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✅ Pros

All the seeds offered at SeedSupreme are sourced from reputable seed banks.
Review Pros
SeedSupreme has earned an excellent reputation among cannabis growers over the years, thanks to their commitment to providing supreme-quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices.
You can buy at wholesale rates.
SeedSupreme has locations in the UK and the US, shipping to almost any location globally.
It offers stealth worldwide shipping.
The website is easy to navigate, and in some ways, more so than competitors with flashy or “busy” websites.
Customized medicinal marijuana seeds are also available.
It offers free shipping over $90.
Seed Supreme’s seed selection offers quite a lot of options to choose from.
Free seeds and gifts are also given.
It has a massive collection of over 4000 cannabis seeds.
At SeedSupreme customers can trust that all orders will be shipped safely and without delay thanks to their discreet packaging methods and fast US shipment.
It has helpful customer service.
Their customer service is top-notch and they are always available to answer any questions you may have.
They have an extensive FAQ page on their website which covers all the most important topics, as well as a live chat function which easily allows you to get help when ordering your seeds.
14- days refund policy is available no questions asked.
They employ secure encryption technology to make sure your personal and financial information remains safe and private when ordering from them.
It offers stealth and guaranteed shipping.
Safe and secure payment methods are available.
“Pick ‘N’ Mix deals allow you to choose a variety of strains.
A large selection of cannabis strains are available.
Free seeds are sent with every order.
Payment with Bitcoin is available.
Guaranteed shipping option is available.
Discreet packaging is available.
U.S. bred seeds are available.
It carries seeds thath have USA genetics.
Seed Supreme offers a secure and reliable checkout process, so you can be sure that your order is safe and secure.
Deals, free items, and other promotions are also available.
First-class shipping can deliver seeds in a few days, for some customers.
The website provides an informative blog to provide a wide range of current news about cannabis laws, products, and lifestyle articles.
It stocks seeds from reputed seed banks.
It offers free shipping if you spend over $90.
It sells domestically grown seeds.
Over 4000 strains are available.
It offers free cannabis seeds with every order.
It offers high CBD strains.
It has stealth packaging.
1,500+ seeds are available for sale.
It has an impressive website.
It also has landrace strains.
There are many seed varieties available at SeedSupreme, and you’ll have no difficulty finding them on the Company’s website.
SeedSupreme takes pride in sourcing only the highest-quality cannabis strains from real breeders and growers.
It produces high-quality weed seeds.
It provides guaranteed delivery for $10.
They send extra cannabis seeds on every order.
Seed is a clean, attractive site that’s also pretty easy to navigate.
It also gives free seeds.
It is one of the oldest marijuana seed bank.
It carries 4,000+ strains.
Numerous promotions, discount codes, and free seeds offers are available.
Discounts and promotions are also available.
Medicinal seeds are also offered that are meant to relieve particular ailment.
It has one of the largest selections of seeds we’ve come across.
SeedSupreme accepts cryptocurrency, which includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Potcoin – nearly any major alternative cryptocurrency, as well as cash payments by mail.
It has excellent stealth shipping protocols (to the point of being too good).
It is a reputable seed bank.
The Seed Supreme support team is available via email to help with questions or concerns about ordering seeds.
4,000 + strains are available.
The seeds are carefully selected and tested to ensure they are of the highest quality.
Lots of promotions are available.
Free shipping is available for orders over $90.
Autoflower and feminized seeds options are also offered.
Over 4000 strains are available.
The business offers frequent discounts, sales, and free samples, so you have the option of trying new and featured seed strains.
It has high diversity in strain options.
They offer a wide selection of high-quality cannabis seeds, including the popular Animal Cookies strain.

