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✅ Pros

It is specially engineered to balance the weight load across the entire garment to prevent neck and back pain.
Review Pros
It has high quality construction and materials you can depend on.
It’s light and well-designed.
This Hoodie claims to have 13 pockets.
It is warm and comfortable.
While 21 pockets might sound excessive, the reason I like having so many pockets is so that I can separate all of my stuff and access it quickly.
It is made out of a micro-fleece material that is oh-so-soft, and keeps you warm as well.
There are seemingly endless number of secret compartments.
The jacket itself is water-repellent.
Scottevest Travel Vest has a built in sunglasses cleaner on a string.
They gear their products more toward shorter-term trips, particularly hunting or fishing.
It’s incredibly comfortable.
It maintains attractive style even when stashing lots of items.
It is machine washable.
18 ingenious pockets will hold the equivalent of a small backpack.
The SCOTTEVEST vest really comes into its own when going through airport security checks as you no longer have to empty your pockets.
It lets you breeze through airport security.
It has good craftsmanship.
Chloe Glow does a great job of holding a heck of a lot while maintaining a streamlined profile.
The features and number of pockets will suit needs of most travelers.
The earbuds live right by your ears and the rest of the wires are hidden out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them.
The zippered pockets are especially useful for small gadgets and accessories.
Scottevest products are so useful that famed travel writer and vagabond Rolf Potts recently employed them on a six-week, around the world trip in place of luggage.
It is made of water-resistant and breathable material.
There are two exterior chest pockets so you can quickly access your tech and daily essentials.
It surprisingly warm, protective jacket.
This coat is seriously warm, blocking rain and wind.
Specially engineered pocket material blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies to keep your credit card and passport information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves.
If you want a casual, comfortable sweatshirt for brisk days with enough pockets to let you leave your bag at home.
It appears to be tough enough to withstand the rigours put upon it by frequent travel.
The style is chic and straightforward and the curves will appeal to most users.
It fatures zip-off sleeves to convert from jacket to vest and back in seconds.
The trench is machine washable.
I’ve found the vest great for when I don’t want to carry a bag.
These jackets would be perfect for comfortable, hands-free walking.
The sweatshirt is very soft and comfortable to wear when relaxing indoors or napping.
There are 15 pockets in the Chloe Glow, making it a serious travel jacket.
The pockets are mostly on the inside, zippered and secure, which makes it very hard to pickpocket.
This coat is gorgeous, with sleek clean lines that surprisingly flatter.
It converts into a vest.
It has loads of pockets.
SCOTTeVEST products are great for a wide variety of people.
30 Pockets are perfect for transporting your EDC gear.
Pickpockets don’t stand a chance with this many secure pockets.
The jacket comes in six sizes ranging from small to XXX-large.
It comes with patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management.
It can hold iPad/small laptop/firearm.
It provides security for your valuables.
It even comes with a pocket map.
It has stylish design.
The jacket can be bundled up and stuffed into itself.
The fabric is breathable and machine washable.
It is fashionable.
The Chloe Glow is machine washable.
It has The Personal Area Network in it.
It is frees up space in your carry-on bag.
There’s a large pocket in the outside on the back with a hidden zipper.
SCOTTeVEST sells lots of other models, with various numbers of pockets.
There are plenty of pockets made specifically for your most common items.
It is ideal for fall, winter and spring.
The vest can easily hold everything you need for a day of sightseeing or cultural immersion.
It’s survived many wearings and washings with ease, keeping its softness intact.
This Chloe Glow hoodie has smooth cotton fabric.
The sweatshirt has a built-in eye mask that flips down to block out light.
The back inside of the jacket is a breathable mesh that helps keep you cool.
There’s a oversize interior pocket that’s big enough to hold our iPad or Android tablet.

