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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

These cheap fares are offered for both US and international travel across all classes.
Review Pros
You will get e-mail & text message alerts of all the latest deals.
Free subscribers get good deals too.
In addition to helping you find cheap flights, Scott’s website also has travel guides that cover a wide variety of topics related to travel.
The discounts are big enough that you will easily make up for the annual fee with one cheap flight, and any others are a bonus.
Deals are sent every day.
Even if you book just one flight, you’ll likely make back the $49 or $199 fee in savings compared to if you booked last minute or directly through the airline.
It’s possible to grab some really great bargains and save 100s of $ on flights with Scott’s Cheap Flights.
It can give you new destination ideas and encourage you to explore new places.
The service claims that most of the deals it sends out are 40% to 90% off average prices.
You can get the cheapest flights around when using Scott’s Cheap Flights.
In addition to flight guides, some guides will help you plan your trip with destination guides, visa guides, and information for traveling during the holidays.
They send text and email alerts of all the best deals.
International destinations cost less than $300 for round trip at times.
You get deals only with good routing (ideally nonstop and no bad layovers).
Scott’s Cheap Flights finds flight deals for us so that we don’t have to invest our own time and effort.
Airlines sometimes make mistakes with pricing – it happens! Scott looks for these and can sometimes send jaw-dropping fares before the airlines have a chance to take them down.
It only offer deals on highly rated airlines.
It only suggest nonstop or single-stop itineraries.
It has free and paid options.
Scott’s Cheap Flights has a knack for finding massive airfare discounts because deals sent to subscribers usually speak of significant savings ranging from 40%-90% off the original fare.
Discounts can be as much as 90% off a regular plane fare, with 40% discounts being the average amount offered.
You can receive regular email alerts of the best deals.
It allows custom departure city selection.
You can spend less and travel more – it’s good for your health.
You can browse through an extensive library of articles and resources for making smart travel decisions.
Even if you utilize one deal from the provided suggestions, you should be able to cover your annual subscription fee. It’s that cheap!
Scott’s Cheap Flights catches the errors and emails the fares to you.
The emails include instructions on how to book the flight deals, including what travel dates and airlines are available and what platform to book the flight through.
It’s nice to know that these deals aren’t locked into certain rigid dates.
There’s a 30-day money back guarantee.
You can choose the free or the premium plan.
A subscriber has the option to opt into the deals most relevant to them.
Free and paid membership options are available.
They helped me find a $290 nonstop roundtrip flight from NYC to Copenhagen.
Deals are sent to you every day.
There is a free version of Scott’s Cheap Flights.
You can save an average of $550 on international flights and $200 on domestic flights.
Team of flight experts working around the clock, so there’s constantly someone searching for deals.
Each email also gives you a sample search to click through and customize.
You won’t get last minute deals, only those that will allow you time to do some planning.
There is also a free subscription option.
You only get deals with good airlines, no budget carriers with reputations for bad customer service.
Getting all these cheap flight deals in my inbox gives me a serious case of wanderlust.
It allows custom departure city selection.
When Scott and his team find a cheap flight, they email their members an alert.
You can get tons of cheap flight alerts straight to your inbox.
The real-time notifications also ensure you don’t miss out on massive deals.
This email newsletter seeks out super cheap flights/mistake fares and emails them to you.
It has both free and premium service choices.
Buying one flight will pay for the subscription price, and then some.
Becoming a paid subscriber helps support the Scott’s Cheap Flights team to search for and find flight deals.
The premium version of the membership is only $49 per year and you get a 14-day free trial.
This service is best for people who aren’t tied to specific airports.
Purchasing one flight will pay for the subscription price.
The $49 annual fee pays for itself multiple times over even if you only book one domestic deal a year.
You can choose your departure airport.
It covers deals on both domestic (US) and international destinations.
You can customize your departure city.
It costs less than $5 a month to get all the premium information.
International destinations sometimes for less than $300 round trip.