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❌ Cons

Guaranteed shipping is not available for non-Royal Mail countries.
It has US delivery only.
There are fewer payment options available than other seed companies, with cryptocurrency as the primary or preferred method.
It has terrible customer service.
There is no live chat support.
All cannabis seeds are supplied from the UK – not US.
It’s not rare for customers to receive a few seeds from Seed Supreme that are unsuccessful in sprouting or don’t grow into the quality plants promised.
It only ships to USA.
Kush Money reward system is currently down, and no information about when it will return.
There are regular reports of seeds not germinating (no germination policy available).
It is a newer seed bank.
There is no germination guarantee.
SeedSupreme receives mixed reviews when some products are reviewed, though most experiences from customers are profitable.
There are separate costs for stealthy and guaranteed delivery.
There is no worldwide shipping.
Free shipping is only on large orders.
Very few payment options ae available.
It has unclear germination guarantee.
It has only basic customer service.
Many fake negative reviews are available.
It has highly undependable delivery.
The quality of customer service is an area in need of improvement.
It also has some little-known seed breeders.
There is no guarantee for germination.
It could improve customer support.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I can most certainly recommend SeedSupreme as a reliable source of high quality marijuana seeds from some of the world’s most respected breeders thanks to their wide selection of strains sure to please everyone from novice growers all the way up to experienced connoisseurs. In addition, SeedSupreme’s fast delivery times make it convenient for shoppers looking to buy marijuana seeds online without breaking the bank.
Working in partnership with growers in the Netherlands, Spain and Colorado, USA, Seed Supreme ships high-quality marijuana seeds internationally. However, payment options at Seed Supreme are somewhat limited as their FAQ section states that bank and wire transfers are not currently taken, and debit and credit cards are not accepted either. If you want to buy from Seed Supreme, you need to pay with BitCoin or with cash.
Seed Supreme, the best cannabis seed bank, provides tons of male and female seeds in a variety of strings. They have autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds from homegrown farms in California and Colorado. Together with their partner banks like DNA Genetics, Nirvana Seeds, and Sensi Seeds, you can buy cannabis seeds online with over 4000 choices of strains.
This is a legit seed bank that provides high-quality seeds. True, they may have had a slow start in the cannabis seed market, but that’s understandable for a new seed brand. However, they have now caught up with the best in the industry with their guaranteed shipping, excellent reputation, seed quality and much more.
Seed Supreme is your one-stop shop for all cannabis seed necessities as well as access to over 4,000 strains. They have an excellent user experience allowing you to filter by Seed Bank, variety, medical seeds and USA genetics.
Overall, Seed Supreme is one of the best marijuana seed banks on the market. They offer a wide selection of Animal Cookies seeds and other high-quality cannabis strains. Their reliable checkout process and customer service make them a great choice for anyone looking to buy marijuana seeds.
Seed Supreme has better prices and deals than many other seed banks. But most importantly, all their cannabis seeds come from the USA, which is a great way to avoid customs issues while getting fast shipping.
There are a lot of things to like about SeedSupreme. They are a legit seed bank with some good things going for them – a vast selection of brand-name seeds tracked (and often free) shipping and a clean, user-friendly website. However, this seed bank needs to make a few improvements in seed quality consistency, international shipping, and ease of contacting customer service before we can rank SeedSupreme as one of the best.
SeedSupreme is a legitimate company that offers a great selection of seed strains, a great website, and lots of promotions to keep their customers satisfied. The Company continues to work towards improving areas of concern, such as customer service and seed banks. They are one of the top companies for offering a wide range of high-quality seeds and consistently keeping their products at the best quiet. Overall, the business offers a promising future with lots of offers and continual growth.
Seed Supreme seed bank offers a broad range of marijuana strains for more than a dozen seed banks. They also offer several benefits without additional charges, such as stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery. However, after you buy marijuana seeds online, you’ll still have to pay for the cost of shipping the package and they only ship within the US.
They are one of the best seed banks out there. The seeds are of top-notch quality and most importantly you can put your mind at ease, that the seeds will reach you, and they will germinate once planted. And if anything goes wrong, customer service will be there to help you out.
SeedSupreme offers stealth shipping, secure purchasing, and a 100% legal transaction for high-quality cannabis seeds.
SeedSupreme has faced its share of challenges, but with such a massive collection of cannabis seed strains, customers continue to flock to it for their seed orders. If you choose to order through Seed Supreme, be aware that you might not get exactly what you ordered.
Seed Supreme is an excellent seed bank with thousands of seeds in stock. However, having no germinate guarantee, delay in shipping, and poor customer service leaves space for improvement. The good part is that the company keeps itself improving, making them one of the choices for buying high-quality cannabis seeds.
Seed Supreme might have started slowly in the cannabis seed industry, and this is quite normal for a newer seed brand. However, the brand has picked speed and now measures up well among the top sought-after cannabis seed banks. Of course, they could improve on their customer service game, and they do appear to be working on it. This said, if seed variety is what you’re going for, you’ll be impressed by Seed Supreme.

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