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✅ Pros

They offer a lifetime free domain.
Review Pros
They also offer white label hosting for shared plans.
You will find a special webmail hosting service with different packages depending on the number of accounts, the space required and the number of webmail domains.
They offer excellent uptime.
They also offer cPanel website management.
They offer unlimited free site migrations.
When you first sign up with Scala Hosting for more than a year, then you get a free domain name as a bonus perk.
ScalaHosting offers users a 99.9% uptime guarantee spelled out in black and white.
They have a huge product range.
We were pleased to see the fast customer service response times.
It gives you the possibility of acquiring one free of charge among the d minor categories.
Scala Hosting offers a great solution to ease your mind by keeping remote daily backups of your data for the last 7 days.
Scala Hosting’s customer support is available 24/7 through live chat and a ticket system.
24/7 customer support is accessible through live chat and email.
Scala Hosting client area is easy to use and logical.
It has well-established reputation.
There are lots of fridges.
Navigating through this Hosting site to find the best service that suits your needs is very simple.
Scala Hosting offers some of the most competitively-priced cloud VPS hosting I’ve ever seen.
They have affordable pricing plans.
Unlike some hosts that offer white label hosting for resellers, ScalaHosting offers this even on their most basic shared hosting plans.
The provider keeps the backups for a week, so you’ll always have seven versions of your site to rely upon.
Scalahosting offers a special WordPress-focused “flavor” of the standard hosting plans at no extra charge.
As long as you sign up for ScalaHosting VPS plans run on SPanel, you get free migration for as many of your sites as you want.
They also offer an intuitive customized control panel.
They have reliable customer service.
They also give access to SPanel which is really powerful and extremely easy to use.
They promise reat hosting performance.
Scalahosting lets users who sign up for six months of hosting register a domain name at no extra cost.
They offer fast support response times.
I have raised three different support tickets with them and all were answered in the first hour itself.
Customer support is knowledgeable and fast.
Powerful WordPress management is available.
The provision of HTTP/2 access on all ScalaHosting plans is very positive.
You can register a domain of your choice from .com/.net/.org for one year while ordering a hosting package with them.
They offer excellent uptime, with an uptime money-back guarantee.
It offers automatic daily backups with all managed cloud VPS plans.
They offer highly configurable VPS plans.
They claim to offer faster and more secure hosting with 99.99% uptime.
I love the number of free features Scala Hosting includes with its managed cloud VPS.
You get a free domain name with all hosting plan.
Straightforward control panel is included.
SShield is active 24/7 and monitors all the sites on each server actively.
VPS hosting is easy to use.
New users receive the option of getting their money back within 30 days of making the hosting plan purchase.
The self-developing spanner is super-convenient.
They offer free site migration for unlimited sites.
Scala Hosting has made it simple to install WordPress to your site with only one click.
World-class security features are available.
Speaking of upgrades, Scalahosting makes it beyond easy to get your own virtual server with all the accompanying benefits.
Scala Hosting offers flexible VPS hosting plans.
Scala Hosting packages comes with complete security.
If you having already an existing website, and want to move to Scala Hosting, Don’t worry, they will transfer it for you with any additional cost.
It uses a highly redundant cloud network that allows it to offer near-100% uptime.
In a world where the strong dominate the weak, ScalaHosting has survived for 13 years now.
All the web services at Scala Hosting allow you to upload an unlimited amount of databases.
Scala Hosting offers a guaranteed 24/7 customer service with professional experts in problem solving or any situation that requires it.
Their hosting servers are constantly monitored and provide you 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Although Scala officially states that it takes 24 hours for accounts to be activated, most new accounts witness instant activation.
Their hosting plans have good prices.
They provide a ticket, phone, email, and live chat support.
By offering white label hosting for all their plans, ScalaHosting turns them into their own web hosting providers as well.
SPanel is perhaps the single most distinguishing factor of ScalaHosting.
They offer feature-rich beginner plans.
They have exceptionally fast webservers.
The servers can automatically fix and repair most issues themselves.
The sPanel is easy to navigate.
As expected from any leading hosting provider, Scala includes support for the latest versions of PHP 7, which is the most secure version of PHP and geared for high performance.
ScalaHosting performs automated backups for all accounts – seven images for seven days worth of backups.
Rather than forcing users to pay for a cPanel or similar license when they purchase a managed cloud VPS hosting plan, Scala includes its own native SPanel.
They also offer a free SSL to make your site go from HTTP to HTTPS.
We got 100% uptime result.

