical.
Feature-rich affiliate management is built right in.
SamCart is super easy to use.
A variety of third-party integrations are available for payment, marketing, fulfillment, and much more.
SamCart also has flexible payment models, including payment plans, subscriptions, and trials.
With its high-converting templates for checkout and user-friendly interface, SamCart enhances the overall buying process for customers.
Membership site builder is available on all pricing plans.
It links with different payment processing tools.
It offers a safe and secure shopping cart.
They’re constantly publishing in-depth articles on their blog.
It has a great reporting dashboard.
You can make your checkout process match exactly your brand and design.
It’s easy to create high-converting and professional-looking shopping carts with a drag-and-drop cart builder along with pre-designed templates.
With free courses available when purchasing SamCart, you get more help as a beginner digital marketer.
SamCart is one of the few platforms I’ve seen that offers quirky added-value features that actually work.
It has the ability to create worksheets.
I like the free trial offer, money-back guarantee and on-barding assistance.
It has a flexible lesson editor.
You have access to different payment processing tools.
SamCart also supports Zapier and webhooks to extend to your customizations.
They’re looking for user feedback and appear to actually act on it.
It helps you reduce cart-abandonments due to length checkout processes.
It is easy to create products and product pages.
You can easily create beautiful pages.
It offers efficient reporting and analysis tools.
Lots of subscription payment configurations are possible.
Customers can also embed a checkout pop-up on a landing page or website built on a third-party platform such as WordPress.
You can make changes to your product/checkout page and upsells and see how they perform.
Samcart integrations include support for many major payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, etc.).
It has beautiful checkout page templates.
Round-the-clock life chat support along with quick email assistance. You can also join an exclusive Facebook community for help.
Creator University is full of informative training from successful SamCart users and includes a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network with.
It supports multiple pricing models.
SamCart is a user-friendly platform for selling both physical and digital products online.
Well-designed and innovative templates are available.
With seamless integration with various shopping cart platforms and the ability to create a single-page checkout, SamCart simplifies the buying process for customers.
SamCart’s checkout templates, one-click upsells, crosells, and bumps are all designed to boost conversions.
SamCart’s cost-effective pricing makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to manage subscriptions efficiently.
You can use one-click upsells, downsells, and even “bumps” to boost your revenue.
They also have an extensive range of templates for customers to easily create sales and checkout pages.
It has a great list of integrations.
The subscription Saver feature is useful.
Unlike other platforms, SAmCart doesn’t charge a setup fee to get started.
You can create a shopping cart in less than an hour with an easy-to-use visual editor.
It integrates with most common tools and services + Zapier support.
The popularity of the SamCart platform has exploded in the last few months.
You can create a custom-built and optimized checkout page in under 3-minutes.
Support is available thorough documentation, live chat and an engaged FB group.
It’s an easy to use, no-code solution that supports sales of digital or physical products.
It’s easy to use.
It gives your customers the confidence to continue with a transaction over secured HTTPS servers.
SamCart has next to 0 learning curve.
The platform has many payment options, including one-time payment, recurring, limited-subscription, and pay-what-you-want pricing.
I like that everything is straightforward and there’s no option overload.
It offers one-button-click access to upsell your other services or products.
It has an in-house affiliate program with a powerful affiliate management system.
It has inbuilt sales-boosting tools such as offer bumps, one-click upsells and downsells. It also supports coupons and discounts.
It also offers features like automatic cancellation of subscriptions, ensuring hassle-free management.
You have granular control over how you use coupons and discounts for your products.
Pre-made proven designs help you to create funnels that convert.
It has powerful selling tools.
It is easy to add upsells or downsells.

