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✅ Pros

Besides the great loyalty program that lets you get up to $75 off, Seedsman has some of the most user-friendly deals and promotions.
Review Pros
It offers shipping guarantees and delivery insurance on most orders.
It has affordable prices.
It accepts Bitcoin.
Because of its connections with numerous breeders, Seedsman is able to provide great genetics and germination rates of 80%+.
Customers report that their seeds germinated with no issues or difficulties.
If you live in a country where cannabis is legal, then they will do their best to solve your problems if the seeds do not germinate.
It is simple to navigate the website.
Seedsman’s website is very user-friendly and makes shopping a breeze.
Seedsman’s website is relatively simple but nicely designed and very pleasant to browse.
Seedsman’s approach to customer service has room for improvement.
Seedsman has over 4400 different strains, both from other breeders and ones they breed themselves.
All of Seedsman’s cannabis seeds come with a germination guarantee of one hundred percent from the company.
It ships to most major countries in the world.
White label seeds are also available.
Seedsman offers delivery insurance for an additional fee.
It permits the purchase of single seeds.
They have 20+ years of expertise.
Discrete packing option is available.
It has a truly massive selection of strains and cannabis genetics.
Based on customer feedback and our own checks, we can safely say that the seeds on offer are of good quality and diverse origins to satisfy demanding consumers.
Loyalty program and good promotions are also available.
It has good customer service.
The quality of the Seedsman seeds is going to be excellent in spite of having more than 100 dispensaries and breeders.
It also has a green club loyalty program.
They also have a loyalty points program.
It has a wide strain selection (4,000+ strains!).
When I shop with Seedsman, I am confident that I am getting the best deal possible because the prices are extremely competitive.
You can filter strains by various metrics.
Unlike some seed banks with only one or two payment options, Seedsman accepts a wide range of payment methods and currencies.
Most Seedsman customer reviews in growers’ forums and on Seedsman’s website have been positive.
Frequent promotions/package deals/coupons etc. are also offered.
It ships globally.
It has an extensive collection of seeds.
Discrete packaging is available.
A wide variety of cannabis strains are available.
International deliveries are also available.
Free seeds are included for orders worth over $30.
Seedman stocks an impressive inventory of over 650 different strains.
It is a well trusted company.
They’ve been in business since 2003.
Seedsman runs regular promotions.
Prices are generally on the low side.
Seedsman accepts several types of payment options.
The company’s mastery of stealth shipping allows them to have very good delivery success rates in the US and worldwide.
Single seeds are available.
They have a huge selection of strains.
It helps you buy from popular breeders.
With over 4,400 cannabis strains for sale, you can find what you need whether you’re a beginner or a master grower.
They have made their name in the market by delivering top-quality cannabis seeds for the last 15 years.
US customers can pick out the best seeds from more than 4400 strains available on the site.
It offers free organic rolling papers with every order.
It offers high-quality seeds.
There is something for shoppers at every price point, from bargain to premium.
Seedsman’s website is fairly simple and straightforward.
Seedsman offer germination guarantee.
Seedsman has a wide variety of premium seeds produced by some of the top breeders in the world.
Seedsman offers a huge seed and strain selection of over 4,400 options.
It ships worldwide.
Autoflowering and feminized seeds are available.
Seedsman offers a wide selection of different types of marijuana seeds.
As one of the largest cannabis seed banks, Seedsman has an impressive inventory of thousands of strains.
Lots of great promotions are also available.
Seedsman is very generous when it comes to promotions and discounts.
They’ve been in business since 2003.
The overall website of this dispensary is eye-catching.
Seedsman also offers a wide range of medical cannabis seeds as well.
It has a large catalog.
Seedsman ships its products worldwide.
The impressive variety of seeds that Seedsman offers comes from some of the most widespread and respected breeders in the world.
The seeds are high quality as well.
Seedsman supplies an extensive catalog of feminized seeds.

