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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

Scout Alarms exceed UL Certification and utilize the same 3G cell technology used by today’s mobile telephones.
Review Pros
It is easy to install.
Customers also have the yearly monitoring option that automatically saves 10 percent if paid in full.
Scout Alarms are developed to be read from smart-phones and most mobile devices.
The number of users that can have access to your system is unlimited.
Customizable notifications and sequences of actions like turning on a lamp when motion is detected.
This system adds arming and disarming widgets to your phone’s home screen.
You can easily customize the actions and alerts from Scout.
The greatest benefit of using Scout Alarm’s services is that it is completely customizable.
It offers easy DIY monitoring.
It has simple DIY installation.
It has 4G LTE cellular and backup battery to protect against outages.
It has deep customization options.
Contract-free subscription option is offered.
It has quick and easy installation.
From the monitoring plans to the equipment, customers get to decide it all without worrying about making a long-term commitment.
You can sync your Scout Alarm with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to arm and disarm your system using voice commands.
There is no-contract monitoring.
It offers 30 day product returns.
It is relatively inexpensive.
Consumers have options to install Door Panels, Access Sensors and Motion Sensors wherever they desire.
It is affordable.
It is easy to install.
It is not required to have a monitoring plan if the customer just wants to monitor their own system.
Scout Alarm offers a 10% discount if you pay for your monitoring plan annually rather than monthly.
It has quick and easy installation.
It can be expanded into a connected home system.
It has DIY installation.
It works with IFTTT, Nest, and other connected devices.
While you’ll need a monitoring plan for personal or professional monitoring, there’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time.
DIY installation is supported by video tutorials.
Within sixty days, you can return part of your order, such as extra sensors that you decide not to use.
It has modern design.
All devices are sold separately, so you won’t have to buy a pricey starter kit that may contain equipment you don’t need.
The video quality of the Scout Indoor Cam is pretty good.
It comes with money-back guarantee.
It has simple and seamless setup.
It has responsive sensors.
It offers mobile and web access.
This is a great system for those who think they may move from a smaller home to a larger one, since it’s easy to take with you and add on additional sensors as needed.
There is no long-term contract.
It is compatible with environmental sensors.
60-day return policy is offered.
It is a modern unique security system.
Scout Alarm integrates with Nest devices, Samsung SmartThings, Philips, Lifx lights and others, as well as Amazon Echo and Google Home.
Scout Alarm works with a couple of smart home platforms.
The camera comes equipped with night vision powered by a single infrared LED light.
It is contract-free.
You can pay upfront for the equipment and easily add to it later.
There is no-contract professional monitoring.
It supports IFTTT, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Nest and Amazon Alexa integration.
The camera integrates with Google Nest, IFTTT, Philips-Hue lightbulbs, Lifx, Amazon Echo and Google Home.
There is no contract.
Low monthly monitoring is available.
It comes with responsive sensors.
You can store an unlimited number of clips to the cloud for up to 14 days.
Services were created to be especially flexible.
These devices come with an optional extension probe which prevents water damage, so you can reuse the sensors.
It works without monthly fees.
Myriad configurability options are open to those willing to tinker.
It comes with free mobile control app.
Scout Alarms do not require a yearly contract of any kind, unless the consumer opts for one.
You can receive push notifications or email alerts, or you can even have your phone ring when an alarm is triggered.

