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✅ Pros

It is an excellent tools for organizing writing.
Review Pros
It is a powerful software created specifically for writers.
When your novel’s finished, Scrivener lets you export in many formats, from .doc and PDF to .epub and .mobi.
It is also available for Windows and iOS.
Outline view displays folders in a collapsible outline and you can drag and drop documents between them.
There are several different formats with which you can create your eBooks.
Scrivener project allows you to keep everything in one place.
It feels as if it’s been designed for writers by writers, not techies.
Scrivener 3 is a major update that not only brings some very cool new features, but also improves and simplifies what was already there.
There’s even a virtual corkboard where you can make notes on scenes, character/setting sheets, and you have the option to import your research.
The documents are saved in open format, so even if you decide not to continue, you can always continue your work elsewhere.
It offers a ton of features of its own that were more geared to what authors needed, like outlining, organizing files, chapters, notes, concepts, characters, research, etc.
Scrivener also helps you create in the most elementary sense.
Unlike some other customer service departments, you’ll find customer support is real and personalized at Scrivener.
It has easy to use customizable templates for character sketches and location settings.
You can get the 30-day free trial version.
crivener’s designers seem to understand that creativity and writing encompass a lot of outlets
Using the split screen view is another way of increasing your productivity.
The Research folder holds all your sources, such as text, PDF and image files.
Scrivener supports almost all of the main files eBook writers use.
There’s a generous 30-day trial.
The addition of Draft and Session progress bars in the main toolbar.
By far one of the best features of using Scrivener for academic writing is splitscreeen view.
All new Scrivener projects, by default, contain a “Research” folder where you can drag and drop documents and images.
Its “Word Target” feature gives helps you stay on track.
Each document in your project can have a status.
Chapters can be organised, colour-coded and labelled .
The program is intuitive and adaptable.
Labels let you color code things like POV and last known location.
Multiple installs are allowed.
When you select multiple pieces of writing, you can choose to see them as one continuous document or as notecards on a corkboard.
Everything is conveniently located.
The app version syncs across all mobile devices.
The trial download is fully functional, nothing held back.
Scrivener comes with a tutorial.
The Draft folder holds all the text fragments that will be strung together to create your essay or book when you’re ready to export or print it.
Once you have text in Scrivener, you can format it as desired.
If you are easily distracted there is a composition mode.
Scrivener provides clear, visual planning options that allow you to add, delete, and rearrange sections of your work.
Scrivener is less a word processor and more of an organizational system.
There is a beta version of version 3 available for Windows.
There is ample collection of templates.
You can put another chapter into a new window or tile so that you can see both as you writing.
Scrivener has a keyword feature which lets you build up your own custom hierarchy of keywords.
At $45, Scrivener is cheaper than many alternatives.
Scrivener has exemplary support services.
It is extremely powerful.
One of the good things about Scrivener is how it works across multiple machines and platforms.
Scrivener simply looks better; it seems more modern and up-to-date.
Scrivener makes writing a long family history or other project easier by breaking it into smaller parts.
You can switch between broad and detailed views of your project.
It’s customizable.
Composition Mode is very attractive at its default setting.
One of the key elements of Scrivener is that it lets you import and store everything.
Its price is competitve.
You can see draft and session progress bars in the toolbar.
Scrivener includes a composer mode that hides all the distracting menus and buttons if you choose.
One feature that those who have offered Scrivener reviews rave about is the split screen feature.
Scrivener is available for Mac and Windows.
It makes long text easier to face by breaking them down.
Writing a long text is hard but Scrivener makes it seem less scary.
When you have your work arranged and pages sorted the corkboard view becomes very useful.