❌ Cons

You ccan feel a bit too hot when the temperature is in the 70s.
You might forget where you put things.
Unfortunately, like all of Bond’s other stuff, this thing ain’t cheap.
The jacket fits slightly small compared to other clothing.
I could not find any standard size bottle that would fit into strap.
It is expensive.
I would love if it was a little more lightweight.
It was hot.
I find the jacket gets quite warm once the weather hits about 18 degrees Celsius or 65 Fahrenheit and sunny.
The weight was a problem.
Vest can become overly bulky if you truly utilize all the compartments.
Some users complain about the main front zipper being difficult at times.
It is not waterproof.
With the weight of the items evenly distributed around my torso, the vest felt a bit heavy at first.
The neckline has a small collar that stands up.
At times, pockets filled with too many items can create bulges.
You still have to remove the vest and place it in a bin to go through airport security.
Users claim that it tends to run smaller than expected.
Sleep mask in the hood is poorly designed.
Scottevest’s new Hoodie is even more expensive than the $75 original.
At $95, the SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton is an expensive sweatshirt.
With so many pockets, you need a game plan to keep track of everything.
It is expensive.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The SCOTTeVEST RFID Womens Travel Vest is a great choice that will fit most travelers. It has 18 different sized pockets to hold a vast variety of gear. The style is chic and straightforward and the curves will appeal to most users.
For travelers, this coat will be fantastic. It does what coats are supposed to do (keep you warm and dry), looks great, and will hold as much as your purse. It’s a fabulous addition to a business traveler’s arsenal of tools to make trips easier.
The SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton is an innovative, comfortable sweatshirt that makes life a little easier. At first glance, it looks a lot like most hoodies, but it has 21 pockets to manage all of your stuff and a couple of convenient features that make it more functional than a typical sweatshirt.
It is designed with law enforcement, military, and gun enthusiasts in mind. That said, the Enforcer still has all of the functional engineering of other SCOTTeVEST garments, including a wide assortment of pockets of all different shapes and sizes to securely store/transport all your gear.
This jacket’s made specially for female travelers, with 15 hidden pockets and plenty of room for all my gear, gadgets and passport.
SCOTTeVEST products are great for a wide variety of people. Almost everyone would be able to use the features of the hoodie. If you are a business traveler who wants to get away with an extra carry-on, or someone who needs to carry everything with you all the time, or if you have a bad relationship with your backpack and have been hurt, then SCOTTeVEST is perfect for you.
The ScotteVest women’s travel vest is this woman traveler’s dream vest. Though it comes with a substantial price tag, I will definitely get my money’s worth out of it for many years to come.
The Scottevest Travel Vest for Men is a stylish, well-designed alternative to small carry-ons, daypacks, and overloaded pockets.
The jacket has 30 pockets and each one has a purpose. The manufacturer’s intent is to allow Every Day Carry (EDC) and concealed-carry weapon minded persons to hide and then be able to rapidly deploy a firearm and get to their goodies easily. You’ll even look sexy while doing it, because the jacket looks pretty dope.
With its new cotton hoodie, Scottevest takes its original tech-friendly, pockets-a-plenty shirt and makes it warmer to wear while adding even more storage.
If you need to carry a lot of gadgets, and want them close at hand, SCOTTeVEST should have the apparel you need, and you can look stylish at the same time.
I can see myself wearing the vest every day and it’s felt liberating not having a bag on my shoulder. Order the right size and you’ll receive compliments on the great style while enjoying the freedom to carry all you need in comfort.
I was delighted with the performance of the Scottevest. It’s light, well-designed, and appears to be tough enough to withstand the rigours put upon it by frequent travel. It’s even water and stain resistant, which is handy for someone like me.
With 22 pockets, the Scottevest Tropiformer Jacket is tailor-made for the gadgeteer on the go.
If you look at SCOTTeVEST’s website, it becomes clear that their products aren’t really intended for long-term travel. They gear their products more toward shorter-term trips, particularly hunting or fishing. Some are just meant to be everyday clothing.

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