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❌ Cons

Limited design options are available for checkout pages.
Limited support for payment processors (only Stripe and PayPal offered at the time of writing).
I find it odd for a shopping cart service to lack the ability to enable two-factor authentication for administrative accounts.
No email marketing, funnels, or high-end analytics means you’ll need a bunch of integrations and a lot of duct tape to hold it all together. It’s fine for solopreneurs, but it’s a pain.
It has limited payment processors (PayPal and Stripe).
Due to the limited tools for hosting and delivery, it’s likely that SamCart users will also be using another platform in some capacity, which can be frustrating.
It doesn’t work smoothly 100% of the time.
There is no mobile app.
It does not have website building features
When using SamCart, you need to find a different method for accepting cryptocurrency payments. It also doesn’t have Apple Pay.
SamCart is limited to sales and checkout pages; no website builder exists.
It offers fewer payment integrations than some other shopping cart/ecommerce applications.
You’re only able to offer 2 payment options to your customers.
It is a costly shopping cart software for a business generating zero to low revenue.
SamCart is more expensive than ThriveCart, though unlike others does not charge per transaction or amount of products you sell.
Some features are not available on the starter plan.
Currently, it will only work with PayPal and Stripe.
SamCart isn’t well-suited for selling services.
Only email support is available.
Once your default currency is set upon signup, you cannot support other currencies.
It is a little pricey compared to other platforms (like Shopify or 3Dcart, for example).
It does not have a digital built-in sales tax calculation.
Compared to other cart builders, it has restricted design options and a limited number of templates.
A/B split testing is not as effective as it is on some other platforms. It often misfires.
It is lacking support for many payment processors (only Stripe + PayPal).

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about SamCart below.

Review Summaries
Well, while SamCart certainly holds its own in and all-out feature war, the younger, more agile ThriveCart takes the edge for me, and that’s without factoring the significantly lower price point.
SamCart Courses offers the basic features for course building, content delivery, and learner engagement. It can’t replace dedicated course platforms and is recommended for existing SamCart users who need to sell simple courses online.
While we did have a technical hiccup at the beginning, the customer support team was keen to help, and the platform itself is easy to navigate. It has some great tools, including upsells, split testing, and the Subscription Saver. Plus, the reporting is great, and it has some good product page templates. If you run a subscription-based business, it’s definitely tempting to check out.
SamCart offers a great shopping cart if you’re looking to launch any digital or physical products.
Overall, SamCart has many great checkout and sales page features that can be used to create and sell all types of digital and physical products and services. The main limitation we found was that it lacked any advanced course tools such as SCORM/HTML5, didn’t have a website builder, and had no email and marketing tools. Therefore, we rated SamCart as a 4.6/5.
SamCart is a valuable tool that is easy to set up and makes a great addition to any online business.
Samcart is considered to be one of the best shopping-cart-software for small online businesses focusing essentially on optimized cart transaction and checkout pages. It helps in retaining customers in the purchase journey and reducing your cart abandonment rate. All along with order bump, subscription, one-click upsell, and payment plan capacities that are intended to boost your profits.
SamCart is an excellent online shopping cart for bloggers and creators selling digital products. While it can handle physical products, it’s not as well suited for that purpose. The biggest disadvantage of SamCart is its pricing. SamCart is costly, although they are constantly adding new services and have made many improvements since first launching in 2015.
SamCart has proven to be a strong solution for businesses struggling with high cart abandonment and low conversions. The reason it works well for increasing conversions is the features like the order bumps and one-click up-sells, as well as its strong analytics capabilities.
While I can’t recommend SamCart in its current form and price point, I think within 6 months time, it’s going to be a really solid platform. I look forward to seeing how it progresses!
In summary, I would consider SamCart to be a solid SaaS platform and one of, if not the easiest shopping cart solution for small business owners.
After thoroughly exploring and evaluating various e-commerce platforms, it is clear that SamCart stands out as the ultimate solution for businesses.
If you only need to sell one or a few products, go for SamCart. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still get your domain and webhosting separately and then build out some beautiful landing pages with SamCart. If you already have a website and want to earn money from it, SamCart will be a great tool for listing your products and accepting payments. However, if you have a lot of inventory, you will most likely find SamCart’s lack of inventory management very limiting for your business.
SamCart is awesome for solopreneurs with online digital product businesses like eBooks, courses, or coaching packages. It has everything you need right out of the box, and will earn you a ton more in sales with some cool features. If you’re ready to grind, it’s 100% worth the money.
Samcart is certainly a good place to start selling physical and digital items. The platform provides easy-to-use tools to build high-converting checkout pages that your customer finds impossible to resist from making a purchase. However, the platform misses out on some key features, such as botched-up split testing, limited payment options, lack of funneling, in-built sales calculation, and a few more.

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