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✅ Pros

SeatGeek offers promo codes that are worth checking out to save you a little money.
Review Pros
It has option to print tickets or use the digital, in-app barcode version.
Going through SeatGeek’s platform is far safer and more reliable than trying to buy tickets from a scalper.
Extremely large ticket inventory means competitively low prices.
They have transparent fees.
Most users are easily able to look for the best deals and prices on the tickets that they are looking for.
They use an advanced algorithm called DealScore to sort tickets based on price and seat location.
They offer full refund if event is canceled.
SeatGeek claims that they do not charge any extra fees on their tickets.
Signing up for a account is completely free.
It helps you in identifying the average deals, the best ones and the bad deals.
There are regular email notifications to inform you on the latest programs.
It is one of the best search engines we tested.
Transparent ticket prices unlike many other brokers that have hidden markups and fees.
More than 90% of the SeatGeek reviews that we found gave this company five stars based on their personal experience with a reliable company.
SeatGeek is a ticket aggregator that lists tickets from other marketplaces so it means that you don’t have to waste time opening up ten different websites to find the best price.
The website offers a tracking feature that notifies customers about upcoming events in their area. offers a simple, user-friendly search function that makes it easy to find the best deal on a ticket to any event.
It stores tickets purchased from other vendors.
You get the opportunity of previewing your seat, and it helps in finding the seat very easily.
It is a trustworthy website that only lists tickets from partners that it verifies.
SeatGeek is also fully integrated with Apple Pay, helping mobile customers to make payments easier.
It lets you transfer tickets to another person.
They have a great customer support. patrons that want to create their own ticket search engine app can take advantage of the SeatGeek API.
It helps consumers decide when to buy tickets for an event.
Tickets are delivered mostly through email.
It has event tracking system for all the ticket buyers.
Deal scores help you get the most for your money.
It is the cross-platform and comprehensive ticket-searching tool.
It makes purchasing and reselling tickets simple.
Interactive maps with 3D views make it easy for patrons to find the perfect seat without having to worry about an obstructed view.

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❌ Cons

It can’t search by venue.
Customer service issues are handled directly with the website that you buy tickets from (usually not SeatGeek) which can cause confusion sometimes.
All sales are final on, which means no refunds or cancelling your order once it’s placed.
The tickets from secondary market can have a very high price rate.
There is no integrated map.
Unfortunately, a handful of members have had issues with unreliable or unscrupulous ticket vendors.
There are a few mobile app limitations.
SeatGeek charges a fee as a commission while you have sold your tickets through its site.
The company claims no responsibility for the actions of third party distributors, and is unable to offer returns or refunds.
Ticket prices were good, but not the cheapest we saw.
Not all people are convinced about the effectiveness of the process according to some SeatGeek reviews.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
SeatGeek is not a scam; it’s a legit, reliable, and trustworthy peer to peer ticket marketplace. SeatGeek is our favorite ticket reseller because it has a beautiful interface, low prices with transparent fees, and arguably the largest inventory of any ticket broker. With SeatGeek, you know exactly what you’re getting and when you’re getting it. There is no guesswork, and you don’t have to gamble with your experiences.
We liked SeatGeek’s shiny website and modern feel. It also has a great app which is available to Apple and Andriod users alike. SeatGeek did well in our pricing tests, with fees comparably low and some of the lowest ticket prices on the market. We also liked the deal score, which gives you an idea of value-for-money and is a function lacking from a lot of the sites we looked at. Overall, we’d feel confident shopping at SeatGeek in the future, knowing we’d be getting a good price and overall experience. There’s also lots of customer support available, so you don’t need to be worried about any mishaps being resolved in a timely manner.
Established in the year, 2009, SeatGeek is an online ticket platform, helping you to sell and buy tickets for the theatre events, live sports and concerts. SeatGeek has both desktop and mobile platform, designed to showing information on the latest events at various places. You can have a view at the color-coded, interactive seatmaps. After purchasing the tickets, you may also have their printouts.
SeatGeek offers you an excellent way to buy, sell, and transfer tickets wherever you have an internet connection, but it lacks the VIP packages offered by Ticketmaster.
By searching for tickets using the ticket search engine, customers across America can save money on tickets to concerts, sports games, theatre performances and other live events. is dedicated to helping members find seats with unbelievable views for the lowest prices.
If you are buying or selling tickets and you are on the go a lot, their mobile app is one of the best out there. It’s available for both iPhones and Android devices. On a final note, SeatGeek has received a lot of praise for its use of technology. In 2010, just a year after their launch, PC Magazine ( declared that they were one of the top 100 best websites in the world. That’s high praise for a new company, and it has helped them to stand out from the crowds.
More than 90% of the SeatGeek reviews that we found gave this company five stars based on their personal experience with a reliable company. That says a lot because the website was launched in the year 2009. Most users are easily able to look for the best deals and prices on the tickets that they are looking for. If you want to check to determine if now is the best time to purchase tickets for an event that you wish to attend, you can visit to check their statistics.

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