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❌ Cons

Customer care could use significant improvements.
Shipping is relatively slow compared to competitors.
They have average customer service.
It has non-competitive customer care.
It is hard to reach a real person on the customer service line.
You must pay for shipping guarantee.
Shipping was slow during COVID.
When it comes to refunds for faulty seeds, most of the time Seedsman will only refund half of the original purchase price.
It’s not uncommon to find strains out of stock when browsing Seedsman.com.
Delivery insurance costs extra.
Delivery insurance costs extra.
Despite claiming to provide world-class customer service, Seedsman’s support team is not as great as most clients would hope, even though you can contact them by telephone or email.
The delivery dates are not guaranteed.
Seedsman does not say that they offer a germination guarantee on every order.
Guaranteed delivery is extra.
There is no 100% germination guarantee.
It offers limited germination guarantee.
There is a lack of variety of products.
There is no germination guarantee.
There is still room for improvement in Seedsman’s approach to customer service.
They give limited germination guarantee.
Shipping is comparatively slow.
Germination guarantee isn’t 100%.
Customer service can suffer from delays.
There is no guaranteed delivery.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All things considered, Seedsman gets most of the basics right: global shipping, stealth packaging, high-quality strains, and the fact that hardly anyone will come close to matching their 4,000+ cannabis seed variety.
Overall Seedsman is one of the leading seed banks available online today! They have a large seed and strain selection and offer more than 4,000 individual options for your seeds. They helped pioneer feminized and auto-flowering plants. A portion of their proceeds goes to supporting cannabis legislation and education.
Seedsman is an excellent seed bank if you’re looking for variety. Seedsman ships worldwide, offers great genetics, and has 80%+ germination rates. Besides, you can get 10% off your first order by subscribing to the newsletter, and you can also check their current deals on the promo page.
Overall, Seedsman is a good seed bank to order from, with a huge selection of insanely cheap seeds. Although it can be frustrating when their seeds are out of stock (which is often) They stock many seeds that other seed banks don’t, at prices that most seed banks can’t match.
Seedsman is praised as one of the most reliable seedbanks in the world. They provide customers with an incredible selection of cannabis seeds that are genuine, of high quality, and offered at prices that are among the lowest in the industry.
The fantastic website, their collection of different strains, and the promotional offers make it one of the best online seed banks ever.
Seedsman ticks most of the right boxes, after all: worldwide shipping, stealth packaging, high-quality strains, and more. And their massive 4,000+ cannabis seed selection is unparalleled.
Overall, we highly recommend Seedsman. They are among our favorites and they have arguably the largest selection of them all.
Seedsman has enjoyed two decades of success in the cannabis industry because of its commitment to providing high-quality seeds and great customer service. With its impressive strain selection, numerous discounts and promotions, secure payment methods, and reliable shipping, this seed bank is a great choice for growers around the world. Whether you choose Seedsman or Greenpoint Seeds, you’re sure to have a good experience.
Seedsman is the global online resource for quality cannabis seeds with good genetics, excellent germination rates, and very reasonable prices. Seedsman will ship to just about any state or country but remember if you plan on planting any of the seeds and propagating them, it is your responsibility to make sure that cannabis cultivation is legal in the area you live.
We have found thousands of reviews and testimonials about Seedsman on popular third-party rating websites like Seed Finder, Growdiaries and Knoji. They have a very good reputation. General customer complaints are about germination rates and delivery delays, both situations can occur and are out of control of any Seed Bank.
Overall, it’s a shop we recommend due to the variety of seeds available, however, be aware that there might be some delays in the delivery of your order.
Seedsman Seeds offer an impressive selection of seeds in a variety of price points, and their website makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, their shipping and processing could be better, and customer service responses may not be as consistent as we would like. Despite this, we still think Seedsman is a great choice, although we don’t consider them to be one of the top seed banks right now.
At the end of the day, there is plenty to like about Seedsman Seeds. Their selection is huge, their website is easy to navigate, and they cater to various price points. However, this company’s shipping and processing leave considerable room for improvement, and the consistency of customer service responses could be better.
Seedsman is an ideal option if you’re looking for a seed bank with a large variety of strains. Additionally, this seed bank ships to all countries, making it a great option if international shipping is your main concern.

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