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❌ Cons

If you decide to incorporate Nest products into your Scout system, you’ll need to have a separate subscription with Nest to allow you to monitor your Nest devices.
If you want a DIY company with modern technology check out Frontpoint who has in and outdoor security cameras.
Customers pay for the equipment on their own, so the initial costs are more expensive than companies who loan the equipment to their customers.
There is no professional installation.
I had some hiccups installing the Scout Alarm system.
These is no third-party equipment without a plan.
Their stickers and sign to put in front of your house cost extra out of pocket money.
With over 100 security companies to choose from, it’s nice to have someone with a track record.
The company doesn’t sell an exterior camera or video doorbell.
Monthly service plan requirement for very basic service is a tough sell.
They may not have the same level of experience as other providers.
Some say backup power doesn’t last as long as the company claims.
The range between the hub and sensors is about 125 feet, which is not ideal for large homes.
Some motion detectors are not pet-friendly.
It can’t take over existing alarm system or use with GE, Honeywell equipment.
Sensors are physically quite large and visually intrusive.
There is limited equipment selection.
We encountered significant setup problems and a steep learning curve.
Currently, the only security devices Scout offers are the main hub, door sensor, access sensor, motion sensor, and water sensor.
There is no progress in a while.
There’s no local storage option.
There is currently no professional monitoring available for Nest Protect.
You can only use the mobile app if you have a subscription.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
You can buy everything online, but you have to pay for the equipment upfront. The website is really easy to navigate, and there are no hidden fees. This is a DIY-installation system, and professional or self-monitoring is available. If you’re looking for something simple, yet effective, Scout might be the perfect option for you.
Although it’s still a good company, Scout has lost its edge to SimpliSafe, which is why we’re declaring SimpliSafe the overall winner. If you’re looking for a hybrid alarm company with no contracts and affordable monthly fees, SimpliSafe is most likely the better option for you.
Scout’s DIY home security system offers no-contract monitoring and integration with popular connected devices and services, but it requires a monthly subscription, and add-on sensors are few and far between.
Scout is a simple, attractive security system that can cover your basic home security needs, but if you’re looking for complete coverage with video monitoring, professional smoke monitoring, and integration with your home appliances, this isn’t the system for you. While we like Scout’s integration with Nest products, we’d prefer to have the ability to monitor those devices from the Scout app.
The Scout Alarm is a new type of security for a new type of buyer, the “millennial” home security system that keeps members of all ages safe from outside threats. The software is simple to use, the system is easy to set up, and its deep vault of possible customization thanks to IFTTT makes it a gold mine for even the most experienced smart home geeks among us.
Scout Alarm could be a good choice if you’re comfortable with choosing the right set of sensors and taking the time to install them in a small home or apartment. Scout tries to make it easy to choose the right gear by defining a set of starter packs and guiding you through the checkout on its website.
At any point, Scout Alarm customers can check in and monitor their home’s activities from anywhere. In addition to having the ability to constantly be connected to the system, Scout provides consistent professional monitoring. Monitoring packages do not require a contract and are designed to suit the needs of each individual home.
While Scout has been around for a couple of years, it still feels like a product that’s finding its feet. A lack of sensor options, very buggy setup, and the requirement of a monitoring program don’t inspire a ton of confidence, but the product still holds some promise. Unfortunately, when compared to myriad competitors that don’t have these drawbacks, I’m not sure I’m confident enough to trust my home security to Scout at this point; your mileage may vary.
Founded in Chicago in 2013, Scout Alarms were developed with cost conscious consumers in mind. Scout Alarm Systems also require no holes in household walls, or having to let service personnel into your house. Setting up your security system takes only a few minutes. After activation, a Scout Alarm system is accessible from any working mobile device. Consumers receive updates if their alarm has been tripped in any room of their home.
We recommend Scout to anyone seeking a simple, aesthetic DIY security system. Although its core equipment selection is limited, Scout gives you enough versatility through third-party security and home automation equipment to build out your system however you want.
Scout is a rather basic security system, but it’s elegant, affordable, contract-less, and expandable through third-party devices. If you want a system you control with your phone, Scout could be a viable option.
We like Scout Alarm home security for its DIY installation, many smart platform integrations, and lack of monthly fees.
In spite of the monthly plan fee requirement, Scout Alarm is the best overall option for a DIY home security system. It’s easy to use and includes several smart home options. The RFID stickers make your home even more secure from within. The siren on the hub isn’t as loud as other systems we tested, but the alerts and notifications to your mobile device are quick and detailed so you can decide whether to call authorities or not.
Scout is a hands down a cool alarm system. For being in its infant stages (compared to ADT who has been around over 80 years) the company is on track to do big things and win more market share. Scout doesn’t fit everyone’s budget to pay $500+ upfront but for those looking for stylish security alternative they have found it.

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