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❌ Cons

For the first time purchase, the advertising price is $3.95/mo that it requires you prepaying for a full three years to actually get it.
Their website has an ordinary design.
Scala Hosting’s uptime was an average of 99.89% during the past six months (with almost five hours of downtime).
Their hosting has minimal WordPress support features.
They offer small introductory discounts.
The basic plan is very basic even for beginners.
Its fees increase on renewal.
In case your website exceeds the maximum visitor amount, your site’s performance may degrade.
They have a few promotions.
They don’t offer a website builder.
Shared hosting uses only partial SSD.
Windows-based server options are less.
We observed average sharing hosting speeds during testing.
Another concern is Scala Hosting’s use of outdated hard disk drive (HDD) storage with its lower-end shared and WordPress hosting plans.
WordPress hosting plans lack advanced features.
One of the major cons of Scala Hosting is its limited datacenter locations.
Scala’s Shared Hosting Plans only have operating systems and databases run on SSD. Everything else still makes use of traditional hard-drive capacity.
They have limited server locations.
When going for their cheapest offered plan, you have the limitation of hosting only one website.
There is minimal content on the support site.
Unless you’re on their expensive plans, ScalaHosting only offers limited SSD functionality.
Limited server locations are available.
Their hosting renewal rates are not the same as they are slightly expensive.
It lacks dedicated hosting.
They have slim Knowledge Base.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In 2021, Scalahosting remains a hosting provider with some of the most groundbreaking tech out there. It’s great for content management systems, ecommerce, and practically any project, no matter how demanding. The addition of new third-party cloud facilities just goes further to boost the provider’s performance. It is now an even more powerful option for scaling websites.
Overall, ScalaHosting offers superb value for the price you pay. Its shared plans are very affordable and come with a wide range of beneficial features, it offers highly-configurable virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans, and users report quick and effective customer response times. With one-click installations, free migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, ScalaHosting makes it easy for new users to get started as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, WordPress users may prefer to take their business elsewhere as ScalaHosting’s WordPress hosting solutions are relatively bare compared to other providers.
Overall, ScalaHosting is a very simple and quite affordable managed VPS option. In fact, this Scala Hosting review went as smoothly as one could expect, with no technical difficulties whatsoever. And that’s not often the case, even with shared hosting that’s supposed to be the easiest one. So big praises for Scala in this regard.
If you’re looking for managed virtual private server hosting, Scala Hosting may be the service for you, thanks to its well-priced, flexible, VPS plans and rock-solid uptime. That said, its site building-tools could be easier to use.
Scala Hosting wasn’t the best in our speed tests and its WordPress range looks a little underpowered, but shared plans have stacks of features, VPS plans are ultra-configurable, prices are decent and support ticket responses are faster than some provider’s live chat.
If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable cloud VPS hosting that won’t break your budget, you should definitely consider Scala Hosting.
Scala Hosting handles to supply exceptional features, powerful performance, and prices, all in one bundle. The shared hosting plans are a fantastic option for smaller websites, and also the company’s proprietary hosting enables you to exploit the capability of a VPS solution.
ScalaHosting isn’t the cheapest nor the best, but it offers solid, well-rounded offerings. Their introduction of self developed technology is just what consumers like us need today, and I encourage you to support their endeavours. We will all benefit in the end.
ScalaHosting is a good start for those who looking to venture their business online. You get to choose the specifications based on your website needs because you only pay for what you need. Remember to be polite and talk with respect when dealing with the staffs. Read on to learn more about this company.
ScalaHosting has been in the hosting industry for 10 years and offering exceptional hosting features at affordable prices. They also have a wide range of hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to reseller hosting to managed VPS hosting. If you’re looking for an affordable and better web hosting choice, ScalaHosting is ideal for you. If you’re looking for more speed, go for their managed VPS servers as they are worth every single penny.
No doubt, Scala hosting is fast and in fact faster than a couple of reputed web hosts. I tested their service found their service to be exceptionally good. In fact, the shared hosting plans are very good which really surprised me. No doubt, if you choose their VPS plans you might get a far better speed than their shared hosting plan.
Scala Hosting is a good hosting in terms of website security. With a list of features, this hosting is a great fit if money isn’t an issue for you.
Scala Hosting’s cloud hosting service definitely meets expectations. It is a provider that offers a wide variety of possibilities, but manages to successfully meet the various requirements.
While Scala Hosting’s shared hosting features are great and have solid loading times; we can’t turn a blind eye to their below-average uptime. Since website uptime directly influences visitor’s experience, Scala Hosting, unfortunately, isn’t at the top of our list of the best hosting services – even though they offer some great perks that are competitive with the top hosting providers. If you’re not worried about uptime (which they will likely improve over the years), they might be a good VPS option.

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