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❌ Cons

The Scrivener interface is similar but different from most word processor interfaces, so it will take some effort to learn.
If you rely on Track Changes, Scrivener may not work for you.
The interface is a little intimidating at first.
Scrivener 3 is not backward-compatible with the previous version.
There are included templates which are completely unnecessary and are an odd thing to have included in a creative piece of software.
It is geared more toward Mac users than Windows users.
Compile is a very powerful feature and can create camera-ready pages for printing, e-books, and so forth. But, unless you are technically competent, it can be rather scary to use.
There is no way to switch off rich-text engine.
They do not offer a web app.
There are so many tools available that the program can seem quite daunting, especially to newcomers.
Scrivener’s “compile” function adds goofy formatting.
It has no native way to collaborate.
At present the iOS version doesn’t have all the functions of the desktop.
No native collaboration features are available.
Web app is not pesent.
It doesn’t help you brainstorm your plot.
The Scrivener app is still very limited compared to the full program.
Scrivener is not simple.
There are syncing errors sometime.
Scrivener is not currently able to format Endnote citations.
The size and complexity of the program means that this book writing software will take you some time to learn.
It requires time to learn.
It doesn’t check your grammar unlike these other writing tools.
You’ve had to change it into a format that non-Scrivener users can read.
It takes a while to get used to how many of the new icons are more than just buttons to click on.

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Review Summaries
Scrivener is less a word processor and more of an organizational system, because the actual writing is only a small piece of the overall functionality within the Scrivener sphere. There are also handy organizational tools, outlining and editing features that Word, which really is not really a writer-centric software anymore, lacks.
You can easily organize and rearrange a lot of source documents, view them while you write, switch between broad and detailed views of your project
If you’re serious about writing, Scrivener might be for you. If your vision of the future is big and bold and has lots of pockets and folders, then Scrivener is definitely for you. This advanced tool can help support and develop your writing processes by giving you a whole new way to interface with your work.
Scrivener simply looks better; it seems more modern and up-to-date. You can see draft and session progress bars in the toolbar. t’s customizable. There are so many tools available that the program can seem quite daunting, especially to newcomers.If you have Scrivener 2, an upgrade to version 3 costs $25.
Scrivener is one of the best programs for writers. Scrivener was built directly for writers so it does make sense. You can compose and organise your work far more efficiently than using other software and because of this, You feel more productive each day. The price point is fantastic.
Scrivener is an eBook creator with a lot to offer anyone who loves digitizing his or her novels and photo albums. It has so many functions with superb ease of use, and you will never feel like there is no help available to get you up to snuff with all of the tools you need to make your projects look better than ever.
The trial download is fully functional, nothing held back. And you can use it for a real month, ie: 30 actual days of use, even if you only open it once a year. In addition, the documents are saved in open format, so even if you decide not to continue, you can always continue your work elsewhere.
Scrivener is a software program that combines a text editor and word processing with mind mapping tools designed to help organize and pull long documents such as manuscripts, research papers, screenplays, etc. into one central area. Whether you’re a writer that prefers to plot in advance or fly by the seat of your pants in whatever direction your characters choose, you can keep your research, notes, writing, images, audio, even video, all together in one program.
New versions of writing software Scrivener can take a long time to arrive, but are significant, welcome, and very well done. Scrivener 3.0 for Mac is a major update that adds many new features and addresses one problem area with a complete rewrite. The app’s Compile function, which is for taking your writing and sending it to ebooks, PDF, Word and so on, remains as powerful as it was but has been made radically simpler to use.
Scrivener is a writing powerhouse, but rather than make the prospect of writing a novel scarier, it makes it more approachable. The core concept—taking a big document and breaking it into manageable chunks—works. You won’t use everything Scrivener has to offer, and that’s a good thing. It has features to spare.
Scrivener, available for Mac and Windows, is a writing tool that’s a great alternative to Word for works-in-progress. The interface is a little intimidating at first, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll find it’s much easier than jumping back and forth in a giant Word document.
Scrivener is word processing software published by Literature & Latte. It is unique in that the entire “project” is a file, and within the project, you can write drafts and store documents. You can think of your “project” as a folder that has all your writing in one place, and that you can organize and hierarchize. This makes it the best word processor for academic writing.
It is built with writers in mind, Scrivener 3 has everything you need to research, compose, organize, edit, and finish a piece of writing, all for a ridiculously reasonable price.

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