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❌ Cons

You will not be able to choose the destinations that the flight deals are for.
It only includes U.S. departure cities.
Deals don’t last long.
It’s not for last minute travel.
It only includes discounted flights, excludes hotels and other travel items.
The flights are mostly international, so for now, you’ll have to search for your own domestic flights.
Worldwide departures are not available.
You can’t search for flights on the Scott’s Cheap Flights site.
It can be difficult to contact someone if you have a concern.
It’s for international travel.
There is $49 annual fee for premium subscription after free trial, $199 annual fee for elite subscription.
Worldwide departure is not quite available.
If you’re not excited about international travel, you might want to skip out.
Scot’s Cheap Flights only provides email alerts.
If you miss an email, you miss a deal.
Some deal alerts may have misleading information.
It’s not for people looking for specific flights.
For free users, flight deals are delayed by about 30 minutes from when Premium subscribers receive the deal.
Scott’s Cheap Flights free membership offers only a small number of deals.
Daily notifications can be overwhelming.
You do not get access to the flight searching tool, you wait for Scott to get you the deals.
It does not offer domestic flight service.
At present, the deals are only favorable for people in the US.
They do not have a mobile app.
The free subscribers get deals 30 minutes after paid members.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Give Scott’s Cheap Flights a whirl if you want to save money on flights. I haven’t booked anything as of yet but I’m hoping to travel to Mexico or South America over winter, so I’ll be looking for some awesome fares. If you sign up for the free version and like what you see, then it’s always possible to upgrade to the premium version after.
A premium membership for Scott’s Cheap Flights is worth it if you plan on booking at least one flight through their site. The discounts are big enough that you will easily make up for the annual fee with one cheap flight, and any others are a bonus.
Overall, we think Scott’s Cheap Flights is an amazing service, especially for travel addicts. If you are in the US, it’s an option to consider for sure. After all, what’s travel without handy tools and services like these?
Overall, if you’re definitely planning to book a flight (or multiple flights), then it’s well worth using Scott’s Cheap Flights and paying for a membership. The fees will pay for themselves quickly if you book even just one or two flights. Plus, the company often offers free trials for its Premium Membership, making the advanced Premium service available for no cost for a brief period. Doing a free trial is also low commitment, as you can cancel anytime during the trial time frame.
If you’re interested in scoring a great deal on airfare, then a membership with Scott’s Cheap Flights is a must for any traveler. With 14 days free to try it out, what do you have to lose?
I’ve subscribed to Scott’s Cheap Flights for over a year, and I’m always thinking about the possibilities when a great travel deal hits my inbox. You certainly don’t have to open every email or book every deal to make the most of this expertly curated service.
I’m really digging Scott’s Free Flights and I love getting emails just about every day with great deals. I’m signed up for the Premium version and I feel like it’s worth the price based on how much you’ll save in time and money — they claim they save an average of $607 per flight.
After searching through various cheap flight services, Scott’s Cheap Flights remains as the best service available on the market. Over the years I have saved thousands of dollars with and this 100% justifies purchasing their premium version.
Whether you’re opting to sign up for free cheap flight alerts, or you’re willing to pay $49 a year for unlimited alerts, it’s undeniably worth it. The time saved by not having to hunt for low priced tickets yourself means more time doing what you love. And cheap international flights mean you can travel more and see that much more of the world!
Scott’s Cheap Flights offers travelers a great way to save money by providing frequent, time-sensitive flight deals to worldwide destinations.From a quick Miami getaway to long-haul flights to Japan, Scott’s Cheap Flights’ team of flight experts scour the internet to provide their subscribers with the hottest deals available.
Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email subscription service that sends out flight deals for international and domestic (U.S.) destinations. It has free and paid options, and the service claims that most of the deals it sends out are 40% to 90% off average prices.
Many times the most difficult part about traveling is to find deals that fit in your budget. Therefore, many people are always looking for cheap flights to save on expenses. I looked at various cheap flight services and I concluded that nothing could beat Scott. It remains the best service available in the market today.
Overall, a Scott’s Cheap Flights email subscription is a great tool to check out if you’re planning to travel or are just interested in seeing what kind of airfare deals are out there. Sometimes a great deal on a roundtrip ticket can lead you to places you never thought you’d go or it could help you see an amazing destination that’s been on your bucket list.

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